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  • Great exposure
    More than half a million travellers use every month. See testimonials from happy guests and happy property owners.
  • Instant credibility
    We've been marketing South African properties to travellers since 1999, that's 25 years of trust.
  • No setup fee
    It is absolutely free to sign up for accommodation establishments. And the uniform layout puts every property on a level playing field.
  • Pay as they stay
    You only pay a referral fee on bookings confirmed through Our referral fee covers all bank charges.
  • German travellers
    Your establishment also appears on, our German sister site that caters for the expanding German travel market.
  • Secure payments
    Accepting payments online - and securely - can be a costly exercise for small businesses. We pay the charges; you save money.

Easy to Use

We set everything up for you, so all you need to do is send us some materials. Once everything's been setup, you start getting booking requests. Send your quote to the guest with just a few clicks.

The guest pays a deposit via our payment gateway to confirm;
3-5 days later it's transferred to you.

Third Party Integrations

Even easier, if you use Nightsbridge or ERES we can draw your rates and availability; never receive requests for dates which are already booked.

Already advertise with, airbnb, safarinow or travelground?
If you're maintaining a calendar on any of those sites, you can send us the ical link and we can draw your availability. It's that simple.

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