Abe Bailey Nature Reserve

Abe Bailey Nature Reserve comprises wetlands, bushveld and grassy savannahs providing a different habitat for a unique combination of birds

Gauteng Game and Nature ReservesThe Abe Bailey Nature Reserve

The Abe Bailey Nature Reserve is a birder’s paradise. Despite being relatively small, covering only 4 200 hectares, it is home to more than 220 different bird species, making for a most rewarding visit.

This reserve is located near Carletonville, which is a small gold mining town in the province of Gauteng, South Africa. Carletonville is significant for local economy, but also for being home to one of the world’s deepest mines, Western Deep Levels.

The Abe Bailey Nature Reserve comprises wetlands, bushveld and grassy savannahs. Each of these provides a different habitat for a unique combination of birds, and other flora and fauna.

Just some of the avian species that visitors can look forward to spotting are barbets (black-collared, pied and crested), bulbuls, African fish eagles, mousebirds (speckled, red-faced and white-backed), goliath herons, paradise flycatchers, yellow-billed storks, Diedericks cuckoos, blue waxbills, black-throated canaries, black-chested prinia, little bitterns and black crakes. During the winter months (June to August), fairy flycatchers may also be seen. Birders who know what to look for can expect to record about 100 different species on a summer’s morning out in the reserve.

These birds are optimally viewed from the various walking trails through the reserve. These give visitors the ideal opportunity to spot and identify the many different bird species, while being part of the natural habitat and surrounds; feeling the warm sunshine, smelling the crisp African air. There are a number of different trails, and they cater to various fitness levels and time limits.

There is a picnic site under the trees, which provide welcome shade while visitors enjoy refreshments in these stunning surrounds. There are also ablutions and lecture facilities.

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