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/ Basic street map showing main roads and the location of attractions in Nottingham Road, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa
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Map of Nottingham Road, KwaZulu Natal

Nottingham Road Map - Nottingham Road street level map showing some attractions in Nottingham Road including Gowrie Farms Golf Course. This beautiful part of KwaZulu Natal with its old-world country taverns and traditional old family farmland is reminiscent of the children’s classic written in 1908 ... For additional information see Nottingham Road Information.

If you are interested in overnighting in the area, we can recommend some great hotels, guest houses and self catering establishments. Find them at Nottingham Road Accommodation. If you're only planning on driving through Nottingham Road, en-route to another destination, you may want to peruse our Nottingham Road Restaurants before you leave to see if you should plan a stop here for lunch or maybe just a coffee. Also check out Nottingham Road Things To Do to see if there are any activities for which you would consider stopping.

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Featured Attractions in (or near) Nottingham Road

Albert Falls Amble

The Amble, also sometimes referred to as the Albert Falls Amble, is a complementary route to the Midlands Meander and Boston Beat. The route markets itself as 'the road less travelled'. But where the Midlands Meander is an arts and crafts route that focuses on the area north west ... more information

Albert Falls Dam Nature Reserve

The source of the uMngeni River lies in the uMngeni Vlei area, an ancient wetland bounded by hills. From here it meanders eastward through undulating pastoral countryside until just before Midmar Dam, where it is joined by the Lions River. Below Midmar Dam the river plunges some 111 metres down ... more information

Gowrie Farm Golf Course

Gowrie Farm Golf Course, one of KwaZulu Natal’s finest golf courses, was built in the traditional way with push up greens and rugged bunkers. The fairways and tees are Kikuyu with bent grass greens and surrounds. Only people over the age of 65 or those with medical certificates are allowed ... more information

Midlands Birding Route

The Midlands Birding Route is a sub-section of the Southern KwaZulu-Natal Birding Route, which boasts not only all three of the country's crane species (blue, grey crowned, and wattled) but also includes the rare blue ... more information

Midlands Meander

The enchantment of the Midlands has long inspired many a visitor and resident to creativity and as a result, local artists, potters and weavers combined to create an arts and crafts route in 1985, which was to become the highly successful and popular Midlands Meander. The route stretches ... more information

Umvoti Vlei Nature Reserve

Lying just outside of Greytown, the Umvoti Vlei Nature Reserve is 267 hectares that function as a sanctuary for wetland birds - an ideal spot for bird watching that provides an unobtrusive bird hide for avid bird spotters. Most of the reserve is a wetland, hence the fantastic bird life. In the area ... more information

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