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/ Basic street map showing main roads and the location of attractions in St Michaels On Sea, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa
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Map of St Michaels On Sea, KwaZulu Natal

St Michaels On Sea Map - St Michaels On Sea street level map showing the proximity of St Michaels on Sea to the towns of Uvongo and Shelly Beach. St Michaels On Sea is a tranquil little town on KwaZulu Natal's South Coast, boasting picturesque scenery and pristine beaches ... For additional information see St Michaels On Sea Information.

If you are interested in overnighting in the area, we can recommend some great hotels, guest houses and self catering establishments. Find them at St Michaels On Sea Accommodation. If you're only planning on driving through St Michaels On Sea, en-route to another destination, you may want to peruse our St Michaels On Sea Restaurants before you leave to see if you should plan a stop here for lunch or maybe just a coffee. Also check out St Michaels On Sea Things To Do to see if there are any activities for which you would consider stopping.

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Featured Attractions in (or near) St Michaels On Sea

Oribi Gorge Nature Reserve

The Oribi Gorge Nature Reserve is a wonderfully scenic area offering excellent hiking opportunities. The area boasts cliffs and forests and spectacular hiking trails and picnic sites. Wildlife in the Oribi Gorge consists of many antelope, although the oribi (after which the gorge is named) is rarely seen ... more information

Pure Venom Reptile Park

Touted as the biggest reptile farm in Africa, Pure Venom Reptile Park lies just inland from Shelly Beach on a beautiful, old estate in Izotsha, surrounded by huge wild olive trees that date back to the 1800s. The park, as its name suggests, has an incredible collection of indigenous and exotic reptiles and it’s ... more information

Sardine Run

The Sardine Run is an annual migration of sardines along South Africa's east coast, between May and July. These tiny fish migrate from the cold waters of the Cape to seek the warmer, sub-tropical waters of KwaZulu-Natal. Sardines are cold-water fish. They like to remain in cold, nutrient-rich waters... more information

Skyline Nature Reserve

Found between the coastal towns of Uvongo and Margate the Skyline Nature Reserve has a beautiful arboretum that includes almost 380 indigenous tree species, 76 of which are specific to the coast, and 400 exotic tree species. Together with the neighbouring Uvongo River Reserve, Skyline ... more information

South Coast Beaches

Blue Flag certification started as an environmental and tourism campaign in Europe to assure visitors that certified beaches are clean, safe and environmentally sound. Blue Flag status is only awarded to those beaches that achieve excellence in water quality, environmental education and ... more information

South Coast Birding Route

For the best forest birding in the country look no further than the South Coast Route, for both Afromontane and rich tropical forest extends into the south coast of Durban, overlapping to attract an unbelievable combination of birds ... more information

Uvongo River Nature Reserve

From the bridge that crosses the iVungu River at Uvongo a nature reserve stretches upstream, created to protect the throng of riverine birds that make the area their home. Although a small reserve, the 28 hectare Uvongo River Nature Reserve boasts such rarities as the buff-spotted ... more information

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