The Sandton Region, Johannesburg

Millions of South African safaris, shopping sprees, and beach holidays start in the epicentre of Johannesburg, where many of the most glamorous hotels in Sandton and other areas can be found.

Did you know? Once you've booked your hotels or accommodation in Sandton, explore the destination pages for info on attractions, activities and things to do when you visit Sandton in Gauteng.

In the square of a huge shopping mall in Sandton stands the six metre high statue of Nelson Mandela (just his shoes are a metre in length), sculpted by Kobus Hattingh and Jacob Maponyane. The statue is surrounded by restaurants, a public library and a theatre. More than 10 000 businesses operate in the area.

It is hard to believe that this sophisticated district, home to the top investment banks, financial consultants, the Johannesburg stock exchange, and one of the biggest convention centres on the continent, was but mere sandy horse trails where the ‘mink and manure set’ lived on wealthy, large estates 50 years ago - small wonder it is known as one of the most opulent areas in Johannesburg.

Sandton started life at the beginning of the century as the suburb of gentlemen – properties were no smaller than one morgen (just less than one hectare). Life has fundamentally not changed, although the landscape has radically altered.

Gone are the farms and the sedate way of existence for the white upper class, to be replaced by glass and chrome buildings, and South Africa’s emerging black middle-class: the ‘empowerment kugels’, according to author Sarah Britten, do lunch not in Soweto but in Sandton.

Did you know? Once you've booked your hotel or Johannesburg accommodation, explore the suburb and destination pages below for info on attractions, activities and things to do when you visit Sandton.

Known as ‘Africa’s richest square mile’, Sandton has headed upward with a barrage of Manhattan-style skyscrapers that function as landmarks throughout Johannesburg, particularly Sandton City’s pyramid-style rooftop. Visit Nelson Mandela Square, various art galleries, or go on a personal walking tour that takes in 29 Sandton landmarks and stops off at various restaurants. To view a map see » Sandton Map.

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Destinations in the Sandton Region


Overnight? Abbotsford accommodation
Set in the leafy more affluent northern suburbs of Johannesburg, Abbotsford lies to the east of Atholl-Oaklands Road, the M1 and James and Ethel Gray Park. Neighbouring suburbs include Oaklands, Birdhaven, Melrose Arch, Waverley and Orchards, and it has e...


Overnight? Atholl accommodation
Atholl is an upmarket suburb in Johannesburg, located in the trendy and elite Sandton, home to lavish hotels, art galleries as well as world class restaurants and business centres. Did you know? Once you've booked your hotels or accommodation in Sandt...

Benmore Gardens

Overnight? Benmore Gardens accommodation
Benmore Gardens is one of Johannesburg's pretty suburbs, where elegant family homes have large gardens, and the streets are flanked by plenty of trees. It is only two kilometres from the retail and commercial mecca of Sandton and just over 30 minutes from...


Overnight? Beverley accommodation
Nestled in amongst Lone Hill, Pine Slopes and across William Nicol Drive from Witkoppen, Beverley lies on the outskirts of Sandton. A fairly new suburb, in an affluent part of Johannesburg, Beverley rubs shoulders with Duinfern, and the new cluster and to...


Overnight? Bramley accommodation
There is a wide variety of choice when it comes to accommodation in Johannesburg; where there's a non-stop vibe of food, culture, fun, and natural beauty. This is an epicentre in South Africa and the base from which many visitors explore the country. Bram...


Overnight? Bryanston accommodation
There are so many different kinds of accommodation in Johannesburg, and overnighting in Bryanston is a great way to enjoy this bustling “City of Gold” and all of its variety. Bryanston is an upper class residential suburb of Jozi. Did you know? Once y...


Overnight? Buccleuch accommodation
Buccleuch is the undiscovered jewel of Sandton, located midway between the N1 and the N3 (when travelling from Durban and Johannesburg International Airport). Did you know? Once you've booked your hotels or accommodation in Sandton, explore the destin...


Overnight? Chartwell accommodation
Chartwell in Fourways is located in Sandton, on the slopes of the Chartwell Hills, horse country, just North of Fourways. It is a delightful farm area with spectacular views and yet Chartwell is only minutes from Fourways, 20 minutes from Sandton City...


Overnight? Craigavon accommodation
To the west of Cedar Avenue off Witkoppen and neighbour to Cedar Lakes, Brendavere and Maroeladal, Craigavon is largely modern townhouse country on the outskirts of Sandton. This part of Johannesburg has mushroomed in the last seven years or so and where ...


Overnight? Craighall accommodation
Lying in the heart of the northern suburbs of Johannesburg, within easy reach of Hyde Park, Sandton and trendy Rosebank, Craighall is one of a string of leafy suburbs that form an affluent stretch on the western side of the city along the southern side of...


Overnight? Douglasdale accommodation
Douglasdale is a modern middle-upper class residential suburb of Johannesburg, South Africa. Douglasdale is located between the suburbs of Fourways and Bryanston, just north of the upmarket Sandton. Did you know? Once you've booked your hotels or acco...


The peaceful, leafy suburb of Duxberry borders on Morningside - residents often use the suburb names interchangeably - in the heart of the northern suburbs of Johannesburg that lie to the north west of the city, a string of upmarket areas with large prope...

Elton Hill

Elton Hill is one of those little suburbs in Johannesburg that, because it is so small, is more often than not referred to by the name of a more prominent neighbouring suburb. Even its residents, to avoid confusion, tend to refer to it as Melrose Arch...


Overnight? Fourways accommodation
Fourways is situated in Sandton, Johannesburg, a fast developing commercial and residential hub. Fourways is a continuous hustle and bustle of activity. Did you know? Once you've booked your hotels or accommodation in Sandton, explore the destination p...

Gallo Manor

Overnight? Gallo Manor accommodation
The upmarket northern suburb of Gallo Manor has managed to retain an almost park like atmosphere, attributable in part to the lush lawns, established gardens and tree-lined streets, but also because much of the suburb is cordoned off as a high security ar...


Overnight? Glenadrienne accommodation
Nestled in amongst the neighbouring suburbs of Hurlingham and Willowild, and bordering the southern tip of the River club, Glenadrienne lies south of Replublic Road as it joins William Nicol Drive in Sandton. Did you know? Once you've booked your hotel...


Overnight? Houghton accommodation
Houghton is an extremely wealthy suburb of Johannesburg, South Africa. In fact, one of the most famous residents of Houghton was Nelson Mandela, who owned a home there. Did you know? Once you've booked your hotels or accommodation in Sandton, explore ...

Hurl Park

Overnight? Hurl Park accommodation
Hurl Park is one of the smaller suburbs of Sandton, Johannesburg, and is part of Parkmore. It is surrounded by Morningside, Sandhurst, Blairgowrie, Ferndale and Bryanston. It is, therefore, a very central, accessible suburb. Visitors that book accommodati...


Overnight? Hurlingham accommodation
Hurlingham lies between Sandhurst and Parkmore that form the bottom ends of a triangle with the Sandton CBD. Did you know? Once you've booked your hotels or accommodation in Sandton, explore the destination pages for info on attractions, activities an...

Hyde Park

Overnight? Hyde Park accommodation
One of Johannesburg’s most sought after addresses, Hyde Park is fairly reminiscent of its London namesake in one respect - the houses here have been built on a grand scale in a similar fashion to those that grace the surrounds of Hyde Park; they’re exclus...


Overnight? Illovo accommodation
Illovo is a prestigious suburb of Sandton in Johannesburg, South Africa. It borders Hyde Park, Sandhurst and Craighall Park. Did you know? Once you've booked your hotels or accommodation in Sandton, explore the destination pages for info on attractions...


Overnight? Inanda accommodation
Tucked in behind the Wanderers Club in the crook where Corlett Drive meets Rivonia Road, Inanda lies nestled in amongst its affluent Sandton contemporaries - Craighall, Hyde Park, Dunkeld and Illovo. A peaceful and secure suburb, mostly due to the relativ...


Overnight? Kelvin accommodation
The leafy upmarket suburb of Kelvin lies a relatively short distance from the Buccleuch Interchange, where no less than three major highways connect, to the East of M1 highway, making access to anywhere around the city fairly easy if there are no snags in...

Linbro Park

Overnight? Linbro Park accommodation
On the other side of the N3 from Marlboro Drive lies Linbro Park, on the edge of it all. Whilst the west of the N3 - a major artery connecting the N12 and the N1 in Johannesburg but veering off all the way to Durban if necessary - is majorly dense with Al...


Overnight? Lonehill accommodation
It does not take a genius to work out that Lonehill, which lies just north of Witkoppen Road with excellent access to William Nicol Drive and the N1, must have been named after a solitary hill in the vicinity. Apart from the fact that this is one of the n...

Lyme Park

Overnight? Lyme Park accommodation
As South Africa’s commercial and retail hub, Johannesburg offers no shortage of desirable addresses, both for homes and for businesses. Lyme Park is one of the suburbs here that effectively combines close proximity to a number of important sights and attr...

Mandela Square

Overnight? Mandela Square accommodation
Situated in the heart of Sandton in Johannesburg, South Africa, the Nelson Mandela Square is surrounded by world-class hotels and restaurants. The popular Sandton City Shopping Centre is adjacent to Mandela Square. Did you know? Once you've booked you...


Overnight? Melrose accommodation
From originally being just a small residential and mainly commercial area, Melrose has expanded into an up-market suburb with an expanding commercial sector. The streets are lined with many international branded motor car dealerships. Did you know? On...

Melrose Arch

Overnight? Melrose Arch accommodation
Melrose Arch is a vibrant and exclusive precinct alive with energy, social interaction and African internationalism. Melrose Arch is truly unique. Aesthetically appealing penthouses, cozy apartments and spacious lofts in Melrose Arch are the ideal homes. ...

Melrose North

Overnight? Melrose North accommodation
Melrose North, regarded as a suburb of Sandton, lies perfectly sandwiched between Rosebank and Sandton City, with easy access to the M1, the Corlett Drive onramp and within walking distance of Melrose Arch and the Wanderers Club, famous for its cricket st...


Overnight? Morningside accommodation
Virtually just down the road from Sandton City, the upmarket suburb of Morningside in Sandton lies along both sides of Rivonia Road in the heart of the northern stretches of Johannesburg, yet manages to remain peaceful, quiet and relatively unruffled by t...


Overnight? Parkmore accommodation
One more of a series of suburbs in Johannesburg with the word ‘park’ interjected in the name, Parkmore, neighbour to Sandown and Benmore, regards itself as a village. Did you know? Once you've booked your hotels or accommodation in Sandton, explore th...

Parktown North

Overnight? Parktown North accommodation
Just north of Rosebank in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg, Parktown North, which takes its name rather obviously from its position north of the suburb of Parktown, is one of the oldest residential areas in the city with a rather interesting history. ...


Overnight? Paulshof accommodation
Lying slightly uphill from Sunninghill, on the other side of the N1 from Petervale and Rivonia, Paulshof is a fairly modern, upmarket suburb rich in townhouse complexes lying just above the Braamfontein Spruit. Paulshof is often described as the 'garden v...


Overnight? Petervale accommodation
Visitors booking accommodation in Johannesburg will love staying in and around Sandton because these are hotspots for fun and entertainment. Petervale is a suburb in Sandton and is right next to the major highway, the N1; making it super-accessible. I...

Raumarais Park

Overnight? Raumarais Park accommodation
Sandton in Johannesburg is known for its glam vibe and non-stop energy. Booking accommodation in Sandton here means being in the heart of the action for your holiday. Raumarais Park is a suburb in Sandton, Johannesburg, and is a fantastic central base fro...

River Club

Overnight? River Club accommodation
River Club lies just south west of Sandton, bordering on the neighbouring suburbs of Duxberry, Bryanston and Morningside. Most people do not even realise there is a suburb here, as River Club is so closely associated with the River Club Golf Course, actua...


Overnight? Rivonia accommodation
accommodation in Rivonia is special for many reasons; not least of all that this is one of Johannesburg’s most affluent suburbs and offers really gorgeous lodgings for those travelling to South Africa. But, more than this, Rivonia is full of character, wi...


Overnight? Rosebank accommodation
Situated in Johannesburg, South Africa, Rosebank is a vibrant multi-cultural district, business node and tourist attraction. Rosebank is one of a kind in that it has effectively combined a successful commercial node within a pleasant working, shopping and...


Overnight? Sandhurst accommodation
It’s safe to say that Sandhurst is one of Johannesburg’s most elite suburbs. As one property magazine puts it - “Sandhurst is to South African residential suburbs what Michelangelo is to South African hotels”. Did you know? Once you've booked your hot...


Overnight? Sandown accommodation
Book your executive apartment or luxury hotels in Sandton, in the suburb of Sandown, known for lashings of glitz and glamour during your visit to South Africa. Did you know? Once you've booked your hotels or accommodation in Sandton, explore the desti...

Sandton CBD

Overnight? Sandton CBD accommodation
Sandton’s Central Business District (CBD) is known for many things; not least of all for its being the wealthiest square mile on the continent. It is the address of a number of very important companies and corporations, and is a Mecca for dedicated shoppe...

Sandton Central

Overnight? Sandton Central accommodation
Sandton Central in Johannesburg means different things to different people. Shopaholics know the mall and centres, and their endless boutiques, labels and chain stores. Foodies head here to visit some of the top restaurants in Gauteng and the country. Tra...

Sandton Square

Overnight? Sandton Square accommodation
Situated in the heart of Sandton Central, in Johannesburg, South Africa, the Nelson Mandela Square is surrounded by world-class hotels and restaurants. The popular Sandton City Shopping Centre is adjacent to the Square. Sandton Square made headlines when,...


Overnight? Strathavon accommodation
Nestled in amongst the suburbs of Sandton like Benmore Gardens, Atholl Gardens, Sandown and Morningside, Strathavon lies just west of the M1, strategically placed for excellent access to this major tributary, Grayston Drive, and the Marlboro interchange m...


Overnight? Sunninghill accommodation
The suburb of Sunninghill, aside from being really well situated when it comes to getting to the city centre, Sandton or Midrand, is one of few areas in Johannesburg where a residential and commercial sector co-exist rather successfully. Some residents ha...


Overnight? Wendywood accommodation
Close to the neighbouring northern suburbs of Morningside and Gallo Manor, the boomed area of Wendywood is one of the older upmarket suburbs in Sandton that offers calm, luxurious living close to the hub of Sandton, with little of the traffic noise, const...

Winston Ridge

Overnight? Winston Ridge accommodation
Winston Ridge almost falls off the map it's such a small suburb, close to Melrose Arch and the suburbs of Bramley, Kentview (an equally tiny suburb), Illovo and Inanda just outside Sandton. It is tucked away behind the Wanderers Golf Course and Stadium, b...


Overnight? Woodmead accommodation
Woodmead, immediate neighbour to Sunninghill and Gallo Manor, is essentially a commercial suburb in northern Johannesburg. Did you know? Once you've booked your hotels or accommodation in Sandton, explore the destination pages for info on attractions,...

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