South Coast

The South Coast is a collection of golden beaches, lagoons, rocky coves, grassy slopes, warm Indian Ocean waters, perpetually sunny weather and sub-tropical forests

KwaZulu Natal Tourist AttractionsThe South Coast

The South Coast of KwaZulu Natal is a popular ‘endless summer for all’ strip of coastland that trails down from the holiday mecca of Amanzimtoti, the beach playground just outside of Durban, all the way to Port Edward.

Where? The South Coast, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

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The South Coast is a collection of golden beaches, lagoons, rocky coves, grassy slopes, warm Indian Ocean waters, perpetually sunny weather, sub-tropical forests, and vegetation that draws the crowds, particularly during the festive season.

The South Coast, which includes the Hibiscus Coast, named such for the perpetual Hibiscus trees in evidence along the coast, is also strewn with numerous nature reserves, hiking trails, snorkelling and diving locations, and some excellent golf courses, including two of the country’s top ten.

Often compared to the state of Florida in the US, the South Coast is strewn with river inlets that cut inland from the coast, and provide wonderful birdlife as well as opportunities to paddle upstream along estuaries and lagoons. Aliwal Shoal (near Umkomaas) is a diving destination of note, while Protea Banks, but a little way further south, is deemed one of the world’s top shark dives.

The South Coast also has plenty of blue-flag status beaches - Hibberdene, Margate Main beach, San Lameer and Ramsgate - all meet pre-requisites for water quality, environmental education and information, safety and services.

Even winter has its share of highlights with the sardine run - followed as it is by dolphins, other large fish and thousands of sea birds – it is a spectacle to behold. This beautiful part of South Africa is one of the few places where licking an ice-cream cone, whilst strolling the seafront promenade, is a winter-getaway prerequisite.

Popular Towns in the South Coast


Overnight? Accommodation in Amanzimtoti
Amanzimtoti is a popular seaside destination for the family. One of the reasons for this is that Amanzimtoti borders the warm Indian Ocean. This warm water contains a diversity of wonders! Exotic species of fish, magnificent coral reefs and wrecks...

More information and photographs: Amanzimtoti Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Anerley
Anerley lies just eight kilometres north of Port Shepstone, sandwiched between Sunwich Port and Southport on the south coast of KwaZulu Natal. Like many of the other typical little resorts along this stretch of coast, Anerley is largely...

More information and photographs: Anerley Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Bazley
Roughly 70 kilometres south of Durban, just a little further south than Pennington, Bazley forms part of the south coast’s endless stretch of beach that offers a continuous source of swimming, diving, fishing and all round family fun...

More information and photographs: Bazley Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Clansthal
Clansthal is one of those gems where everything seems to take on a special quality and one manages to side step time and its demands. The beach is breathtaking - a long, secluded stretch of white sand used only by the locals and the odd shore...

More information and photographs: Clansthal Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Doonside
Perched on the banks of the Little Manzimtoti River, within the balmy province of KwaZulu-Natal on the eastern coast of South Africa, lies the small coastal resort town of Doonside. With an area of only a fraction more than one square kilometre...

More information and photographs: Doonside Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Elysium
Elysium is situated in the Umdoni Coast of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. A small village nestled between Mtwalume and Ifafa Beach, Elysium’s tranquillity, beauty and peacefulness is what attracts most visitors to its shores. In Elysium...

More information and photographs: Elysium Information

Glenmore Beach

Stay? Accommodation in Glenmore Beach
Whilst some tend to lump Munster and Glenmore beach into the same hand basket, there is a subtle difference. Actually the four areas on the lower end of the Hibiscus Coast - Trafalgar Beach, Palm Beach, Munster and Glenmore beach - lie...

More information and photographs: Glenmore Beach Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Harding
Harding is nestled at the foot of the Ingeli Mountain Range and surrounded by exquisite indigenous forests. There are a number of mountain biking and hiking trails through the forests, which are perfect for a family outing or a challenge...

More information and photographs: Harding Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Hibberdene
Hibberdene has become one of South Africa's popular holiday destinations and is known for its affordability and the sheer beauty of its well-preserved assets. Hibberdene also boasts an increasing number of overseas tourists who have...

More information and photographs: Hibberdene Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Ifafa
Ifafa is a Zulu expression meaning ‘place of sparkling waters’ or ‘sparkling one’. The legend goes that King Shaka arrived at a place with beautiful views over a lagoon where the river meets the Indian Ocean and he named this place Ifafa...

More information and photographs: Ifafa Information

Illovo Beach

Overnight? Accommodation in Illovo Beach
The warm blue of the Indian Ocean laps stretches of white sand, testifying to the undeniable natural splendour of the South African province of KwaZulu-Natal. It is these idyllic conditions that characterise the holiday resort town of Illovo...

More information and photographs: Illovo Beach Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Kelso
Kelso is nestled on the Umdoni Coast of South Africa. Kelso was once an important link in the transportation of sugar by boat down the Umzinto River to larger vessels out at sea. Today, it has become an oasis for many who wish to unwind and relax...

More information and photographs: Kelso Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Kingsburgh
Kingsburgh and Amanzimtoti are usually lumped together as a southern addendum to Durban, despite lying 40 km outside the city. There is some geographical truth to their being spoken about in one breath – they do lie alongside one another on...

More information and photographs: Kingsburgh Information

Leisure Bay

Overnight? Accommodation in Leisure Bay
Leisure Bay, on the lower south coast of KwaZulu-Natal, nestles in amongst Glenmore Beach, Munster, Palm Beach and Trafalgar Beach, one more little seaside village that beckons with unspoilt swimming beaches, gorgeous sub-tropical vegetation...

More information and photographs: Leisure Bay Information

Manaba Beach

Stay? Accommodation Manaba Beach
Pretty and popular Manaba Beach lies just north of Margate, still within Margate's jurisdiction. More often than not Margate and Manaba Beach are spoken about in the same breath. Certainly luxury accommodation is advertised as lying in the prime...

More information and photographs: Manaba Beach Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Margate
Margate is the heart of the Hibiscus Coast and is a popular seaside resort offering some of the best diving on the South African coast. Margate’s beauty is obvious from the moment you enter into its sub-tropical paradise of golden beaches...

More information and photographs: Margate Information

Marina Beach

Overnight? Accommodation Marina Beach
Marina Beach has often been called the “Honolulu of the South Coast” and it isn’t hard to imagine why. The subtropical climate easily combines with a beach that is lovely, sandy and clean, whilst the little village, not much more than a...

More information and photographs: Marina Beach Information

Melville Beach

Overnight? Accommodation in Melville Beach
Melville Beach, lying snugly between Hibberdene and Port Shepstone, is a beautiful, unspoilt beach that offers miles of walking, shell gathering, snorkelling and time out from the rat race on one of the most beautiful stretches of KwaZulu...

More information and photographs: Melville Beach Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Mtwalume
The little seaside village of Mtwalume lies on KwaZulu-Natal's south coast between Ifafa beach and Hibberdene, roughly 87 kilometres from Durban. It has been used as a holiday town for years, and thankfully remains so, with only a couple...

More information and photographs: Mtwalume Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Munster
Munster is within walking distance of adjacent Glenmore Beach and it can get a little confusing, particularly as the swimming and surfing bay in Munster is known as Glenmore beach. But life around here is relaxed enough to cater for minor irritations...

More information and photographs: Munster Information

Oribi Flats

Overnight? Accommodation in Oribi Flats
As its name implies, the Oribi Flats of the Ezingoleni Rural region lie, well, stretched out or flat in view of Oribi Gorge Nature Reserve and its tumescent gorges, waterfalls and rock faces. Actually Oribi Gorge is one of two gorges, the eastern...

More information and photographs: Oribi Flats Information

Oribi Gorge

Overnight? Accommodation in Oribi Gorge
The Oribi Gorge area boasts cliffs and forests and spectacular hiking trails and picnic sites. Wildlife in the Oribi Gorge consists of many antelope, although the oribi (after which the gorge is named) is rarely seen. A photographer's paradise...

More information and photographs: Oribi Gorge Information

Oslo Beach

Overnight? Accommodation in Oslo Beach
The little village of Oslo Beach is virtually a suburb of Port Shepstone, it is so close to the town, and much sought after by those wanting to live on the outskirts, with access to the beautiful and secluded beach of Oslo, yet with good...

More information and photographs: Oslo Beach Information

Palm Beach

Overnight? Accommodation in Palm Beach
The little village of Palm Beach, named after the Ilala Palm (hyphaene critina), a species indigenous to sub-tropical Southern Africa and used by rural communities for centuries - the leaves for woven rooftops, baskets and mats and the sap...

More information and photographs: Palm Beach Information

Park Rynie

Overnight? Accommodation in Park Rynie
Park Rynie is situated in the Umdoni Coast in KwaZulu Natal. Park Rynie is a small village, tranquil and unique, offering excellent holiday getaways. Rocky Bay is a beautiful swimming beach with shark nets for safe swimming as well as excellent...

More information and photographs: Park Rynie Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Pennington
Pennington is a quaint resort and includes the pleasant seaside villages of Kelso, Sezela and Bazley Beach. This beautiful area offers something a little different. Quiet pristine beaches, magnificent bays and safe tidal pools make Pennington...

More information and photographs: Pennington Information

Port Edward

Overnight? Accommodation in Port Edward
Situated in the Hibiscus Coast of KwaZulu Natal, Port Edward was named after the Prince of Wales who later became King Edward VII. In 1947 it became a village - in fact the last village in KwaZulu Natal. Today Port Edward is a popular holiday...

More information and photographs: Port Edward Information

Port Shepstone

Stay? Accommodation Port Shepstone
Port Shepstone boasts unspoiled sandy beaches with warm waters rich in marine life. These waters are ideal for fishing, snorkelling, scuba diving and swimming. The 18km of coastline and stretches of rolling surf are ideal for surfing, ski-boating...

More information and photographs: Port Shepstone Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Pumula
Just south of Hibberdene, with only Woodgrange and Umzumbe inbetween, Pumula is roughly 20 kilometres north of Port Shepstone - a brief respite in amongst thick green vegetation and protected, sandy beach, which manages to retain a natural...

More information and photographs: Pumula Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Ramsgate
Ramsgate is located on the mouth of a river known by the Zulu name Bilanhlolo ("the marvellous boiler") for the bubbles caused by strong currents making it look like the water is boiling. Ramsgate is an extremely popular holiday town, especially...

More information and photographs: Ramsgate Information

San Lameer

Overnight? Accommodation in San Lameer
San Lameer is a truly idyllic and beautiful destination. Herds of Impala and other indigenous buck roam around and make you feel truly at one with nature. There are many places to visit in the area. The San Lameer Country Club is a majestic 18-hole...

More information and photographs: San Lameer Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Scottburgh
Scottburgh is situated 58km south of Durban in KwaZulu-Natal. It is a quaint village nestled alongside stretches of shoreline washed by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean with white sandy beaches, lush indigenous forests and magnificent...

More information and photographs: Scottburgh Information

Sea Park

Overnight? Accommodation in Sea Park
This is a beautiful part of the coast, the beach lined with indigenous vegetation separating the smattering of homes and apartments here from the beach. In the old days the little town here prospered on tea, coffee and sugar. Today it is...

More information and photographs: Sea Park Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Selborne
Selborne Park is situated just outside of Pennington and part of the South Coast in KwaZulu Natal. Once a dairy farm, today, it has become an exclusive and picturesque estate boasting spectacular water features, lush forests, abundant bird life...

More information and photographs: Selborne Information

Shelly Beach

Overnight? Accommodation in Shelly Beach
Shelly Beach is a friendly town where the true tranquillity is rivalled only by its incredible scenery. Situated in the Hibiscus Coast of KwaZulu Natal in South Africa, Shelly Beach is famed for its hospitality and safety as well as the hordes...

More information and photographs: Shelly Beach Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Southbroom
Southbroom's wealth of vegetation is undoubtedly one of its finest assets. Because strict environmental principals pertaining to all development have been implemented over many years, Southbroom's unique semi-rural character has...

More information and photographs: Southbroom Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Southport
Sandwiched between Sunwich Port and Sea Park, Southport and its neighbours tend to regard themselves as extensions of Port Shepstone, so there is rarely anything to disturb a holiday idyll along this lovely stretch of coastline, and little...

More information and photographs: Southport Information

St Michaels On Sea

Stay? Accommodation St Michaels On Sea
St Michaels on Sea is a surfer’s paradise that attracts local and tourist surfers to their memorable surf locations. The combination of warm waters with fantastic swells and large waves are perfect for surfing. These waters are also ideal...

More information and photographs: St Michaels On Sea Information

Sunwich Port

Overnight? Accommodation in Sunwich Port
Sunwich Port, on the southern side of Melville Beach en route to Umtentweni and Port Shepstone and regarded as part of the larger Port Shepstone area, is a little hamlet that lies in a sheltered valley through which the Damba River flows on...

More information and photographs: Sunwich Port Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Trafalgar
The war-like connotations of the name 'Trafalgar' for one of the little towns along the south coast of KwaZulu Natal is rather obscure to say the least. Trafalgar lies just south of San Lameer, north of Palm Beach and closest to the Port Edward...

More information and photographs: Trafalgar Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Umgababa
At first glance Umgababa is little more than a rural town with a smattering of little houses, nothing untoward, nothing fancy - reminiscent, in a way, of much of the south coast way back in the 1980s. Umgababa is, in fact, something of a legacy...

More information and photographs: Umgababa Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Umkomaas
Umkomaas is situated on a hillside crowning the river's southern bank boasts some spectacular sea views. This beautiful area might be small but it is quite a buzz - divers from across the world come to Umkomaas to access the famous Aliwal Shoal...

More information and photographs: Umkomaas Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Umtentweni
Umtentweni is Ideally situated only 2 km from Port Shepstone, 10 km from Shelly Beach, with shops, banks, restaurants and all other facilities. Just one hour's drive from Durban and 17 km from Margate, Umtentweni is perfectly positioned to view...

More information and photographs: Umtentweni Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Umzinto
Umzinto is a town that has lasted the ages and grown steadily over the many years of endless trading. Indians that were brought in to work on the cane farms in 1860 have made a valuable contribution to economy of the town. Shopping in this little...

More information and photographs: Umzinto Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Umzumbe
The village itself is almost blanketed in a wild dune forest, access to its unspoilt beach is easy, and it offers a slice of the paradise that is this part of the coast. Life here is languid, relaxed and typical of the Hibiscus coast - one comes...

More information and photographs: Umzumbe Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Uvongo
Part of the Hibiscus Coast, Uvongo is a welcoming town with secluded, unspoiled beaches, superb fishing spots, a nature reserve, beautiful scenery and so much more. Uvongo is named after the Ivungu River and is well known for its waterfall...

More information and photographs: Uvongo Information

Warner Beach

Overnight? Accommodation in Warner Beach
The coastal village of Warner Beach lies just south of Kingsburgh, and north of Winklespruit, on the coast south of Amanzimtoti. Divided by the Outer Ring Road into two little villages - a section that lies right at the beach and another section...

More information and photographs: Warner Beach Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Widenham
Pretty Widenham lies in the lower reaches of Umkomaas on the southern side of the Mkhomazi River mouth, roughly 50 kilometres south of Durban. Largely residential and filled with lovely beach cottages, the area is geared for holiday escapes and...

More information and photographs: Widenham Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Winklespruit
Lying between Warner Beach and Illovo, the little seaside town of Winklespruit, just south of Amanzimtoti is typical of so many little seaside villages along this stretch of coast - lined with lush sub-tropical vegetation and home to a sandy...

More information and photographs: Winklespruit Information

Did you know?

The South Coast boasts several wildlife sanctuaries, including the Uvongo Bird park, and two crocodile parks – Crocworld and Riverbend Crocodile farm, where these prehistoric creatures can be viewed up close. Another attraction for reptile enthusiasts, or simply curious visitors, is Pure Venom Snake Park.

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