Known as the Jacaranda City for all the purple blossom-bedecked trees, which line its thoroughfares, Pretoria is a lovely, quiet city

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Known as the Jacaranda City for all the purple blossom-bedecked trees, which line its thoroughfares, Pretoria is a lovely, quiet city. It has a long, involved and fascinating history. Here you will find significant old buildings and fascinating museums. The Transvaal Museum has natural history displays and is the home of Mrs Ples, the australopithecine fossil found at Sterkfontein in the Cradle of Humankind.

Where? Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa

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Also worth visiting are the Cultural History Museum and Smuts Museum in Irene, outside Pretoria.

Sedate, leafy Pretoria tends to endure a Cinderella complex when compared with the neighbouring city of Johannesburg. When it comes to world class cities, Johannesburg is one of the most ‘happening’ cities on the African continent and the city gleams with the glamour of money. Pretoria has been left to shrug off its former association with the apartheid government in a relative state of slumber, lying as it does in a warm, sheltered valley surrounded by the hills of the Magaliesberg range that ensure that temperatures here are invariably a few degrees warmer than Johannesburg.

But don’t let the sleepy nature of the pretty city lull you into a false perception. Pretoria has a beauty all of its own, and the slow pace of life is regarded as a bonus by its residents. Many Jo’burgers seek a quieter existence in Pretoria, prepared to commute daily rather live in the comparative rat race. Wall flower the city is not. When in full bloom in October, Pretoria literally comes alive with blossoms and leaves no one in doubt as to the origin of its nickname - Jacaranda city.

Pretoria functions as one of three capitals of South Africa with a population that exceeds a million people, the bulk of whom are government officials. The city centre is laid out in typical city fashion on a grid with wide roads, making getting around fairly simple.

Pretoria’s potential name change to Tshwane (the city lies in the greater Metropolitan municipality of Tshwane) was approved by the names’ council in 2005 but still lacks endorsement by the Minister of Arts And Culture, remaining ‘under consideration’, which may or may not have something to do with the hue and cry that ensued at the onset of the name change. Practically mandatory when visiting the city are the Pretoria Botanical Gardens, the Zoo, the Union Buildings and various museums and galleries that include Melrose House, the Pioneer Museum, Sammy Marks museum, and the Voortrekker Monument. Outdoor activities include the Wonderboom and Groenkloof Nature Reserves, the Austin Roberts Bird Sanctuary, and a steam train ride around Pretoria.

Popular Towns in the Pretoria Region, Gauteng


Overnight? Accommodation in Amandasig
Despite being a northern suburb of Pretoria, the Jacaranda city, Amandasig has the distinct quality of being out of the city, mostly because of the proximity of the hills that are the lower swells of the Magaliesberg. Little, uncomplicated...

More info and photographs: Amandasig Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Annlin
The pretty emerging suburb of Annlin lies minutes outside of the city centre to the north of Pretoria, in the crook of Zambesi Drive in the shadow of the Magaliesberg Mountains. Lying just outside of Pretoria gives Annlin several advantages...

More info and photographs: Annlin Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Arcadia
Pretoria has the second largest number of embassies in the world, after Washington, D.C., most of which are located in or near Arcadia. The main road is Park Street on which the US Embassy compound can be found. Other attractions situated on Park...

More info and photographs: Arcadia Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Bashewa
Bashewa is a relatively small area in East Pretoria, one of the prettier and most significant towns of Gauteng Province. It is situated about an hour’s drive from Johannesburg and its international airport, OR Tambo. Bashewa itself is small, at...

More info and photographs: Bashewa Information

Bon Accord

Overnight? Accommodation in Bon Accord
The Pretoria suburb of Bon Accord, which is French for 'good will', lies to the east of the Bon Accord dam close to Onderstepoort. Bon Accord lies far north enough of the city centre of Pretoria to be regarded as rural, and indeed this part of Pretoria...

More info and photographs: Bon Accord Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Brooklyn
Brooklyn is a well-established, sought-after area, lying to the east of the city centre. It borders the University of Pretoria to its north and the suburbs of Groenkloof and Waterkloof to its south. Brooklyn is also the site of the well known Pretoria...

More info and photographs: Brooklyn Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Brummeria
Lying just east of the city centre of Pretoria, Brummeria is literally just up the road from the CSIR, Pretoria’s council for scientific and industrial research that has its own convention centre dedicated to conferences and functions, so it is...

More info and photographs: Brummeria Information

Capital Park

Overnight? Accommodation in Capital Park
Lying directly north of Pretoria's Church Square, Capital Park is one of the older more established suburbs of Pretoria, the little cottages here a throwback to the 1950s set in amongst more modern renditions with traditional tin roofs. The neighbourhood...

More info and photographs: Capital Park Information


Stay? Accommodation in Claremont
The central western suburb of Claremont lies in a vertical rectangle with Bremer and Van Der Hoff Streets as its fulcrum. Neighbour to Pretoria Gardens, Daspoort and Booysens, Claremont lies a mere twenty minutes' drive west of the centre of Pretoria...

More info and photographs: Claremont Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Clydesdale
The pretty, leafy suburb of Clydesdale, which lies almost midway between Brooklyn and Sunnyside is set in an ideal position for getting around Pretoria. Clydesdale is close to both UNISA and the University of Pretoria and about 500 metres from...

More info and photographs: Clydesdale Information


Stay? Accommodation in Colbyn
Colbyn is one of the older suburbs in Pretoria, its jacaranda-lined streets and large properties a solid combination that preserves a feeling of peace and tranquillity, despite being within walking distance of restaurants, shopping centres and major...

More info and photographs: Colbyn Information

Constantia Park

Stay? Accommodation in Constantia Park
Constantia Park is a pretty suburb with modern homes just down the road from the Menlyn Shopping Centre, the largest mall in Pretoria packed with shops, movie houses, restaurants and coffee shops - providing plenty to do and see. Your access...

More info and photographs: Constantia Park Information

De Wilgers

Stay? Accommodation in De Wilgers
De Wilgers, sometimes also referred to as Die Wilgers, lies wedged between Lynnwood Road and the N4 to the east of the centre of Pretoria, ideal for getting around the Jacaranda City and for a quick getaway, either into or out of the city...

More info and photographs: De Wilgers Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Deerness
Hidden in amongst the suburbs of Rietondale, Rietfontein and Villeria, the little suburb of Deerness, just north of Arcadia, remains virtually obscure in Pretoria, seldom spoken of and known only by those who live here, or pass through the suburb...

More info and photographs: Deerness Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Derdepoort
Just beyond the Magaliesberg Mountain range, not even 15 minutes from Pretoria's centre, Derdepoort lies just off Zambesi Drive in a largely rural area divided into farms and small holdings. Those who live out here sport addresses that include...

More info and photographs: Derdepoort Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Donkerhoek
Lying even further east of Pretoria than Silver Lakes, Donkerhoek is situated right out in the 'country', a burgeoning neighbourhood that started with a series of smallholdings and country estates and is fast becoming something of a suburb, with...

More info and photographs: Donkerhoek Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Eastwood
Eastwood is one of the older more established suburbs of Pretoria, lying in the more sought after eastern parts, just outside the centre of the Jacaranda city. Staying here places you in an ideal spot from which to explore parts of the city, the...

More info and photographs: Eastwood Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Eloffsdal
Pretoria's Eloffsdal lies in the initial sprawl of the Jacaranda City's northern suburbs, this side of the lower hills of the Magaliesberg that divide Wonderboom South from suburbs like Magalieskruin. Whilst Eloffsdal won't set the pulse...

More info and photographs: Eloffsdal Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Equestria
Equestria is a thoroughly modern suburb dominated by townhouse, simplex and estate living much sought after by first-time home owners and the young jet set crowd in Pretoria. Equestria is but a quick trip along the N4 straight into town or on...

More info and photographs: Equestria Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Erasmia
Erasmia is a pretty residential suburb in the heart of Centurion, which is situated midway on the short route between Johannesburg and Pretoria in the Gauteng Province of South Africa. As such, it enjoys being conveniently situated and amidst...

More info and photographs: Erasmia Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Erasmuskloof
Nestled in amongst Waterkloof Ridge, Waterkloof Heights and Newlands, Erasmuskloof lies on the other side of the N1 from Waterkloof, in an area where you can still buy vacant land on which to build, yet your access to and from both Pretoria...

More info and photographs: Erasmuskloof Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Erasmusrand
Lying close to the suburbs of Waterkloof Ridge, Waterkloof Heights and Constantia Park, in the south east of the city, it goes without saying that Erasmusrand follows a similar theme of leafy, well established suburb with wide jacaranda-lined avenues...

More info and photographs: Erasmusrand Information

Faerie Glen

Overnight? Accommodation in Faerie Glen
The name of the suburb might conjure up images of faeries resting in mossy, tree-filled vales, but in reality Faerie Glen sits on the southern slopes of the Bronberg Mountain, a popular, fairly old, large and developed suburb, in between Lynwood...

More info and photographs: Faerie Glen Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Garsfontein
East of the city centre of Pretoria is the leafy neighbourhood of Garsfontein that manages to maintain an impression of calm and tranquillity due mostly to the tree-lined avenues peppered with jacarandas, despite being close to major highways and...

More info and photographs: Garsfontein Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Gezina
Gezina, sandwiched by Voortrekkers Road and Michael Brink Street just next door to Rietfontein in Tshwane's northern suburbs, is an ideal place to stay in the Jacaranda City if you need to be close to the centre or the more northern suburbs like...

More info and photographs: Gezina Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Groenkloof
Calling it Groenkloof ('green gorge' when translated from the Afrikaans) is rather apt. It is one of the greenest suburbs in Pretoria - and that is saying something, as most of Pretoria's suburbs are leafy - because of its proximity to the...

More info and photographs: Groenkloof Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Hatfield
The lovely, sedate neighbourhood of Hatfield has become known as the embassy suburb because of the inclination of embassies to move into the large homes that grace the area, which does, in turn, give one an indication of their size. Hatfield...

More info and photographs: Hatfield Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Hazelwood
The suburb known as Hazelwood, situated just above the Pretoria Country Club, east of Waterkloof, is a pretty neighbourhood in the heart of the sought-after eastern suburbs of Pretoria, close to Menlyn shopping centre. Streets are leafy, gardens...

More info and photographs: Hazelwood Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Kameeldrift
Kameeldrift may be only 15 minutes outside of Pretoria, but this former rural area just beyond the Magaliesberg range of mountains remains a real country experience, the rustic suburb providing some wonderful places of escape from city living...

More info and photographs: Kameeldrift Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Karenpark
Lying close to the N4 interchange, Karenpark and her sisters are in an area of the Jacaranda City recently developed to cater for urban sprawl, where properties don't cost quite what they would in the eastern parts of Pretoria, but make up for...

More info and photographs: Karenpark Information

Kilner Park

Overnight? Accommodation in Kilner Park
Kilner Park lies in a greenbelt that translates not only into a substantial bird life but also contributes to a pretty suburb that lies close to the city centre and within a stone's throw of the Pretoria National Botanical Gardens. The wetland area...

More info and photographs: Kilner Park Information

La Montagne

Overnight? Accommodation in La Montagne
Lying virtually due east of the city centre of Pretoria, La Montagne nestles in amongst leafy, well established suburbs like Willow Park, De Wilgers and Meyerspark. La Montagne is perfect if you want easy access to highways, the N1 and N4 are...

More info and photographs: La Montagne Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Lynnwood
The Pretoria east suburb of Lynnwood is one of several tranquil leafy suburbs to lie within the arc of the N1 as it swings past Pretoria. Lynnwood is situated just beyond Hatfield in line with Brooklyn and Waterkloof in a series of old...

More info and photographs: Lynnwood Information

Lynnwood Ridge

Overnight? Accommodation Lynnwood Ridge
Lynnwood Ridge lies just north of Lynnwood Road in the sought-after eastern suburbs of Pretoria – a pretty, leafy suburb with large properties, swimming pools, big gardens and well established shopping malls. Both the N1 and the N4 are easily...

More info and photographs: Lynnwood Ridge Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Magalieskruin
Just north-east of Pretoria, close to the Kolonade Shopping Centre and Zambesi Drive, Magalieskruin is as its name suggests, snug up against the foothills of the Magaliesberg. It's a pretty suburb moments from Petoria's zoo - the neighbourhood...

More info and photographs: Magalieskruin Information

Menlo Park

Overnight? Accommodation in Menlo Park
Menlo Park is ideally situated in a central position near the N1 highway, within easy reach of the central business district. Therefore, it is just minutes away from upmarket and large entertainment facilities and shopping malls such as Menlyn and...

More info and photographs: Menlo Park Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Menlyn
The Menlyn of old was predominantly associated with Menlyn's huge shopping mall, its residential area sedate and quiet. But today's Menlyn is metamorphising into something of a 'Sandton' in Pretoria, and set to become a far more eclectic and vibrant...

More info and photographs: Menlyn Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Meyerspark
A lovely, quiet eastern suburb of Pretoria, Meyerspark lies in a highly accessible yet beautiful part of the city. Homes are prettily maintained with bordering green lawns and lavish gardens, and the N4 (Witbank highway) is only a couple of kilometres...

More info and photographs: Meyerspark Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Montana
Montana, a quiet suburb north east of Pretoria, lies nestled virtually in the foothills of the Magaliesberg almost in a world of its own with its subtropical climate. Montana is a relatively new suburb and homes in Montana are modern, rest on large...

More info and photographs: Montana Information


Overnight? Accommodation Monumentpark
Immediate neighbour to the Pretoria-east suburbs of Waterkloof Ridge, Kloofzicht and Erasmusrand, Monumentpark is one of the more sought-after, upmarket suburbs in the leafy eastern parts of the second-largest city in Gauteng. It is also...

More info and photographs: Monumentpark Information

Moreleta Park

Overnight? Accommodation in Moreleta Park
Life in the upmarket Moreleta Park is, for the most part, pretty similar to other areas in Pretoria - large homes, pretty, flourishing gardens, and a fair number of townhouse and cluster complexes. But Moreleta Park is also attractive for the ease...

More info and photographs: Moreleta Park Information

Mountain View

Overnight? Accommodation Mountain View
At first sight it's just another jacaranda clad suburb of Pretoria, but drive into Mountain View and you soon notice that those homes lucky enough to have their backs to the lower slopes of the Magaliesberg Mountains are sitting pretty in...

More info and photographs: Mountain View Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Muckleneuk
The leafy suburb of Muckleneuk, lying as it does en route to Brooklyn and Waterkloof just beyond Sunnyside, is in an enviable position in the city with easy access not only to the city centre, but to the leafier and more established eastern suburbs...

More info and photographs: Muckleneuk Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Murrayfield
Murrayfield, in the eastern suburbs of Pretoria, neighbours the well known and sought-after Lynnwood Ridge, Brummeria, Meyerspark and La Montagne. It is a little suburb that lies in the crook of the N4 with easy access to this major highway, the N1...

More info and photographs: Murrayfield Information

Newlands Pretoria

Stay? Accommodation in Newlands Pretoria
Set in the eastern suburbs of Pretoria, Newlands lies just on the other side of the N1 from Waterkloof Ridge, neighbour to Garsfontein, Faerie Glen and Constantia Park. It is a pretty little suburb with wide, leafy streets, close to large...

More info and photographs: Newlands Pretoria Information

Pretoria CBD

Overnight? Accommodation in Pretoria CBD
Stand on the slope at the Union Buildings and look towards the Pretoria CBD (central business district) and you will get a real idea of the number of official and historical buildings in town - there are some notable structures that dominate...

More info and photographs: Pretoria CBD Information

Pretoria East

Overnight? Accommodation in Pretoria East
Every city has its dividing line. Normally it’s south and north of a river or railway line that becomes the distinction between the eligibility of any given suburb. In Pretoria, it’s more a case of a line of division between east and west...

More info and photographs: Pretoria East Information

Pretoria Gardens

Stay? Accommodation Pretoria Gardens
Pretoria Gardens developed at the same time in history as Daspoort, Rietondale and Waterkloof - around 1904 - at more-or-less the same time as Pretoria's sewerage system was introduced and an opera house was officially opened...

More info and photographs: Pretoria Gardens Information

Pretoria North

Overnight? Accommodation in Pretoria North
True to its name, Pretoria North does lie north of the Magaliesberg range of mountains that is the accepted boundary between town and the northern suburbs; further north even than the suburbs of Rietfontein, Villieria and Wonderboom South...

More info and photographs: Pretoria North Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Queenswood
The central suburb of Queenswood lies just beyond the equally popular and fairly sedate suburb of Colbyn, close to Kilner Park, Moregloed and Villeria, spread over either side of Soutpansberg Road. It borders on the greenery of the Colbyn Valley...

More info and photographs: Queenswood Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Rayton
With the opening of the Premier Mine in the vicinity, many diamond diggers made their way to this part of the world to prospect for diamonds. It wasn’t long before the company built a spur from the then railway line between Pretoria and...

More info and photographs: Rayton Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Rietfontein
One of the north-eastern suburbs of Pretoria, Rietfontein lies just a few kilometres outside of the centre of Pretoria between Waverley and Wonderboom South, the Magaliesberg Mountains a constant dim summons to escape the city on the horizon...

More info and photographs: Rietfontein Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Riviera
The broad jacaranda-lined streets in Riviera and comfortable homes with their manicured gardens are little different from other suburbs in the city, but you’re centrally placed and getting around is easy, particularly as you’re only 10 minutes...

More info and photographs: Riviera Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Shere
Shere is a scenic suburb situated on the hillsides of Pretoria East in the ever-bustling Gauteng Province. This places it conveniently close to the urban hub of Johannesburg and the OR Tambo International Airport, which is only some 65 kilometres...

More info and photographs: Shere Information

Silver Lakes

Overnight? Accommodation in Silver Lakes
The main draw card here is the championship golf course designed by Peter Matkovich, who loves water design features, such as the ones incorporated in Silver Lakes, such that his courses have become characterised by them. Water plays a role on...

More info and photographs: Silver Lakes Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Silverton
Situated just beyond the N4/N1 interchange, Silverton lies close to the National Botanical Gardens, north east of the inner city of Pretoria. The pretty suburb's immediate neighbours are Meyerspark, Salieshoek, La Concorde and Willow Park and, because...

More info and photographs: Silverton Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Sunnyside
Sunnyside remains popular with students because of the myriad flats. If you stay in the northerly reaches of the suburb, you can walk to the University of Pretoria campus, and UNISA's Muckleneuk campus – easy to reach, if you don't mind a...

More info and photographs: Sunnyside Information

Theresa Park

Overnight? Accommodation in Theresa Park
Pretoria is a historical town in Gauteng, just outside the City of Gold, Johannesburg. It exudes a very special charm, thanks to its green, leafy appearance, and its wealth of historical and cultural riches. Theresa Park is a suburb in this...

More info and photographs: Theresa Park Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Tweefontein
A mere 55 kilometres from the OR Tambo International Airport, Tweefontein is one of the beautiful suburbs of Pretoria in the South African province of Gauteng. It enjoys all of the benefits of being nestled within the fertile abundance of Jacaranda...

More info and photographs: Tweefontein Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Villieria
The northern Pretoria suburb of Villeria, neighbour to Rietfontein, Rietondale, Moregloed and Waverley, lies just north east of the city centre, this side of the Magaliesberg mountain range. It is an older suburb, with generous sized properties...

More info and photographs: Villieria Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Wadrift
The suburb of Wadrift is situated in Greater Pretoria, Gauteng, where the loveliness of the northern part of South Africa is made especially evident. It is a scenic suburb that offers the ideal combination of upmarket appeal and bushveld getaways...

More info and photographs: Wadrift Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Wapadrand
The far flung eastern suburb of Pretoria Wapadrand, lies just beyond Meyerspark along the N4 as it wends its way out of the city. The pretty upmarket suburb boasts a prolific bird life and the largest variety of indigenous trees found in any...

More info and photographs: Wapadrand Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Waterkloof
Waterkloof is a suburb of the city of Pretoria, South Africa. Waterkloof is named after the original farm that stood there when Pretoria was founded in the 19th Century. Meaning “Water Rivine”, Waterkloof is a leafy, established area that is home...

More info and photographs: Waterkloof Information

Waterkloof Glen

Stay? Accommodation in Waterkloof Glen
Close to the Pretoria east suburbs of Constantia Park and Newlands, Waterkloof Glen lies on the other side of the N1 from Waterkloof and Waterkloof Ridge, known collectively as ‘the waterkloofs’ where the more upmarket and sedate style homes rest...

More info and photographs: Waterkloof Glen Information

Waterkloof Ridge

Stay? Accommodation in Waterkloof Ridge
Just on the other side of Monumentpark from Waterkloof, Waterkloof Ridge, with easy access to Pretoria and Centurion, is one of Pretoria’s more established eastern suburbs, a pretty part of the city with wide, Jacaranda-lined streets and a mix...

More info and photographs: Waterkloof Ridge Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Waverley
Pretoria central beckons with its selection of monuments, museums and historical buildings. The Kruger House Museum, for instance, lies in Church Street and commemorates the life of Paul Kruger, former president of the Zuid Afrikaansche...

More info and photographs: Waverley Information

Weavind Park

Overnight? Accommodation in Weavind Park
Weavind Park is a verdant suburb in the gorgeous town of Pretoria. This is one of the capital cities of South Africa, and is situated just outside Johannesburg in Gauteng Province. It is known for its scenic suburbs and wide roads, which are...

More info and photographs: Weavind Park Information

Willow Acres

Overnight? Accommodation in Willow Acres
Situated in the eastern reaches of Pretoria's suburbs, Willow Acres is a collection of upmarket homes on a golf estate next door to Silver Lakes Golf Estate, a similar modern venture, on the south side of the N4 close to Six Fountains, Savannah...

More info and photographs: Willow Acres Information

Willow Glen

Overnight? Accommodation in Willow Glen
Set on the eastern parameters of the jacaranda city of Pretoria, nestled between Lynnwood Road and the N4 to Witbank, Willow Glen is essentially a collection of small holdings and agricultural development closest to the suburb of De Wilgers...

More info and photographs: Willow Glen Information

Willow Park Manor

Stay? Accommodation Willow Park Manor
Lying virtually in a straight line east of Pretoria's centre, Willow Park Manor is just off the N4, one of the major roads connecting the Jacaranda City with the sought-after eastern suburbs. Access from the east of the city is good and the N4...

More info and photographs: Willow Park Manor Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Wonderboom
The pretty suburb lies ideally minutes from some of Pretoria's main attractions - the State Theatre, the Kruger Museum, Melrose House, the Pretoria Zoo and further afield the Voortrekker Monument, Smuts House Museum and Freedom Park. But the...

More info and photographs: Wonderboom Information

Woodhill Estate

Stay? Accommodation Woodhill Estate
Woodhill Country Estate is one of the most upmarket golf estates in Pretoria. Also situated in this lovely and upmarket estate are tennis and squash courts as well as a private school known as Woodhill College. In addition, a large and private...

More info and photographs: Woodhill Estate Information

Did you know?

Pretoria showcases our culture and history with many monuments and museums, giving visitors a special insight into what has shaped South Africa and her people.

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