Voortrekker Monument Nature Reserve

Voortrekker Monument Nature Reserve, because of its position upon a hill, has spectacular views over the Pretoria City

Gauteng Game and Nature ReservesThe Voortrekker Monument Nature Reserve

Few people realise that the Voortrekker Monument, a powerful symbol of the great Afrikaner Nationalists to honour the journey of the Voortrekkers who trekked over the mountains from the Cape 'inland' in what is known as the Great Trek, is surrounded by a 340 hectare nature reserve.

The Voortrekker Monument Nature Reserve, in which you can see zebra, wildebeest, buck and other small mammals like mongoose, genets, hedgehogs and porcupines, was declared in 1992. Because of its position upon a hill, the reserve has some pretty spectacular views over the Pretoria City. But it also offers cycling, running and hiking trails, bird watching opportunities and horse riding trails.

Cycle routes include circuits of under 3km and over 10km in the nature reserve, all the more enjoyable for the exposure to non-predatory game.

The lower slopes of the nature reserve are shaded and wooded and the route is mainly jeep track.

The horse outrides through the reserve are used to highlight a project that aims to re-establish the endemic South African horse breed - practically wiped out during the Anglo Boer War.

Whilst it is the monument that remains the main attraction for its historic marble frieze, and the tapestries and cenotaph, more people are becoming aware of the possibilities of the nature reserve as a place to visit on a more regular basis.

The nature reserve is newly connected to the Freedom Park by a road originally intended for completion in time for the 2010 World Cup. Two previously divided South African institutions are now bridged, a symbolic move connected with the ideals of national building and social cohesion.

Activities in the Voortrekker Monument Nature Reserve

Horse Riding at the Monument

Day visitors can take in the sight of wondrous indigenous flora and fauna while absorbing this historic site from horse-back. This 340 Hectare nature reserve offers slopes and valleys, trails and paths for therapeutic and relaxing rides...

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Groenkloof 4x4 Trail

This circular route is 14 kilometers long and will take approximately two hours. The terrain consists of water, mud, steep climbs and a rocky climb. You can visit here year round and self drive as no guidance is needed. Other popular activities here...

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