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/ Basic street map showing main roads and the location of attractions in Komatipoort, Mpumalanga, South Africa
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Map of Komatipoort, Mpumalanga

Komatipoort Map - Komatipoort detail and street level map showing the location of attractions and landmarks of Komatipoort. Komatipoort lies just 8 kilometres from the Crocodile Bridge gate into the Kruger National Park, 5 kilometres from the Mozambique border and only 65 kilometres from the Swazi border, making day trips to each of these places incredibly easy. For additional information please visit Komatipoort Information.

If you are interested in overnighting in the area, we can recommend some great hotels, guest houses and self catering establishments. Find them at Komatipoort Accommodation. If you're only planning on driving through Komatipoort, en-route to another destination, you may want to peruse our Komatipoort Restaurants before you leave to see if you should plan a stop here for lunch or maybe just a coffee. Also check out Komatipoort Things To Do to see if there are any activities for which you would consider stopping.

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Featured Attractions in (or near) Komatipoort

Andover Nature Reserve

Andover Nature Reserve is a provincial nature reserve that lies just seven kilometres from the Orpen Gate of the Kruger National Park, close to Manyeleti Nature Reserve in Mpumalanga. The 7 000 hectares reserve is home to zebra, giraffe, kudu, bushbuck, and other small antelope. The highlight ... more information

Crocodile Bridge Gate

Crocodile Bridge Gate is the most eastern entrance to the Kruger National Park. It lies roughly 12 kilometres from Komatipoort, close to the Mozambican border. For those who enter the south-eastern parts of the park, this is the most direct way of doing so. Named after the Crocodile ... more information

Kruger National Park

The largest game reserve in South Africa, the Kruger National Park is larger than Israel. Nearly 2 million hectares of land that stretch for 352 kilometres (20 000 square kilometres) from north to south along the Mozambique border, is given over to an almost indescribable wildlife experience. Certainly it ranks with the ... more information

Kruger National Park Tours

Guided day trips to the Kruger National Park: The largest game reserve in South Africa, the Kruger National Park is nearly 2 million hectares of land that stretch for 20 000 square kilometres, given over to an almost indescribable wildlife experience. Certainly it ranks with the best in Africa and is a flagship ... more information

Ligwalagwala Conservancy

Ligwalagwala is a co-operative reserve, one of the only reserves involved, since the late 1990s, in reintroducing lions in small reserves in the Mpumalanga region. Ligwalagwala lies just outside Hectorspruit, about half an hour away from the Malelane and Crocodile Bridge gates into the Kruger National Park, a ... more information

Malelane Gate

Under an hour from Nelspruit, the Malelane Gate is one of the easiest ways into the Kruger National Park. It lies on the Crocodile River, some 50 km from Crocodile Bridge, just past the little town of Malelane. Driving across the Crocodile River into the park is semi-surreal – the artificial ... more information

Mthethomusha Game Reserve

The magnificent Malelane Mountains, and the 8,000 hectare Mthethomusha Game Reserve bordering the world famous Kruger National Park at its feet, inspire travellers from around the world. There is a place in Africa where lion, elephant and rhinoceros walk ancient paths once trodden by the First People of our ... more information

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