Cape Columbine Nature Reserve

Cape Columbine Nature Reserve lies on a peninsular and covers 263 hectares of gorgeous wild, rocky coastline

Western Cape Game and Nature ReservesThe Cape Columbine Nature Reserve

Although often referred to as lying in Paternoster, the Cape Columbine Nature Reserve, more often referred to by locals as Tietiesbaai, lies just south west of the popular weekend town, its manual lighthouse - the last of its kind - a draw card to many who then discover that the wildness and beauty of the Cape Columbine nature reserve itself is well worth a re-visit.

The reserve at Cape Columbine lies on a peninsular and covers 263 hectares of gorgeous wild, rocky coastline.

Declared a nature reserve only in 1973, once there, one can only be thankful that this stretch of incredible countryside remains untainted by development, the Cape Columbine lighthouse a beacon amidst the rocks the only brick and mortar in the reserve.

What makes the Cape Columbine reserve particularly special is the huge round rocks that sit just inside the bays and people are drawn here for the space, the sightings of dolphins and whales, in season, and the opportunity to kayak these inlets and shoreline - said to be some of the best kayaking available.

The bonus is that there are also two campsites to choose from. Down the far end is the one that obviously belongs to the reserve, with two ablution blocks, no electricity, but the chance to snuggle in amidst the giant boulders really close to the water - ideal for a scuba diving and fishing weekend.

The other, closer to the gate, is the Beach Camp, a series of rather jaunty A-frame huts or tents in which you'll find more comfortable beds than are usually associated with camping. Add to that the eco-friendly ablution facilites and the fact that you're right on the beach, and camping takes on a new meaning.

Popular Attractions in Cape Columbine Nature Reserve

Cape Columbine Lighthouse

As far as lighthouses go, Cape Columbine is young. Built only in 1936, it was the last manned lighthouse constructed, and it rests on a windswept coastline within the Columbine Nature Reserve, just five kilometres outside of the fishing...

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Popular Activities in Cape Columbine Nature Reserve

Kayak in Paternoster

Launch point is from the main beach where the fishing boats are pulled up on the sand. A short beach briefing to prepare paddlers is followed by a gentle kayak to the main rock point off Paternoster. The route is easy and geared for the enjoyment...

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Did you know?

The pretty reserve has a lighthouse as its fulcrum and gorgeous nooks and crannies at the campsite towards the far edge of the reserve.

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