Limpopo Relief Map

/ Relief map showing the terrain and changes in altitude of the Limpopo Province, South Africa
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Relief Map of the Limpopo Province

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Regions of the Limpopo Province


Where to Stay: Capricorn Accommodation

The Capricorn region stretches from the Ysterberg, all along the foothills of the lush Wolkberg, to the tropic of Capricorn in the north. The region’s position makes it a perfect stopover between Gauteng, the northern ... capricorn information

Bushveld / Waterberg

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The Waterberg Mountains stretch along more than 5,000 km² of spectacular vistas and scenic valleys. The area is steeped in history and some artefacts found here date back to Stone Age times. The area’s rich mosaic of culture ... waterberg information


Where to Stay: Soutpansberg Accommodation

Across the northwest, and framing the northern border of Limpopo lies the Soutpansberg Region. One of the main geographical features of this region is the Limpopo River, which forms South Africa’s northern border ... soutpansberg information

Valley of the Olifants

Where to Stay: Valley of the Olifants Accommodation

Travelling east, visitors will discover the rich natural heritage of the Lowveld and the famous Kruger National Park. This region falls in the valley of the great Olifants River that meanders through the Kruger national Park ... valley of the olifants information

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