Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape

Port Elizabeth Region Attractions and Places of Special Interest in the Port Elizabeth Region of the Eastern Cape
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Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape

Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape
Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape

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The Nelson Mandela Metro (including Port Elizabeth, Uitenhage and Despatch) is the gateway to the Eastern Cape Region, its well-equipped airport and harbour linking South Africa with other national and international destinations.

Known as the "Friendly City", Port Elizabeth is located on the south-eastern coast, 763 km east of Cape Town. A superb value-for-money holiday base, Port Elizabeth offers a diverse selection of attractions as a family-fun holiday destination including scenic nature trails, historic heritage, magnificent wildlife, cultural experiences and countless water sport activities.

Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape
Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape
Algoa Bay's 40 km of breathtaking coastline boasts a perfect combination of warm water, protected beaches and is complemented by Port Elizabeth's wonderful climate, which has been rated as having the fourth best weather of any coastal city in the world.

The area also supports the most diverse array of vegetation types in South Africa as five of the country's seven terrestrial biogeographic areas are represented in the Eastern Cape.

The Bay, which is a favoured draw-card for beach and watersport enthusiasts is fast becoming known as South Africa's watersport capital and offers activity throughout the year, especially wind-surfing and fishing. In fact, Algoa Bay is regarded as one of the best sailing venues in the world, while scuba diving is of world class quality with beautiful reefs, shipwrecks, fish and colourful coral species.

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Port Elizabeth

Destinations / Suburbs of Port Elizabeth


Where to Stay: Port Elizabeth

On the banks of the Swartkops River, near its mouth, is Amsterdamhoek. This may be a suburb in Port Elizabeth, but it exudes all of the appeal of a fishing village in its own right. The homes here are, generally, rustic and fairly... Amsterdamhoek information


Where to Stay: Accommodation in Beachview

The little village of Beachview that earned its name for obvious reasons when one considers the spectacular view of the beach from the homes here, lies on the outskirts of Port Elizabeth - about 25 kilometres from the city centre ... beachview information

Ben Kamma

Where to Stay: Port Elizabeth

Ben Kamma is situated on Walker Drive, which is considered to be outside of the main hubs of the city. The Walker Drive Shopping Centre is just minutes away, and is home to shops and franchises that cover décor, groceries... Ben Kamma information


Where to Stay: Port Elizabeth

The little village of Beachview that earned its name for obvious reasons when one considers the spectacular view of the beach from the homes here, lies on the outskirts of Port Elizabeth - about 25 kilometres from the city centre ... bethelsdorp information

Beverley Grove

Where to Stay: Port Elizabeth

Beverley Grove is a residential suburb that is flanked by the similar areas of Ben Kamma and Lorraine. It is situated on the outskirts of the commercial and retail hubs of Port Elizabeth, in the Eastern Cape, and enjoys close proximity... Beverley Grove information

Blue Horizon Bay

Where to Stay: Accommodation in Blue Horizon Bay

The peaceful, little village of Blue Horizon Bay lies comfortably between Port Elizabeth and Jeffreys Bay, a seaside hamlet that offers beautiful sandy beaches, and scenery to match. Blue Horizon Bay lies almost precisely equidistant ... blue horizon bay information

Bluewater Bay

Where to Stay: Accommodation in Bluewater Bay

Considered one of Port Elizabeth’s northern beaches, Bluewater Bay lies midway between the friendly city and the deep water harbour development at Coega, and is renowned for its fantastic views across Algoa Bay, its ... bluewater bay information

Central Hill

Where to Stay: Accommodation in Central Hill

Part of Port Elizabeth’s inner city revitalisation, Central Hill - along with its neighbours Baakens River and Richmond Hill - is busy receiving a major facelift and is perceived by investors as prime property, particularly ... central hill information


Where to Stay: Port Elizabeth

Charlo is less than 10 kilometres from the airport and is home to the Figtree Complex, which has a Spur, Ocean Basket, Food Lover’s Market, SPAR and TOPS, as well as a gym and a number of other convenient shops and services. Charlo... Charlo information

Chelsea Conservancy

Where to Stay: Accommodation in Chelsea Conservancy

The unspoilt beaches of Sardinia Bay Nature Reserve lie just beyond the Chelsea Conservancy. This part of the world offers incredible views of the sea, dune vegetation, dense dune scrub, fynbos and, at the right time of ... chelsea conservancy information

Colleen Glen

Where to Stay: Port Elizabeth

Colleen Glen may be a suburb of the metropolis of Port Elizabeth, but it is situated far on the outskirts of the city. It has a distinctively rural look and feel; showcasing some of the glorious countryside for which the Eastern Cape... colleen glen information


Where to Stay: Cotswold Accommodation

Cotswold is a small suburb of Port Elizabeth, neighbour to Fernglen and the business district of Newton Park, the neighbourhood lies due west of Port Elizabeth's North End and a quick drive along Burt Drive ... cotswold information


Where to Stay: Port Elizabeth

The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality comprises Port Elizabeth, Uitenhage and the small town of Despatch (as well as the surrounding rural areas). As such, Despatch has become an extension of the two bigger ... despatch information


Where to Stay: Framesby Accommodation

Framesby is not home to many well-known tourist attractions, but it is close to various shopping centres, including Makro and a number of other national franchises, supermarkets, fast-food outlets and restaurants. In addition... framesby information

Fern Glen

Where to Stay: Port Elizabeth

Fern Glen is a fairly quiet suburb that is situated along Cape Road, between the William Moffett Expressway and the area of Sunridge. This is a largely residential suburb, although there are a few shops in the vicinity, as... Fern Glen information


Where to Stay: Accommodation in Glendinningvale

Glendinningvale, in the heart of the city of Port Elizabeth - known contradictorily as both the windy and the friendly city (although the former is a little unfair given that PE has the 4th best weather in the world) - is ... glendinningvale information


Where to Stay: Accommodation in Greenacres

The leafy suburb of Greenacres, perfectly situated - if you consider its proximity to beaches, the main freeway system, the Kempston Road area and the airport - for those on business or holiday, is virtually synonymous with ... greenacres information

Green Bushes

Where to Stay: Port Elizabeth

The leafy area of Greenbushes comprises, as its name implies, vast stretches of Eastern Cape bushveld and is part of Port Elizabeth in Nelson Mandela Bay. It is parallel to the older portion of Cape Road (extending past the Makro... green bushes information


Where to Stay: Accommodation in Humerail

Close to the beaches of Port Elizabeth, and touted as the latest ‘designer suburb’, Humerail - with homes that are worth well into the double digit millions because of the incredible views they offer over Algoa Bay - lies just off ... humerail information


Where to Stay: Accommodation in Humewood

The beach suburb of Humewood, a stone’s throw from Kings Beach and Humewood beach (both with blue flag status), has earned its place on the map due mainly to its challenging links golf course, ranked as one of the top 10 golf ... humewood information

Hunters Retreat

Where to Stay: Port Elizabeth

Hunters Retreat is a peaceful suburb that lies between Cape Road and Kragga Kamma Road in Port Elizabeth. As such, the homes here enjoy the serenity of the Eastern Cape bushveld and its abundant birdlife, despite many of them... Hunters Retreat information

Kini Bay

Where to Stay: Accommodation in Kini Bay

The pretty coastal hamlet of Kini Bay lies on the Sunshine Coast between Algoa Bay and Jeffreys Bay just 15 minutes’ drive from Port Elizabeth. Yet it has a distinct sense of isolation and charm that make it so attractive to ... kini bay information

Kragga Kamma

Where to Stay: Port Elizabeth

On the outskirts of Port Elizabeth is the spectacular suburb of Kragga Kamma. It is situated between Lorraine and Ben Kamma on one side, and Seaview and Colleen Glen on the other. It is green and lush with beautiful bushveld... Kragga Kamma information


Where to Stay: Port Elizabeth

Linkside is a verdant, pretty neighbourhood in the heart of Port Elizabeth. It is characterised by the wide streets that are flanked by tall, leafy trees and broad grassy pavements. The homes here tend towards the luxurious, and are... linkside information


Where to Stay: Accommodation in Lorraine

Lorraine, along with Theescombe and Sherwood, is one of the fastest growing suburbs of the city known as both the friendly and the windy city. It sits to the west of the central business district, close to ... lorraine information

Lovemore Heights

Where to Stay: Accommodation in Lovemore Heights

Set on the outskirts of the centre of the friendly city of Port Elizabeth, Lovemore Heights’ main allure is the incredible sea views it offers over the Indian Ocean from where it sits, perched on an incline. The other ... lovemore heights information


Where to Stay: Accommodation in Maitlands

A mere 30 kilometres from Port Elizabeth transports you into a very different world. The Maitlands River mouth makes for a peaceful and slow existence with very little to remind one that man has stamped his footprint on almost ... maitlands information


Where to Stay: Port Elizabeth

Malabar is an old area of Port Elizabeth, situated in the northern areas of the city. As such, it is surrounded by other suburbs; such as Gelvandale, Schauderville, Linton Grange, and Morningside. This is an important area... Malabar information

Mill Park

Where to Stay: Accommodation in Mill Park

Known as Port Elizabeth’s garden suburb because of the leafy streets and large gardens, Mill Park lies in the heart of the city, close to Greenacres Shopping centre, the Port Elizabeth golf club and St George’s Park. Residents ... mill park information


Where to Stay: Port Elizabeth

With a residential population of around 1 000 folk, Miramar is 12 kilometres from the Port Elizabeth airport. It is also within a 10 to 20 minute drive from the various shopping centres and complexes of PE – King’s Court, Moffett... Miramar information

Mount Croix

Where to Stay: Port Elizabeth

Flanked by Cape Road and the suburb of North End is the pretty, upmarket area of Mount Croix. This is nestled in the heart of Port Elizabeth, Nelson Mandela Bay, and is a popular choice amongst the up-and-coming families of the... Mount Croix information

Mount Pleasant

Where to Stay: Seaview or Walmer

The leafy suburb of Mount Pleasant is situated in Port Elizabeth, which is the largest constituent of the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality in the Eastern Cape Province. It is on the outskirts of the city, creating the barrier between... Mount Pleasant information

New Brighton

Where to Stay: Port Elizabeth

New Brighton is Port Elizabeth's oldest existing township, north of the CBD and just east of Algoa Park. It is historically relevant having come through the apartheid years, and as such, has a museum and other ... new brighton information

Newton Park

Where to Stay: Port Elizabeth

Lying close to Greenacres, Adcockvale, Fernglen and Perridgevale, the upper middle class suburb of Newton Park is ideally placed for easy access to beaches, St George's Park Cricket Stadium and Cape Road CBD... Newton Park information

North End

Where to Stay: Port Elizabeth

Port Elizabeth has a number of older suburbs that contribute to the character and identity of the Friendly City. North End was once a completely residential area, nestled between the sea and the North End Lake. Today, these old homes... North End information


Where to Stay: Port Elizabeth

The Port Elizabeth coastline is a treasure trove of nooks and crannies, hidden stretches known only to locals and adventurous explorers. Noordhoek is situated along Marine Drive, en-route to Schoenmakerskop... noordhoek information

Parsons Hill

Where to Stay: Port Elizabeth

Parsons Hill is situated between the Collegiate Girls’ Schools (just behind Greenacres) and Diaz Road in North End. This is a quiet residential neighbourhood that is characterised by spacious old homes and large gardens, wide streets... Parsons Hill information

Parsons Vlei

Where to Stay: Accommodation in Parsons Vlei

On the outskirts of the main hubs of Port Elizabeth is the suburb of Parsons Vlei. This is incorporated into the district municipality of Nelson Mandela Bay, which includes Uitenhage and Despatch in addition to Port Elizabeth... Parsons Vlei information


Where to Stay: Accommodation in Redhouse

The picturesque little village of Redhouse - the epitome of tranquillity - lies positioned right on the edge of the Swartkops River, about 15 minutes drive from Port Elizabeth. Life here is all about the river, its estuary and ... redhouse information

Richmond Hill

Where to Stay: Accommodation in Richmond Hill

Richmond Hill is a portion of the city in which time has stood still, and, if you’re prepared to slow down enough to explore on foot or bicycle, will reward with some fascinating finds - make sure you head up to see the Old ... richmond hill information

Sardinia Bay

Where to Stay: Accommodation in Sardinia Bay

Sardinia Bay is one of those delightfully elusive coves that has managed to retain a certain amount of anonymity, despite being one of Port Elizabeth’s lesser discovered gems. Whilst the locals know all about ... sardinia bay information


Where to Stay: Sardinia Bay

Schoenmakerskop is one of Port Elizabeth’s prettiest suburbs. It is a large area that begins where Summerstrand ends, and extends all the way to the ocean. Much of Schoenies, as it is affectionately known, is dedicated to dense... Schoenmakerskop information


Where to Stay: Accommodation in Seaview

Virtually just up the road from the beautiful Maitland River mouth, with its incredible sand dunes, lies the quaint little village of Seaview, famed for its Seaview Game and Lion Park, just 25 kilometres west of the friendly ... seaview information

South End

Where to Stay: Accommodation in South End

The suburb of South End, as it's name suggests, lies just to the south of the centre of Port Elizabeth overlooking the harbour. It lies between Humewood and the centre of the city, east of Settlers Park Nature Reserve, a prime spot to base... south-end information

St Georges Park

Where to Stay: Accommodation in St Georges Park

St George’s Park lies in the heart of Port Elizabeth, a tribute to the past and present day moments away from the noise of the city. Many a picnic party takes place here and the Mannville Open Air Theatre and the art ... st georges park information


Where to Stay: Accommodation in Summerstrand

You couldn’t be more centrally placed in Port Elizabeth, by staying in Summerstrand, if you tried. This elegant, upmarket suburb is close to the beachfront, the Boardwalk Casino complex, the Summerstrand village shopping ... summerstrand information

Sundays River

Where to Stay: Port Elizabeth

Along the banks of the idyllic Sundays River, just outside Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape, is the residential area of the same name. Many of the homes here are holiday homes, and it is no wonder, as they perch on the banks and... Sundays River information

Sunridge Park

Where to Stay: Port Elizabeth

Sunridge Park is an old residential suburb that has been the home of Port Elizabeth’s families for generations. It extends between Cape Road and Kragga Kamma on either side, with Framesby as its neighbour... Sunridge Park information


Where to Stay: Accommodation in Theescombe

Lying just off the Kragga Kamma Road out of Port Elizabeth, Theescombe, neighbour to Lovemore Heights, Colleen Glen and just inland from desirable out-of-the-way beaches like Sardinia Bay, Kini Bay and Seaview, is a bit ... theescombe information


Where to Stay: Port Elizabeth

Lying on the Zwartkops River just 38 kilometres north west of Port Elizabeth, Uitenhage is also known as the Garden Town for its gorgeous position in the foothills of the Winterhoek Mountains, its many rambling parks ... uitenhage information

Van Stadens

Where to Stay: Port Elizabeth

The beautiful Van Stadens River area is a particularly unspoilt and natural spot still typical of the Eastern Cape that lies between Port Elizabeth and Jeffrey’s Bay. It isn’t difficult to understand the attraction of ... van stadens information


Where to Stay: Accommodation in Walmer

Walmer, a rather posh suburb of Port Elizabeth with its wide tree lined streets, is something of an establishment - a number of the city’s oldest families live here, and businesses too are lining up for their share of the large ... walmer information

Walmer Downs

Where to Stay: Port Elizabeth

Walmer Downs is a quiet residential suburb that is tucked away between the William Moffett Expressway and the Baakens Valley in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape. It has wide roads, flanked by large sidewalks and tall trees that were... Walmer Downs information

Walmer Heights

Where to Stay: Port Elizabeth

As its name implies, Walmer Heights is a suburb that verges on the upper end of Walmer in Port Elizabeth. It lies on Buffelsfontein Road and it is neighbour to the suburb of Miramar. This suburb is home to an abundance of beautiful... Walmer Heights information


Where to Stay: Port Elizabeth

Along Cape Road in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, past the main business areas and William Moffett Expressway, lies the suburb of Westering. It is primarily a residential suburb, with schools and some convenient stores scattered... Westering information


Where to Stay: Accommodation in Westlands

Close enough to Port Elizabeth to reach the centre and do all the touristy things, and yet far enough away from the noise and race of daily living, Westlands is a perfect base when staying Port Elizabeth. This part of a town ... westlands information


Where to Stay: Accommodation in Woodlands

Tucked in amongst other residential suburbs like Goldwater, Weybridge Park and Lorraine, Woodlands lies just south of the N2 and minutes from the centre of Port Elizabeth despite being in the 'burbs'. It is a quiet suburb with ... Woodlands information

Visitorials: We Love South Africa

Port Elizabeth Visitorial

I Love Port Elizabeth because ...

Featured in: Visitorials: We Love South Africa

We’ve asked those in the know to share their favourites things about Port Elizabeth. Find out where locals go for the best cup of coffee, lunch suggestions and much more. We’re letting you in on all of their secrets ... I Love Port Elizabeth because ...

Port Elizabeth

Featured and "Must See" Attractions in Port Elizabeth

Nelson Mandela Voting Line Sculpture

A 38 metre-long metal silhouette sculpture of a string of people – of all shapes and sizes connected together - forms a work of art known simply as Voting Line. At the end of the queue, close to a group of children, and separate from the line waiting to vote... more information

Algoa Bay Whales

Algoa Bay is a major part of the coastline of Nelson Mandela Bay, the main town of which is Port Elizabeth. Every year, thousands of tourists flock to the beaches of this bay to enjoy the warm, safe swimming waters and great weather. The Indian Ocean feeds the coastal alcove and, due to its ... more information

Bayworld Museum Complex

The Main Museum of Bayworld blends cultural and natural history. Embark on an exciting journey through time and through the fascinating world around us. Marvel at the diversity of museum displays, from prehistoric dinosaurs to ethnic beadwork as well as a variety of historical treasures that will ... more information

Cape Recife Nature Reserve

Cape Recife Nature Reserve is one of the best bird-watching locations in Port Elizabeth. The Cape Recife Nature Reserve offers beautiful beach, natural dune vegetation of fynbos, rocky outcrops, view birdlife from bird hide, small animals (look out for otters), a 133 year old lighthouse and a World War II military ... more information

Donkin Heritage Trail

The Donkin Heritage Trail is named after the Acting Governor of the Cape Colony at the time, Sir Rufane Donkin. South Africans are well acquainted with the history of the 4000 British settlers who arrived by ship and visitors can walk in their footsteps in the Old Hill area of Port Elizabeth. One doesn’t even need ... more information

Eastern Cape Beaches

The Eastern Cape in South Africa boasts some of the world’s best beaches and 800 km of unspoilt picturesque coastlines where blue oceans tumble onto quiet beaches. The Eastern Cape coastline is a mecca to all water sports enthusiasts and has a popular and thriving surfing culture ... more information

Fort Frederick

Like many national monuments, Fort Frederick first appears as little more than a few brick walls, albeit old walls that seem to hold little significance or attraction for visitors. It is only in learning the history behind a building that it takes on a meaning of its own, although in the case of Fort Frederick, it is worth ... more information

Humewood Golf Club

One of South Africa’s top-rated golf clubs, Humewood is a true Links course which has hosted numerous PGA events, including the South African Open. The course is surrounded by coastal bush and, although it is close to the centre of Port Elizabeth, one sees very little evidence of human encroachment ... more information

Kragga Kamma Game Park

One would scarcely expect that, just a few hundred metres from the main road, there are some of Africa’s wildest species, exploring what has become their natural habitat. These species include giraffe, zebra, buffalo, rhino, a large variety of antelope, and even the usually-elusive cheetahs... more information

Maitland Nature Reserve

Port Elizabeth’s Maitland Nature Reserve is a rich source of natural beauty and variety. It boasts indigenous coastal forest, stunning views of the Indian Ocean and impressive giant sand dunes. The reserve occupies 250 hectares and is home to a number of wildlife species; including plenty of ... more information

Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium

Port Elizabeth has a brand new world-class stadium - the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium. The five-tier Nelson Mandela Bay stadium has a seating capacity of 44,000 with an additional 4000 temporary seats available for the 2010 Football World Cup. The eye-catching roof ... more information

Port Elizabeth Golf Club

Port Elizabeth Golf Club, which is commonly known as "The Hill", was founded in 1890 and is one of South Africa's oldest golf clubs. Today the place is a hive of activity for its 1 600 members, and the emphasis is placed on good food and entertainment as well as golf. The most significant change in recent ... more information

Red Location Museum

The Red Location Museum is situated within the oldest township in South Africa, New Brighton. This massive informal settlement is on the outskirts of the industrial area of Port Elizabeth in Nelson Mandela Bay and represents a huge segment of the local population. This vibrant ... more information

Seaview Lion Park

The Seaview Lion Park in Port Elizabeth has made, playing with lion cubs of varying ages, an experience open to the public. Located just 25km’s from the city’s center, the Seaview Lion Park provides what is likely a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Depending on the age of the cubs when you visit, you’ll ... more information

Settlers Park Nature Reserve

The Baakens River Valley runs through the heart of Port Elizabeth, and is frequented by picnicking families, bridal couples having beautiful photographs taken and hikers taking in the beauty of the lush surrounds. The entire nature reserve of Settlers Park, situated within ... more information

Shark Rock Pier

Shark Rock Pier is the only pier in the Friendly City, as Port Elizabeth is affectionately known, and provides spectacular views of Algoa Bay, the extensive coastline, and the city. It was constructed in 1998 and measures almost 140 metres. Young and old alike can... more information

St Croix Island Marine Reserve

The St Croix Island Marine Reserve lies in Algoa Bay, a series of three islands (the islands of the cross) just north-east of Port Elizabeth. St Croix and its two sister islets – Jahleel Island and Brenton Rock - are quartzitic outcrops of the Table Mountain Group, almost entirely devoid of soil. They ... more information

St Croix Island Penguin Colony

St Croix is home to the largest African penguin colony in the world. It lies 4 km offshore between the Coega and Sundays River mouths, part of a group of coastal island clustered roughly into two groups of three islands each. St Croix, a 12 ha rocky island, lies close to the smaller ... more information

St Georges Park

The oldest park in Port Elizabeth and the site of the second oldest cricket club in the country, St George’s Park lies in the heart of Port Elizabeth, a tribute to the past and present day moments away from the noise of the city. Many a picnic party - umbrellas, baskets and chairs in tow - takes place here and the Mannville ... more information

Uitenhage Golf Club

Situated in Uitenhage which is known as the 'Garden Town' because of its position in the foothills of the Winterhoek Mountains, the Uitenhage golf course offers an 18 hole challenge to avid golfers. This picturesque course was established in 1891 by it's members and by all accounts offers a real challenge... more information

Van Stadens Wild Flower Reserve

This beautiful flower reserve lies just off the N2, roughly 35 kilometres west of Port Elizabeth. It might be smallish (600 hectares) but locals vote it one of the best spots to see flowering proteas in season, as well as other indigenous fynbos. You can snatch a great view of ... more information

Walmer Country Club

Walmer Country Club with its warm and friendly atmosphere, is 54 years old. It has grown from strength to strength and has over 550 members. Walmer Country Club Golf Course is a standard 18-hole configuration course with fairways running predominantly in Westerly or Easterly directions ... more information

The Penguin Route

The diminutive African Penguin with its peculiar gait, black feet, and obvious cute factor is found mainly on islands off our shoreline. It has also taken up residence amongst us in mainland colonies, like Boulders beach and Stony Point, both of which have become major tourist ... more information

Port Elizabeth

Featured Things To Do in Port Elizabeth

The Island Nature Reserve

Where: Seaview
How much (per person): On Request

Spend the day at The Island Nature Reserve. The reserve is located approximately 25 km from Port Elizabeth and accessed via the Seaview Road ... more information

The Port Elizabeth Apple Express

Where: Humewood
How much (per person): On Request

The Port Elizabeth Apple Express has since inception in 1903 contributed much to the national heritage, family memories and milestones of So ... more information

Baakens River Mountain Bike Trail

Where: Walmer
How much (per person): Free

Get some exercise on the Baakens River Mountain Bike Trail. The Baakens River has a total length of 23 km and is situated on approximately 5 ... more information

Port Elizabeth

Holiday Accommodation in Port Elizabeth

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GlendinningvaleGreenacresHumerailHumewoodKini BayLovemore Heights
MaitlandsMill ParkRichmond HillSardinia BaySeaviewSouth EndSt Georges Park

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Port Elizabeth Region Attractions and Places of Special Interest in the Port Elizabeth Region of the Eastern Cape
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