Why book and pay through SA-Venues.com?

Manage your booking requests, compare responses and view confirmations

Why book and pay through SA-Venues.com?

We’re one of South Africa’s most trusted accommodation portals for people to list, discover and book accommodation throughout the country.

We understand that it’s tempting to browse our pages, make an initial communication with an establishment, and then take it offline to side-step any cost involved in the process.

But here’s why you shouldn’t ...

You Don’t Pay Any Fees

If you’re booking through SA-Venues.com, you, the guest, pay no fees to do so.

You’re Protected By Our Booking Engine

If you book through SA-Venues.com you’re protected under our cancellation and refund policies. Our deposit guarantee promises you an alternative accommodation should there be a problem with the venue, such as a booking scam. Our Payment Protection covers 100% refund for cancellations (we underwrite your deposit), should you find on arrival that your establishment is suddenly ‘closed’.

We can’t provide these benefits if your reservation is not booked, and paid for, directly through SA-Venues.com.

The Booking Engine Protects Your Money Too

SA-Venues.com encrypts transaction data during the payment process, and does not store credit card details. We also foot the cost of the credit card fees.

Communicating and paying outside of SA-Venues.com puts you at greater risk of fraud and other security issues and makes it harder for us to protect your information.

You Deal Direct, Anyway

Our booking engine simply provides you with a protected way to communicate with the venue directly. The booking engine contains all transactions, protecting both you and the venue.

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