Northern Cape Relief Map

/ Relief map showing the terrain and changes in altitude of the Northern Cape, South Africa
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Relief Map of the Northern Cape

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Regions of the Northern Cape

Diamond Fields

Where to Stay: Diamond Fields Accommodation

During the world's greatest diamond rush, hordes of prospectors converged on the region, scouring the river banks and sifting soil in a frenetic quest for wealth. At times, there were as many as 30 000 diggers labouring all day and ... diamond fields information


Where to Stay: Kalahari Accommodation

The portion of the great Kalahari desert that lies in the Northern Cape is but part of a large arid to semi-arid sandy area known as the Kalahari Basin, covering 2.5 million square kilometres that stretch from the Orange ... kalahari information

Green Kalahari

Where to Stay: Green Kalahari Accommodation

The Green Kalahari is a world full of wonders and contrasts. Here is where the lush green vineyards stand proud in the valley bearing magical fruits not far from where the shimmering Orange River thunders into a deep granite ... green kalahari information


Where to Stay: Namakwa Accommodation

Regarded as a portion of the Succulent Karoo, Namakwa forms part of the only arid hotspot in the world; is regarded as a biodiversity hotspot, and as such boasts the richest succulent flora on Earth. It extends from the ... namakwa information

Upper Karoo

Where to Stay: Upper Karoo Accommodation

The Karoo is famous for its wide open spaces and healthy climate. The seemingly arid soil of the Karoo bursts into life after rains, which totally transform the landscape. Hardy succulents are complemented by grasses on which ... upper karoo information

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