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/ Basic street map showing main roads and the location of attractions in Pennington, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa
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Map of Pennington, KwaZulu Natal

Pennington Map - Pennington street level map showing the location of two popular golf courses on the South Coast Golf Circuit, namely Selborne Park Golf Course and Umdoni Park Golf Course. Quiet pristine beaches, magnificent bays and safe tidal pools make Pennington an idyllic destination perfect for relaxing. For additional information see Pennington Information.

If you are interested in overnighting in the area, we can recommend some great hotels, guest houses and self catering establishments. Find them at Pennington Accommodation. If you're only planning on driving through Pennington, en-route to another destination, you may want to peruse our Pennington Restaurants before you leave to see if you should plan a stop here for lunch or maybe just a coffee. Also check out Pennington Things To Do to see if there are any activities for which you would consider stopping.

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Featured Attractions in (or near) Pennington

Sardine Run

The Sardine Run is an annual migration of sardines along South Africa's east coast, between May and July. These tiny fish migrate from the cold waters of the Cape to seek the warmer, sub-tropical waters of KwaZulu-Natal. Sardines are cold-water fish. They like to remain in cold, nutrient-rich waters... more information

Selborne Park Golf Club

Selborne is perfectly positioned on the sub-tropical coast of KwaZulu Natal, and is surrounded by the beautiful, well established Selborne golf course. Selbourne was built in the grounds of an old colonial home and is now one of the top courses in South Africa. The bird-life, lush vegetation and abundance ... more information

South Coast Birding Route

For the best forest birding in the country look no further than the South Coast Route, for both Afromontane and rich tropical forest extends into the south coast of Durban, overlapping to attract an unbelievable combination of birds ... more information

TC Robertson Nature Reserve

Today the TC Robertson Nature Reserve is a green lung of the town, a favoured picnic spot only 10 minutes' walk from the beach with 180 species of bird, blue and grey duiker, and a coastal trail popular with those keen on coastal trees. Twelve kilometres of established self-guided trails ... more information

Umdoni Park Golf Club

One of the hidden treasures of the Golf coast. This 18-hole course situated on 200 hectares of indigenous coastal forest is renowned for it's fauna and flora and magnificent vistas. A true pleasure to play. Umdoni is another typically short but testingly old-fashioned South Coast course where the wind plays ... more information

Vernon Crookes Nature Reserve

The Vernon Crookes is a delightful and convenient reserve for travellers holidaying on the South Coast of KwaZulu Natal. Vernon Crookes Nature Reserve lies just half an hour beyond Umzinto. Spend a day exploring the reserve and getting back to nature. The 2,189 hectare Reserve is a combination of ... more information

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