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Selecting a Wedding Theme

Selecting a Wedding Theme
Selecting a Wedding Theme

Cut Away From the Old Tradition and Select a Theme: Many couples follow the old tradition of marrying in a church, but why not cut away from that tradition and use your imagination? Start by thinking of the things you like. What do you like?

Many couples come up with the greatest themes, and these are based on places they met or enjoy together. A simple example is a couple who met in a city. This makes them want to celebrate that particular city, or even go and hold the marriage ceremony there. More extreme couples have exchanged their vows underwater, while sky-diving, or even while mountain skiing. Why not create your own tradition or promise your love to each other somewhere on an island?

Jot down all the ideas that you will fancy for this event. Remember everything you imagined enjoying together. This is your wedding - as a couple - so; let it reflect the two of you as that couple. Creating this dream could be as simple as adding and placing a few decorations or even the setting of an island. If you consider a tropical theme, you may want to journey to you favourite place on that beach or you could easily decorate the hall to something close. The groomsmen can don sandals and the bridesmaids will feel very comfortable wearing leis.

If you want a little of a renaissance wedding, then medieval music could just do the trick. Obviously, there are outfits that you will need to accompany the theme. Think of this: the groom dressed as Sir Lancelot and the bride dressed as Lady Guinevere. This would just be perfect for that evening, especially those flashing cameras.

Recognize other details in this theme and then incorporate these into your plan. You might want to find a chef or of know one that can prepare something to compliment this. Roasted Pig as the centrepiece will look good while having a conversation ... especially when it’s dinner time.

Start the theme with the wedding invitations. Signal your guest about the theme in the invitation. They should arrive at the wedding blending into the theme. It will end up being an event back in time. Don’t make the theme too demanding, or a few people won’t want to go along with it. A wedding that has a little of an alien theme will come across as a great idea, but if it is the party that is only taking part in the theme, the whole event will just seem a little strange.

Whatever the theme is, know that it is your wedding and it is perfect no matter what you decide to do with it, because the memories are going to be with you forever and just be “another wedding” to your guests and your family. If you are the only child of your parents, it will be a completely different story. But hey, it is still your wedding!

South Africa Wedding Guide

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