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Choosing a Wedding Dress That Best Suits your Figure

A Wedding Dress to Suit You
A Wedding Dress to Suit You

The brides dress is often the biggest commotion of the wedding, besides all the planning and everything else that goes into the wedding, the wedding dress is just as important! It is her big day and of course she wants to look absolutely fabulous. She wants something that is going to compliment her figure and not make her body look out of proportion, but rather suit the type of body she has. There are different Wedding dresses available for most body types, a few of them are;

If you have a small figure, the best look is an A-line Wedding dress as it tends to extend the tallness of the body so that it fits in with the rest of the frame. If a lot of your skin is covered, it might make your body look shorter than it really is. You should not go for a full skirt as that will defeat the whole object of keeping your petite shape looking good. Also, you can try to avoid strapless dresses, but rather something with cap sleeves.

Smaller Midsection:
If you are a woman that is larger at the buttocks and or hips, you should go for something that will have your upper body attracting more attention than your lower. This is most commonly achieved by wearing a full length skirt. You should also try and expose your back, arms and even a bit of cleavage will do the trick. You don’t want to wear something too tight around your waist as it will only emphasize exactly what you don’t want it to!

Voluptuous Figured Women:
If you find that this is the option for you, it will be best for you to go for an A-line dress. This is for the same reason as it is for a petite woman; it will make you look taller. Any attention will be drawn away from your waistline and rather be focused on your height. You want this effect as it will compliment your figure accordingly.

Women with Large Breasts:
Some women are not self-conscious about their large breasts, but rather proud. However, they would still like a dress that will make them look good, with the visibility of their breasts or not. If this is your case, you might want to consider an off-the-shoulder gown. Once again, the attention will be drawn away from your chest.

Whatever the shape of your body is, you are sure to find a dress that looks great on you. This is an important day and you want to look your best, that is understandable, but just remember that it doesn’t matter what you wear, you are still beautiful, you wouldn’t be getting married if your partner thought otherwise!

South Africa Wedding Guide

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