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Agulhas National Park
Agulhas National Park

Lying in what is known as the Agulhas Plain at the southernmost tip of Africa is the Agulhas National Park, just 45 kilometres from the popular village of Gansbaai.

This might be the meeting place of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, but the Agulhas National park’s focus is on some of the most splendid examples of lowland fynbos and lowland fynbos on limestone soils - considered endangered and restricted largely to the southern Overberg.

The Agulhas National Park is the mainstay of the Agulhas Biodiversity Initiative, whose aim is to address the main threats to the globally significant lowland fynbos biodiversity of the Agulhas Plain, and to improve the livelihoods of the region’s local communities. Their long-term ambition of turning what was a small piece of land around Cape Agulhas into an expanded park that crosses the borders of the Danger Point Peninsula, is already underway and includes the incorporation of a number of privately owned farms and reserves into a collection of heartlands, corridors and refugias that will lie side-by-side with working farms and settlements in one big mega-reserve.

In this way the whole of the southern-most part of South Africa will again become a natural area - re-introduced wildlife will roam free in a restored indigenous landscape and settlements and working farms will be fenced in. Rumour has it that the re-bred guagga, Cape lion and hippo are amongst the animals to be re-established in this former ‘Serengeti of the Western Cape’.

Other highlights of a visit to the Agulhas National Park include the cairn that marks the southern-most tip of Africa, the lighthouse at Cape Agulhas, the graveyard of ships that lie just off the coast once known as ‘the Cape of Storms’, where some 250 ships have been wrecked over time, and whale watching in season.

Agulhas National Park

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Or to see all accommodation in the area at once, visit Cape Agulhas accommodation. Also see our Overberg Search Map. You will see that a number of the popular towns in the Overberg region are located within fourty-five minutes to an hours drive from the the Park, so you could combine a stay in, for example Gansbaai, with a day trip to the Park.

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Rasperpunt Hiking Trail

More commonly known as the Agulhas walking trail, because it takes place within the Agulhas National Park, the Rasperpunt hike begins just west of the famous Agulhas lighhouse - the reason so many visitors come to L'Agulhas in the first place. Actually the Rasperpunt Hiking Trail is a circular trail that ... more information

Spookdraai Hiking Trail

There is no secret behind the name of this hiking trail at Cape Agulhas. There have been so many shipwrecks along this coastline that even if you do not believe in ghosts (spook) you would have to at least acknowledge the possibility that a fair number of discontented souls may well continue to ... more information

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