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Durban Beachfront
Durban Beachfront

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Bustling Durban is the hub of the province’s business and industry and pulses with all the energy of a major port city. Luxury hotels abound on Durban’s beachfront, and this city is often referred to as South Africa’s Miami Beach.

Durban is one of the fastest-growing urban areas in the world. Its port is the busiest in South Africa and also one of the 10 largest in the world. Durban is blessed with balmy weather all year round, making it a perfect holiday paradise. The beachfront is bordered by five star hotels and luxury apartments, all of which have an idyllic view of the Indian Ocean.

The Central Business District, a hive of activity, is within easy reach of all hotels and convention venues. If however, you wish to travel further afield, there is a very competent public transport system running throughout Durban, as well as an abundance of taxis. Durban is a major gateway to Africa and is also the largest and busiest port city on the continent. Due to this, there is an extensive road network leading to and from any destination in South Africa. Durban International Airport, is only a 10 minute drive from the City and is serviced daily by domestic flights, as well as international flights. The International Convention Centre, centrally located, is an innovative, world class convention centre which can cater for conferences of up to 5000 people.

Durban is a sporting paradise. The sunny climate combined with a wealth of facilities makes for a year round sporting extravaganza. Watersports such as surfing, body boarding, sailing and scuba diving are obvious favourites given Durban's proximity to the warm Indian Ocean. Rugby, soccer and cricket are also very popular with Durban boasting world class stadia for all major sports.


Destinations / Towns & Suburbs of Durban

Athlone Park

Where to Stay: Durban Accommodation

Just 7.5 kilometres from Durban, along the south coast road, Athlone Park is one of the more upmarket northern suburbs of Amanzimtoti, close to Durban’s International Airport, and just before the start of the Hibiscus ... Athlone Park information


Where to Stay: Accommodation in Berea

The Berea suburb of Durban lies perched on the crest of a ridge above the city, an exclusive residential suburb, littered with an eclectic mix of architectural styles that include large Victorian, Edwardian, art deco ... Berea information


Where to Stay: Accommodation in Bluff

The headland known simply as ‘the Bluff’ - a thick green belt that has a strong attraction for those who steer clear of the built-up beachside areas of Amanzimtoti and even ... Bluff information

Bothas Hill

Where to Stay: Accommodation in Bothas Hill

Not only are the views from up on Botha’s Hill some of the most spectacular in the country - it overlooks the Valley of a Thousand Hills - but Botha’s Hill is one of ‘those’ hills that invariably gets a mention when ... Bothas Hill information

Brighton Beach

Where to Stay: Accommodation in Brighton Beach

Brighton beach, regarded along with Anstey’s as the main beach on the Bluff of Durban, lies roughly halfway between Durban’s city centre and the Durban International Airport south of Durban, give or take a couple of ... Brighton Beach information


Where to Stay: Accommodation in Durban Central

One of Durban's biggest inner-city suburbs just south of the city centre, Chatsworth is a growing, vibrant and cosmopolitan home to over 450 000 people that extends over some 64 different suburbs in a mish mash of old ... Chatsworth information

Cowies Hill

Where to Stay: Accommodation in Cowies Hill

The quiet, leafy suburb of Cowies Hill, just outside of Durban, is, despite being an upmarket and rather elite suburb, notorious as the last of the five murderous hills in the down-run of the Comrades Marathon. This ... Cowies Hill information


Where to Stay: Accommodation in Crestholme

It is characterised by it a tranquil ambience, as visitors are able to breathe in the pure air of the South African atmosphere, under the warm sun or in the shade of one of the many trees that dot the landscape in and around... Crestholme information

Durban Beachfront

Where to Stay: Accommodation in Durban Beachfront

‘Durbs by the sea’ as South Africans have referred to Durban for years is essentially all about her beaches. Practically every office and hotel block in the vicinity of the Durban Beachfront boasts a sea view and people ... Durban Beachfront information

Durban Central

Where to Stay: Accommodation in Durban Central

The vibrant city of Durban - an eclectic fusion of cultures, architectural styles that blend old side by side with new, traditional rickshaws, bunny chows and curry, Indian markets, beautiful sandy beaches that offer ... Durban Central information

Durban North

Where to Stay: Accommodation in Durban North

Just 15 minutes north of the city of Durban, on the northern side of the Umgeni River Mouth, is the upmarket area of Durban North and Umhlanga. Most of this beautiful part of the world was once a coastal dune forest ... Durban North information


Where to Stay: Accommodation in Gillitts

Lying nestled between Hillcrest and Kloof, Gillitts is a leafy, green village that lies some 35 kilometres west of Durban where some property is still advertised as ‘rural small holdings’ and quiet usually means ... Gillitts information


Where to Stay: Accommodation in Glenashley

Glenashley is one of Durban North’s suburbs, which together with Umhlanga and La Lucia, have collectively come to represent one of the most desirable parts of Durban in which to live. North of the Umgeni River and ... Glenashley information


Where to Stay: Accommodation in Glenmore

The quiet and leafy suburb of Glenmore, not to be confused with the beachside town of Glenmore Beach on the South Coast, lies south-west of the city centre of Durban, alongside the suburb of Glenwood, and down the ridge ... Glenmore information


Where to Stay: Accommodation in Glenwood

Across the great yawning divide of Berea Road, a barrier of snob value particularly in the property market in Durban lies Glenwood - one of Durban’s oldest suburbs that extends from its colonial-style mansions near the ... Glenwood information


Where to Stay: Durban Accommodation

Greyville lies just below the ridge of Durban on the flat, so to speak, just outside the city centre. On its southern edge are the Botanical Gardens, whilst its north is flanked by Morningside. Say the suburb name ... Greyville information


Where to Stay: Accommodation in Hillcrest

Literally on a hill on a crest someway above Durban, Hillcrest was once a little hamlet that bordered on the Valley of a Thousand Hills, surrounded by green pastures and farmland. It was a retreat away from the hub of ... Hillcrest information


Where to Stay: Accommodation in Kloof

Kloof, the Afrikaans word for ravine, lies some 25 kilometres from Durban - a leafy and green village perched 550 metres above sea level with a reputation for a tranquil lifestyle that offers a retreat from the ... Kloof information

Manor Gardens

Where to Stay: Durban

Those staying in and around Manor Gardens will have quick, convenient access to these beaches, making this the perfect suburb for families, young couples and retirees alike. The homes in Manor Gardens are as varied as the local... Manor Gardens information


Where to Stay: Accommodation in Morningside

Morningside, a large gentrified suburb of Durban that spreads from the lower end of the ridge overlooking Durban to just above the Greyville Racecourse in lower Morningside, may have suffered somewhat in recent years ... Morningside information


Where to Stay: Accommodation in Musgrave

The recent convenience or nuisance, depending on how you view it, of converting a section of Musgrave Road and its counterpart, the parallel Essenwood Road, to one-way traffic in either direction has eased the flow of ... Musgrave information


Where to Stay: Accommodation in Pinetown

Pinetown lies between Kloof and Westville, just 10 minutes from Durban’s Berea and home to one of the oldest cricket clubs in KwaZulu Natal. Regarded up until now as a predominantly light industrial town, and not ... Pinetown information


Where to Stay: Accommodation in Queensburgh

Queensburgh is a built up area that has boomed recently to include as many as 10 suburbs in its reach just 15 minutes’ drive south-west of Durban, en route to Amanzimtoti on the M7. With the push for property moving ... Queensburgh information


Where to Stay: Durban Accommodation

To the west of Durban, virtually around the corner from Westville, lies Sherwood, known as the little ‘garden suburb’. Sherwood has always had a green resonance particularly attributable to the number of nurseries and ... Sherwood information

South Beach

Where to Stay: Accommodation in South Beach

South Beach lies to the south of central Durban, midway between North Beach and Ushaka Marine World on the beach front of the city. South Beach's access to Durban's Harbour is good, all that separates the two is a railway ... South Beach information


Where to Stay: Accommodation in Sydenham

One of the more colourful neighbourhoods of Durban, Sydenham lies behind the ridge of the Berea, neighbouring on Sherwood, Sparks and Clare Hills. Obviously less fashionable than its counterparts on the ‘right’ side of ... Sydenham information


Where to Stay: Accommodation in Umhlanga

Hard to believe that Umhlanga, the buzzing residential, commercial and resort suburb just outside of Durban, was once a seaside resort town called Umhlanga Rocks. During the early seventies it merged with La Lucia to ... Umhlanga information

Umgeni Park

Where to Stay: Accommodation in Umgeni Park

Lying exactly where its name suggests it should be, the suburb of Umgeni Park is just north of the Umgeni River Bird Park and Riverside Road, adjacent to Durban North and inland from the Blue Lagoon. Umgeni Park is ... Umgeni Park information


Where to Stay: Accommodation in Westville

The great thing about Westville is its accessibility to Durban, whilst still managing to remain a quiet and beautiful residential suburb. Lying between Sherwood and Pinetown, Westville is only 15 minutes’ from the ... Westville information

Yellowwood Park

Where to Stay: Durban Accommodation

The first thing that strikes you about the leafy garden suburb of Yellowwood Park, just 14 kilometres from Durban, is that the majority of the roads are named after birds - Lark Lane, Kestrell Road, Wren Way - and that, ... Yellowwood Park information


Featured and "Must See" Attractions in Durban

Natal Sharks Board

The Sharks Board gives the opportunity to watch a spectacular 30 minute audio-visual presentation which captures the drama of the ocean as they carry out their daily servicing of shark nets, or watch a shark dissection. You can also visit the display hall and view a variety of lifelike replicas of sharks, fish and rays. more information

Durban Harbour

Durban Harbour is a natural harbour that still resembles the original bay’s shape. It is said that Portuguese explorer, Vasco da Gama, discovered the bay in 1497. Soon, it became a major point of access that was conveniently located between Algoa Bay and Maputo Bay. Today, visitors to Durban Harbour can look forward... more information

uShaka Marine World

uShaka Marine World in Durban is a world-class entertainment and tourism destination. At the end of Durban's Golden Mile is the beginning of uShaka Marine World - spanning over 15 hectares of prime beach front, uShaka Marine World is Africa's largest Marine Theme park. uShaka incorporates fresh and sea ... more information

Burman Bush Nature Reserve

Burman Bush, as the nature reserve is more commonly known in Durban, is 55 hectares of what remains of coastal forest in the heart of Morningside. Its value lies in the knowledge that little has changed in this patch of forest since 1850. Everything around it, however, has altered as forest has been ... more information

Durban Botanical Gardens

The Durban Botanical Gardens are famous for the original specimen of a Cycad (Encephalartos woodii) that is still widely acknowledged as probably the rarest plant in the world, as well as for its extensive collection of South African Cycad species. A highlight of the Gardens is the Orchid House which ... more information

Mount Moreland Conservancy

Part of the focus of the Mount Moreland Conservancy is to preserve and improve the condition of the Mdloti River and the state of its surrounding wetlands. This will also aid in providing an optimal habitat for the local wildlife and bird variety. In addition, the conservancy aims to establish ... more information

Centre for Rehabilitation of Wildlife

Tthe Centre for Rehabilitation of Wildlife in Durban situated in Yellowwood Park, is principally a hospital that looks after the injured and orphaned wild animals and birds in KwaZulu-Natal, most of them (as many as 90%) because of human negligence. Rehabilitation takes time for those animals that don't ... more information

Durban Millenium Tower

Built to commemorate the new millennium on the Bluff headland near the entrance to Durban's harbour, the Millenium Tower is not officially a lighthouse, nor does it fall under the National Ports Authority. However, when lit up at night it is a truly impressive sight, and ships use it as a landmark. The Tower does ... more information

Durban Natural Science Museum

The Durban Natural Science Museum is dedicated to the earth, it's history, it future, its life and the life forms that live and have lived on it. The worldly home of this historic earth collection is housed in a 2200m² interior of Durban City Hall (pictured) which although historic in its own standing ... more information

Durban Yacht Mole

Durban's Victoria Embankment, also known as the Esplanade, and now more offically renamed Margaret Mncadi Avenue, is one of the major landmarks of the city. It runs part of the length of the harbour, apartment and office buildings on one side, and the water on the other. Despite its name ... more information

Emmanuel Cathedral

The beautiful Emmanuel Cathedral is part of Durban's landscape, tucked rather snuggly into Cathedral Street against the prominent flyover of the N3 highway just as it descends into the centre of town and the dual streets of Pine and Dr A B Xuma - one up and one down. Hard to believe that when the ... more information

Hawaan Forest

Protected since 1860 the primeval forest lies next to the Umhlanga Nature Reserve (only the M4 runs between them) just off Portland Drive on the edge of residential Durban North. It is as well that it is protected or development would long since have eradicated it ... more information

Kenneth Stainbank Nature Reserve

Kenneth Stainbank Nature Reserve lies just next to Yellowwood Park in Durban, an extension of the D'Moss green lung in the south western parts of Yellowwood Park. The 253 hectare Kenneth Stainbank Nature Reserve is regarded as one of the finest coastal / riverine forest and bush clump / grassland mosaic ... more information

Moses Mabhida Stadium

Located in KwaZulu Natal in the beautiful City of Durban, Moses Mabhida Stadium is named after a hero of the working class. The Moses Mabhida Stadium is located adjacent the ABSA Stadium in the Kings Park Sporting Precinct - a site located in Stamford Hill, is a world class multi-purpose stadium set to make possible ... more information

Umgeni River Bird Park

Designed and built in an old quarry site on the banks of the Umgeni River, just 10 minutes outside Durban, the Umgeni River Bird Park is one of the greatest attractions of the city. Walk-through aviaries, birds out on perches, wonderful green vegetation, some amazing waterfalls and rock faces all combine to ... more information

Durban Beaches

Durban's beaches are characterised by soft, golden sand, palm trees and the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. The main beaches are shark netted and patrolled from sunrise to sunset by trained lifeguards who have an impressive track record in beach safety. The main beaches also have changing ...

Golden Mile

Flanked by luxury hotels and apartment blocks, the Golden Mile skirts the main beaches and the Indian Ocean. Attractions include an amusement centre, paddling pools, paved walkways, gardens and fountains. Funworld, with its bumper cars, roundabouts and hurdy-gurdy machines, is a firm favourite with the ...

Greyville Race Course

Say the suburb name ‘Greyville’ to the average Durbanite, and you will discover it is virtually synonymous with the Durban July and Durban’s first and longest running sports venue - the Greyville Racecourse. The Durban July is comparable to Britain’s Royal Ascot - high fashion, exciting horse racing ... more information

KwaZulu Natal Philharmonic Orchestra

Widely regarded as Africa's premier orchestra, the KZNPO's commitment to musical excellence has been the driving force behind the myriad of live concerts given annually, as well as a comprehensive education and development programme that is an essential resource for aspiring musicians in South Africa.

Gandhi Centenary Park

Right in the centre of Chatsworth stands an open public space known as Gandhi Centenary Park. It lies across a street block; a beautiful breathing space in the midst of a humming and commercial neighbourhood, and across the road from the local police station. Through the Gandhi Park flows a water course ... more information

Temple of Understanding

The Hare Krishna temple, known as the Sri Sri Radhanath Temple of Understanding, is found in the largely Indian area of Chatsworth roughly 20 kilometres south of the city of Durban. It is one of the major tourist attractions when in Durban and for a couple of very obvious reasons. One is the incredible architecture ... more information

The Indian Quarter

The two-storey building that is the Victoria Street Market, with under cover parking below, is a top-to-bottom array of clothing, leather goods, jewellery and the odd Indian spice shop. But if you are looking for the Indian bed throws, cushion covers and lightweight blouses this is no longer the place to ... more information

Vasco Da Gama Memorial

In the heart of the Victoria Embankment (now known as Margaret Mncadi Avenue) stands the Vasco da Gama Clock, there to memorialise Vasco Da Gama's first sighting of Durban, which happened on the eve of Christmas in 1497 (Natal is derived from the Portuguese word for Christmas). It was given to ... more information

Springside Nature Reserve

Springside Nature Reserve is found in the midst of suburban Hillcrest, a wonderful 21 hectare reserve that lies on both sides of a little stream along which there is a lovely little walk that takes one through sections of forest. Aside from its obvious value to the residents of Hillcrest, a ... more information

Shongweni Nature Reserve

The Shongweni dam and nature reserve is classically beautiful. Get there early enough – the reserve lies only forty minutes' from Durban – add a little early morning mist to the equation, and the side of the dam, mountains in the background, simply validate the reason that this reserve is a national ... more information

Shongweni Resources Reserve

You'll find the Shongweni Resource Reserve roughly halfway between Durban and Pietermarizburg, off the N3 and on Route 6 of the 1000 Hills Experience. Its setting is a mixture of grassland and river valley and its sell factor is that you can see any number of game – rhino, zebra, giraffe, kudu ... more information

Umhlanga Lagoon Nature Reserve

The Umhlanga Lagoon Nature Reserve is small at only 26 hectares, but the trails are stunning and lead through dune forest, across the lagoon and onto the beach. At the lagoon mouth are the remains of a Stone Age sea shell midden. The entrance gates lie just beyond the ... more information


Featured Things To Do in Durban

Browse at Umkhumbane Flea Market

Where: Westville
How much (per person): Free to Browse

Durbanites, visitors and tourists are invited to come and connect at the Umkhumbane Flea Market - Durban's newest grassroots trading spot, w ... more information

Rickshaw Ride along the Beachfront

Where: Durban Beachfront
How much (per person): R1 to R100

There are only about twenty registered rickshaw-pullers in Durban. They are well known for their magnificent head-dresses adorned with beads ... more information

Victoria Street Market

Where: Durban
How much (per person): Free to Browse

The Victoria Street Market is rather like stepping into another world, with its blend of all things Indian and African. Spices and incense rent the air ... more information


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