South Africa 4x4 Trails - South Africa offers a wealth of 4x4 offroad trail adventure opportunities

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4x4 Trails in South Africa

South Africa 4x4 Trails
South Africa 4x4 Trails

4x4 Trails in South Africa: South Africa is a 4-wheel drive enthusiast's dream come true. Apart from the many 4x4 trails in South Africa, some of Southern Africa’s spectacular scenery and experiences are only accessible by 4-wheel drive vehicle.

With over 800 registered caravan parks and campsites, South Africa lends itself to outdoor living. Campervans are ideal for a rustic, adventurous holiday on a limited budget.

Please Note: Driving on the beach in South Africa is prohibited to everyone except those who have special permits. Defying this law carries a heavy penalty and confiscation of the offending vehicle.

For beginners, the best way to begin is with instruction, and the most enjoyable way to do that is on a guided 4x4 trail. There are plenty available, with difficulties ranging from pretty easy to only experts need apply. There are literally hundreds of 4x4 trails in every province of South Africa. View our overview of some of the most popular 4x4 trails below.

South Africa Outdoor Activities

South African 4x4 Trails by Province

Eastern Cape 4x4 Trails

The Eastern Cape of South Africa is a beautifully diverse area with a number of exciting 4x4 trails to suit all skill levels. The Eastern Cape is relatively undeveloped and pristine. There are many open and undiscovered terrains of beaches, lands and rivers. There are only a few 4x4 trails ... more information

Western Cape 4x4 Trails

The Western Cape in South Africa is magnificently beautiful and boasts majestic mountain ranges, indigenous forests and wildlife. What better way to explore this wonderland than to go on a 4x4 trail through these terrains. Explore deep into the heart of these South African treasures whilst ... more information

KwaZulu Natal 4x4 Trails

The KwaZulu Natal Province in boasts some of the most spectacular scenery that South Africa has to offer. From the magical mountain range of the Drakensberg to the Wilderness areas in Maputaland, the coast and the Midlands. KwaZulu Natal has so much to offer South African 4x4 enthusiasts ... more information

Mpumalanga 4x4 Trails

Mpumalanga boasts magnificent wildlife, magical mountain ranges, lush forests and starry skies. Visitors to this province are brought closer to nature and experience Africa as it once was. There are numerous fantastic 4x4 trails in this beautiful province. The Mac Mac summit route ... more information

Limpopo 4x4 Trails

The magnificent untouched scenery and prolific wildlife of the Limpopo Province in South Africa offers endless exciting 4x4 adventures for all enthusiasts out there. 4x4 Trails are offered throughout the province but especially in the Waterberg region of the Bushveld. The Mabote River ... more information

North West Province 4x4 Trails

Rolling fields of golden maize and yellow sunflowers contrasted by vast bushvelds of thorn trees and tumbleweed - the North West Province of South Africa is a gorgeous area of contrasts that is best explored on an exciting 4x4 adventure. Rhebok Retreat offers a mountain adventure and access to ... more information

Gauteng 4x4 Trails

Gauteng is the smallest province in South Africa. Gauteng is a large industrial hub but is also home to the beautiful Magaliesberg which is a popular holiday destination. There are very few 4x4 Trails in the Gauteng Province. Trail Operators in Pretoria will take you to discover wild ... more information

Free State 4x4 Trails

Discover all the wonders of the Free State by exploring their numerous 4x4 trails. The Merrimetsi 4x4 trail is one of the Free State’s many wonders and is one of Wheels24 top 10 4x4 trail choices. It has become a firm favourite for the many visitors to the area. The trail offers ... more information

Northern Cape 4x4 Trails

The 4x4 trails in the Northern Cape guarantee you of an exhilarating experience that you will never forget. The Banksgate 4x4 trail in Sutherland covers the heart of the magnificent Nuweveld Mountain Range in the Karoo. It boasts 6 trails which vary in distances between 10 and 66 km. All ... more information

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