Shark Cage Diving in South Africa

Shark cage diving in South Africa has grown greatly in popularity and there are now a number of commercialized locations to view these incredible monsters of the deep.

Sharks are magnificent creatures that never fail to capture the avid attention of mankind. Yet, it is apparent that many people have complete misconceptions of sharks. Most people have a 90% fear level and 10% respect level. Yet, why not try changing those misconceptions and learning the truth about sharks in the best possible way: South African shark cage diving.

Did you know? Gansbaai, a small fishing village in the Western Cape, has become acclaimed as one of the country’s top shark cage diving destinations. Because of the abundance of fish and the baiting used, the waters have become inundated with Great White sharks.

Shark cage diving in South Africa has grown greatly in popularity and there are now a number of commercialized locations to view these incredible monsters of the deep. Your adrenaline is sure to pump as you come almost face to face with the sea’s most awesome predators. Shark cage diving is absolutely safe and you need not have any diving experience at all. Just before you start, you’ll receive a short course on general safety and the use of the equipment and you’re good to go.

The South African winter, which is from May to October, is the best time to experience a South African shark cage dive. These months are considered to be the high season, but Sharks are generally seen throughout the year. The weather in South Africa can be quite unpredictable, so it is best to book a tour that lasts a few days. There are two main places in South Africa that promise fantastic shark cage diving experiences namely at Gansbaai and Mossel Bay.

Gansbaai is just 2 hours drive from Cape Town and offers amazing South African shark cage diving experiences everyday in the picturesque Kleinbaai Harbour. The harbour’s launching slip-way, which is the point of entry for all cage diving expeditions to the islands, becomes a beehive of activity on clear mornings. Air tanks are filled, cylinders are placed inside the diving cages, safety equipment is checked and the boats are fuelled prior to your arrival.

12km offshore from Gansbaai there are two islands situated next to each other. Dyer Island and Geyser Rock have become known as one of only two unique areas in the world and where the chances to view the great white shark are exceptionally high. Other wildlife species such as Cape Fur Seals, Cape Gannets, Cape Cormorants, African penguins, whales and dolphins are also likely to be sighted. The abundant amount of penguins in this area is what attracts the Great White Shark and is their prime feeding ground.

Shark Africa promises an enjoyable and unforgettable day of shark viewing. They are the only shark cage operators out of Mossel Bay so that they are not disturbed by other surrounding boats. Shark Africa has an 84% annual average rate of successful caging. They use a 1 x 4 man cage which is permanently attached to the dive platform and is always under their direct management so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Their hookah air supply system gives you total freedom in the cage and 25cm semi circular view ports allow plenty of room to view and admire these magnificent predators. A typical day involves meeting at the Wild Mossel Bay Adventure Centre Corner Market and Church Street. There you will be informed of the current sightings, sign indemnity forms, fit your wet suits on, pay and then proceed to the harbour where your adventure begins.

Shark cage diving promises an awesome and unforgettable time! Be prepared for an up close and personal experience with the sea’s most magnificent predators.

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