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Map of Kimberley, Northern Cape

Kimberley Map - Kimberley detail and street level map showing the suburbs, major attractions and landmarks of Kimberley including the location of the famous "Big Hole", Diggers Fountain and De Beers Mine. Kimberley, the capital of the Northern Cape, is a perfect detour on the N12, just off the N1, that functions as an alternative route between Cape Town and Johannesburg. To find out more see Kimberley.

If you are interested in overnighting in the area, we can recommend some great hotels, guest houses and self catering establishments. Find them at Kimberley Accommodation. If you're only planning on driving through Kimberley, en-route to another destination, you may want to peruse our Kimberley Restaurants before you leave to see if you should plan a stop here for lunch or maybe just a coffee. Also check out Kimberley Things To Do to see if there are any activities for which you would consider stopping.

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Featured Attractions in (or near) Kimberley

Benfontein Nature Reserve

Benfontein Nature Reserve, which lies near Kimberley in the Northern Cape, roughly 430km from Johannesburg, is the one place in the country where you can see Africa's smallest cat - the black-footed cat. But you will have to do your sightings at night as the black-footed cat is strictly nocturnal ... more information


The Cenotaph on Du Toitspan Road is a memorial to 400 of Kimberley’s men who died in the Great War (World War I) between 1914 and 1918. Designed by the local architect and artist William Timlin, it was unveiled... more information

Diamond Route

The motive for the route's design is to rehabilitate and conserve six hectares of land for every hectare the company mines, as a way to redress the balance between the use of natural resources and sustaining the ecosystem. Combined the route makes up ... more information

Diggers' Memorial

The Diggers’ Memorial depicts five life-sized miners holding up a diamond sieve, high above their heads. Their strength and power is seen as they work hard under the weight of the sieve. This is a working fountain, situated in the heart of the Ernest Oppenheimer Gardens. These gardens are a picture... more information

Dronfield Nature Reserve

Lying just off the N12, a mere 10km north of Kimberley, Dronfield Nature Reserve is on the De Beers Diamond Route. The game farm is a favourite with families who stay in the reserve whilst taking in other Kimberley, and surrounds, highlights - like the Big Hole, Magersfontein, the ... more information

Jasper Solar Farm

When it came online in late 2014 the Jasper solar farm, near Kimberley, was considered the largest solar project in operation on the continent of Africa. It was also the first renewable energy investment in Africa by search engine giant Google... more information

Kamfers Dam

Kamfers Dam is particularly significant for its being one of the very few breeding sites for the Lesser Flamingo, which is smaller and paler than its contemporaries. These beautiful birds can be seen in their tens of thousands as they feed and breed in the region. Kamfers Dam and the area around it form ... more information

Kimberley Golf Club

With its famous 'Big Hole' where adventurous prospectors dug for diamonds, the town of Kimberley is steeped in history - and so too is the Kimberley Golf Club, which was established way back in 1890. Many famous names have played at the club. 1890 was the year that Cecil John Rhodes began his six-year term ... more information

Lodge Road

One of the most historically-rich roads in Belgravia, Lodge Road is filled with Victorian houses that are not only beautiful to look at, but incredibly interesting as well. Kimberley’s emergence dates back to the diamond rush... more information

Magersfontein Memorial Golf Course

Magersfontein is situated near Kimberley in the Northern Cape Province and is known primarily for the Battle of Magersfontein, which was fought between the British and the Boers in 1899. However, it is also known (particularly amongst keen golfers) ... more information

Mokala National Park

Mokala is South Africa’s newest National Park, situated approximately 80km south-southwest of Kimberley, and west of the N12 freeway to Cape Town. Nestled in the hills, Mokala's landscape boasts a variety of koppieveld (hills) and large open plains. The isolated dolerite hills give the place a calming feeling of ... more information

Nooitgedacht Glacial Pavements

The scour marks on rock at Nooitgedacht farm, just outside Kimberley, were eroded by glaciers 290 million years ago. Back then the continents looked nothing like they do today. This belt of the Northern Cape, which stretches through... more information

Northern Cape Wine Estates

With a completely different climate to the Cape Winelands, the Northern Cape produces a number of ranges of wines that boast unique flavours. The wine farms in the east have soils with a higher natural acid content and a lower pH level, which results in wines that are crisp and ... more information

St Cyprian's Anglican Cathedral

This understated old parish dates back to 1871 when the congregation met in diggers' camps in the nearby New Rush on the Diamond Fields, later called Kimberley. Before long parishioners were meeting in a tin shanty, a wood and iron church, in Jones Street... more information

The Big Hole

Kimberley developed around this huge hole in the ground, formerly a small hill known as Colesberg Koppie, where diamonds were discovered early in 1871. An observation platform provides a good view of the Big Hole, about 365 m deep and covering an area... more information

Wildebeest Kuil Rock Art Centre

More than a thousand years ago, the area that is now known as the Northern Cape Province was home to indigenous San tribes (also known as Bushmen). A core part of their culture was the rock art that they left behind... more information

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