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Your First Wedding Dance

Your First Wedding Dance
Your First Wedding Dance

We all know how the ritual goes: the newly married couple takes to the dance floor, and this is described as nothing else, but sweet. This reminds people of the promise that was made of having a partner for the rest of your life. It also recalls thoughts of permanence and romance.

The newly wed dancing requires skill like any other dance with almost no preparation and practice. Any newly married couple can be in the spotlight with grace and confidence on their memorable big day. How does one prepare for this first dance? Where does one start? Follow the suggestions and tips below, because they will help make that one moment where you and your partner - the only two on earth - feel special.

Have you decided on a song for this special dance?
You have not thought this far, right? Well, you may want to think about the dance-type you are interested in and take it from there. Have you tried the Waltz, because it is just classical and romantic? How about something jazzy like the Foxtrot, because it is more relaxing? Maybe the Argentine Tango, because it involves more swinging and is also intense? Have you considered Latin rhythms like a lively salsa or slow rumba? There are several options open to you. You could always settle with the simple dance. It is slow and always goes well. If you do decide on any of the skill dancing moves, know that some of the styles are easy and others not. So, time is of the essence.

Will taking dance lessons be required for that first dance?
It's not essential of course, but it could be fun! So why not? If dancing is something you want to do well with your partner, but never found that time, take this as an opportunity to learn to dance well together. And after your wedding day, there will many opportunities to practice your new dancing skills - functions, or your best friend’s wedding!.

How does you first dance begin and how does it end?
Your Wedding DJ or your Wedding Musicians can inform you or call you to the floor and announce this moment. How the tradition goes is when the father of his newly wed daughter cuts in. It could be done during a new song or the one playing at that moment. The groom comes in and asks the bride’s mother to dance. The groom’s father then takes over and cuts in with the bride and the bride’s father cuts in with his own wife. The groom then asks his mother to dance. Thereafter, the groom dances with his bride’s maid-of-honour and his bride dances with the best man. Finally, after all the in-laws have danced together, guests may now take to the floor.

This day will make memories. Prepare yourself, take some dancing lessons so that when the day comes you will be able to relax and have fun. Enjoy this moment. It is a ritual and not a performance. It is filled with promises and vows and they will last forever!

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