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Garden Route AttractionsThe Garden Route

The Garden Route is a coastal corridor on the southern coast of South Africa, where ancient forests, rivers, wetlands, dunes, stretches of beach, lakes, mountain scenery and indigenous fynbos all merge to form a landscape of restorative beauty.

Where? The Garden Route, Western Cape, South Africa

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This is a strip of land like no other in the world in terms of beauty, natural attractions and unique flora and fauna - hence its name. Three of South Africa’s top hikes take place here - the Otter Trail and the Tsitsikama and Dolphin trails and man’s footprint has made little impact on the rugged and sometimes inaccessible coastline.

The Garden Route is a paradise for eco-lovers, bird watchers and solitude seekers and one of the most beautiful parts of the Western Cape. It lies sandwiched between the Outeniqua Mountains and the Indian Ocean and is on every tourist’s itinerary. The Garden Route is a popular holiday destination during summer and a tranquil hideaway during the winter months - both seasons are equally beautiful and attractive due to the largely Mediterranean climate of the Garden Route.

Popular Towns in the Garden Route Region


Overnight? Accommodation in Albertinia
Albertinia, a peaceful little town lying at the foot of the Langeberg Mountain range, is known as the home of the Aloe. The indigenous Aloe ferox, or Cape Aloe, grows prolifically in the area and the leaves are collected and drained for its...

More info and photographs: Albertinia Information

Ballots Bay

Overnight? Accommodation in Ballots Bay
Ballots Bay is a small coastal neighbourhood nestled in the verdant abundance of the Garden Route in the Western Cape. This area forms part of the magnificent shores of the Southern Cape of South Africa, and benefits from being sheltered...

More info and photographs: Ballots Bay Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Belvidere
Belvidere owes its continued English character to a number of people over the years who have done their utmost to retain the historical integrity of the little enclave. Architectural guidelines have never been formalised, despite attempts...

More info and photographs: Belvidere Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Bluelilliesbush
Bluelilliesbush is a small area that is perched along the renowned Garden Route of South Africa. Specifically, it is located in Tsitsikamma, which is part of the Western Cape Province and is known for its stunning greenery and the prolific animal...

More info and photographs: Bluelilliesbush Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Boggomsbaai
Little Boggoms Bay, or Boggomsbaai as it is known, is one of several small seaside villages that fall within the Fransmanshoek Conservancy, on the Garden Route. It lies just south of Mossel Bay, close to the mouth of the Gouritz River. The small...

More info and photographs: Boggomsbaai Information

Brenton On Sea

Overnight? Accommodation Brenton On Sea
Lying on the other side of Knysna’s Western Head, nestled on the shores of the Indian Ocean in a quiet, lazy bay, residents describe Brenton on Sea’s beauty as the coast that Knysna doesn’t have, and in reality, Knysna lies on a lagoon, the...

More info and photographs: Brenton On Sea Information

Dana Bay

Overnight? Accommodation in Dana Bay
Whilst often disregarded simply as a suburb of Mossel Bay, Dana Bay is in fact a conservancy, set in the heart of the Cape Floral Kingdom, home to fine examples of coastal and limestone varieties of fynbos under threat from global warming...

More info and photographs: Dana Bay Information

De Vlugt

Overnight? Accommodation in De Vlugt
Roughly halfway along Prince Alfred Pass (R339), as it descends to meet the river, is the historical hamlet of De Vlugt. Also know as Die Vlug, De Vlugt is what remains of the dwellings of Andrew Geddes Bain and his son, Thomas, their outbuild...

More info and photographs: De Vlugt Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Eersterivier
Easily confused with the other Eersterivier, which lies between Cape Town and the Cape Winelands close to Somerset West, the little holiday village of Eersterivier lies virtually unknown on the rocky coastline of the Tsitsikamma on the country’s...

More info and photographs: Eersterivier Information


Overnight? Accommodation in George
Lying in a fertile, rich valley, surrounded by the Outeniqua Mountains, forests, rivers and prosperous farmlands, George lies just 420 km from Cape Town and 320 km from Port Elizabeth, making it a perfect stopover from which to explore the...

More info and photographs: George Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Glentana
The origins of the name, Glentana, are a little murky, but there are those who believe that there is a very strong connection between the town and a certain whiskey still brewed in Northern Scotland that goes by the same name. The rich...

More info and photographs: Glentana Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Gouritsmond
Just over an hour's drive from Still Bay, Gouritsmond lies on the Garden Route on the coast, at the mouth of the Gourits River - creating a wonderful water playground where river meets sea. Pretty little stone houses that date back to the...

More info and photographs: Gouritsmond Information

Great Brak

Overnight? Accommodation in Great Brak
Whilst the adjectives - peaceful and tranquil - have been bandied about when referring to holiday locations, when applied to Great Brak they take on new meaning. This little village, just a few kilometres from both Mossel Bay and George, is...

More info and photographs: Great Brak Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Harkerville
The beauty of the Garden Route is undeniable, but it is always even more delightful when combined with the serenity and calm of a little seaside suburb like Harkerville. This is a farm area situated between Plettenberg Bay and...

More info and photographs: Harkerville Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Hartenbos
Hartenbos lends itself to family holidays and during school vacation the tranquil town becomes a bustling seaside destination. The village of Hartenbos started life as a farm granted to Esaias Meyer, a local farmer, as a reward by the Dutch...

More info and photographs: Hartenbos Information

Herolds Bay

Overnight? Accommodation in Herolds Bay
The beautiful, secluded bay called Herold’s Bay has held an allure for holiday makers since time of old. Sketches and photographs in the George museum tell of ox wagons filled with tents, goods and servants, camping out on the beach itself...

More info and photographs: Herolds Bay Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Hoekwil
Just 10km inland from Wilderness lies the little village of Hoekwil. What used to be an undiscovered farming community lies in a crook of the Touws River and is described by those who live there as a 'piece of paradise'. Hoekwil's residents...

More info and photographs: Hoekwil Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Joubertinia
Set in amongst other villages with similarly lyrical names, like Musgund, Louterwater and Kareedouw, on Route 62, Joubertina is a little town in the Eastern Cape that, until the establishment of the famous and very long wine route, suffered...

More info and photographs: Joubertinia Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Kareedouw
Kareedouw is a gorgeous little town that lies on Route 62 just behind the Tsitsikamma National Park, between Joubertina and Humansdorp, and nestled up against the Suuranys Mountains roughly 120 kilometres from Port Elizabeth. Its a pretty...

More info and photographs: Kareedouw Information


Stay? Accommodation Keurboomstrand
Lying on the other side of the Keurbooms River from Plettenberg Bay, Keurboomstrand (or beach) lies on an enviable part of the Garden Route, highly popular for camping, fishing and swimming. But don't let the idea of holiday fever crowds deter...

More info and photographs: Keurboomstrand Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Knysna
Knysna is a natural paradise of lush, indigenous forests, tranquil lakes and golden beaches. She nestles on the banks of a breathtakingly pretty lagoon, now a protected marine reserve that is home to the extraordinary sea horse and...

More info and photographs: Knysna Information

Konkie Bay

Overnight? Accommodation in Konkie Bay
The Tsitsikamma is one of South Africa’s most exquisite gems. It is lush, verdant, and bursting with natural beauty in many different forms – mountains, rivers, valleys, forests and beaches. It is found in the Western Cape of South Africa...

More info and photographs: Konkie Bay Information

Lake Brenton

Overnight? Accommodation in Lake Brenton
The suburb of Lake Brenton showcases the splendour of Knysna from a different angle, as it is located at the foot of the hills on the opposite side of the lagoon to the town itself. This is a place of utter serenity, characterised by plenty...

More info and photographs: Lake Brenton Information

Little Brak

Overnight? Accommodation in Little Brak
Mainly a resort area, this part of the coast is renowned for having the mildest climate throughout the year and Little Brak River manages to achieve a subtle balance between energetic seaside activities and contemplative quiet to restore...

More info and photographs: Little Brak Information

Mossel Bay

Overnight? Accommodation in Mossel Bay
Mossel Bay lies halfway between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth, close to the towns of Swellendam, Outdshoorn, Plettenberg Bay and Knysna on the Garden Route and is synonymous with the Mossgas project, where offshore gas fields are mined for...

More info and photographs: Mossel Bay Information

Natures Valley

Overnight? Accommodation Natures Valley
Possibly the best part about staying in Nature’s Valley is that, despite its being on the Garden Route and in spite of its overwhelming beauty, it has managed to remain relatively ‘undiscovered’. The peaceful valley, some 29 kilometres...

More info and photographs: Natures Valley Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Noetzie
Noetzie is a hamlet - some people describe it simply as a beach - just east of the Garden Route town of Knysna. The Khoi people, who lived here, called it Noetziekamma – referring to the darkness of the waters of the Noetzie River, into which...

More info and photographs: Noetzie Information

Oyster Bay

Overnight? Accommodation in Oyster Bay
As its name indicates, Oyster Bay is also a stronghold of one of the main efforts to conserve the African Oyster Catcher that makes the beaches here its home, and there is controlled use of 4x4 vehicles and noisy motorbikes along the beaches...

More info and photographs: Oyster Bay Information

Pinnacle Point

Stay? Accommodation Pinnacle Point
The Pinnacle Point golf estate is perched on the coastal cliffs around Mossel Bay on the Garden Route, while the Oyster Bay and Eden Bay beaches lie in wait below, caressed by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. So, sea views abound, and can...

More info and photographs: Pinnacle Point Information

Plettenberg Bay

Stay? Accommodation Plettenberg Bay
The town of Plettenberg Bay lies almost on the border of the Western and Eastern Cape. Built on the hillside, most of the town is on a steep slope leading down to the sea, which means that regardless of where you find yourself accommodated, you...

More info and photographs: Plettenberg Bay Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Reebok
Reebok is a little seaside village just outside Mossel Bay. It lies between Klein Brakrivier and Groot Brakrivier, one of a handful of beachside holiday hamlets east of Mossel Bay. These towns tend to run into one another, functioning more as...

More info and photographs: Reebok Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Rheenendal
Rheenendal is, officially, part of the Eden District Municipality, which is as visually spectacular as its name implies, thanks to the lush fertile vegetation of this part of South Africa. Being perched within these idyllic surrounds means...

More info and photographs: Rheenendal Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Riversdale
Mountains feature predominantly in the village’s appeal and the well-loved Sleeping Beauty mountain peak provides a distinctive backdrop to the bustling little town, whose main industry is still farming - wheat, cattle, ostriches, wild flowers...

More info and photographs: Riversdale Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Roodefontein
Just outside the tourist hub of Plettenberg Bay, along the magnificent Garden Route in the Western Cape Province of South Africa, lies the little town of Roodefontein. This part of the world is famous for its beautiful vistas and scenic...

More info and photographs: Roodefontein Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Sedgefield
Lying between George and Knysna on the Garden Route and 490 km from Cape Town, Sedgefield is a beautiful seaside village surrounded entirely by lakes, sand dunes covered in fynbos, pine plantations, the Swartvlei Estuary and the Indian Ocean...

More info and photographs: Sedgefield Information

Still Bay

Overnight? Accommodation in Still Bay
The little seaside village of Stilbaai or Still Bay lies just off the N2 between Mossel Bay and Riversdale on an estuary where the Goukou River meets the Indian Ocean. Essentially a retirement village and holiday resort, the town has grown in...

More info and photographs: Still Bay Information

Storms River

Overnight? Accommodation in Storms River
Storms River is a scenic, powerful river that winds its way through the Tsitsikamma Mountain Range and into the Indian Ocean. This is a key attraction for tourists from all over the world that want to experience the adventure sports and natural...

More info and photographs: Storms River Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Tergniet
Tergniet is one of a handful of little seaside villages between Klein Brakrivier and Groot Brakrivier that function at once as suburbs of Mossel Bay and as seaside holiday towns - busy during summer, particularly over the festive season...

More info and photographs: Tergniet Information

Thesen Island

Overnight? Accommodation in Thesen Island
Thesen Islands make safe, tranquil suburban living a reality in a world of urbanisation, hustle and bustle. This secure estate is situated on an award-winning Blue Flag marina in the heart of Knysna, which remains one of the Garden Route...

More info and photographs: Thesen Island Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Tsitsikamma
The incredibly beautiful area of land that lies between the Tsitsikamma Mountains and the sea stretches west to the Bloukrans River and east to Eerste River, and is named after the San word that means ‘place of abundant water’. Tsitsikamma...

More info and photographs: Tsitsikamma Information

Twee Riviere

Overnight? Accommodation in Twee Riviere
Twee Riviere is a stone's throw from Joubertina and takes its name from the two rivers that rise in the Tsitsikamma Mountains to the south and flow through town. The community is one of the oldest in the valley. The earliest records of the...

More info and photographs: Twee Riviere Information

Victoria Bay

Overnight? Accommodation in Victoria Bay
Victoria Bay is a special find - small, beautiful beach, almost hidden between George and Wilderness. The Outeniqua Tjoe-Choo steam train used to pass through Victoria Bay daily, taking passengers on a scenic train ride between George...

More info and photographs: Victoria Bay Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Vleesbaai
The pretty little seaside village of Vleesbaai (or Vlees Bay) lies virtually hidden between the bays of Stilbaai and Mossel Bay, just north of where the Gouritz River (of bungee jump fame from the Gourtitz River bridge, 65 metres up) joins...

More info and photographs: Vleesbaai Information


Overnight? Accommodation in Wilderness
As far back as the late 1800's the reputation of Wilderness with its natural bounty of rivers and lakes and intrinsic peace and tranquillity, ideal for seaside holidays, was established in a little stone farmhouse. A seaside boarding...

More info and photographs: Wilderness Information

Did you know?

The Garden Route provides a coastline of some 300 km between Mossel Bay and Plettenberg Bay – one of South Africa’s most popular holiday destinations for its effortless combination of ancient forests, rivers, wetlands, pristine stretches of beach, lakes, mountains and fynbos.

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