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Something Old with Something New

Something Old with Something New
Something Old with Something New

Whatever the heritage: Irish, Eastern European, Japanese, African, Dutch, or even a combination of a few. If you are considering incorporating tradition into the look of your wedding, there are many opinions that you can follow.

There are a few religions that are strict when talking about bridal wear, but it doesn’t mean that the rules cannot be bent. As long as you follow the traditions, bending the rules won’t matter. For this you are going to need creativity, and only a little bit of it. For example, one bride born and bred in Norway but currently resides in New York, found a headpiece and went with what was in her tradition, which was a herb wreath but with a more modern up-do. Another example is a Chinese bride who added a little spin to her wedding: wearing gold and red crystal hairpins to match perfectly with her red wedding dress.

If you are Scottish and reside in another country and still want to keep the tradition, why not incorporate a few colours from the kilt your fiancé is wearing. Whatever the colours are in the kilt, incorporate those colours into your flowers and also in your tiara. Many brides want to twist the colours a little bit, but at the same time they want to keep her tradition. Doing it this way will be perfect and you will not be breaking any rules, but bending them a little.

If inspiration is what you are looking for, browse through a few traditional wedding pictures of you and your partner’s grandparents and use this to add a little of your own touches. Follow some of the ideas below to help your creativity:

• Take traditional patterns and colours and use them in this modern time, for example the colours of the kilt and the flowers. If you want to add some green, try using some jade accents. Rose quarts will capture cherry blossoms perfectly and tanzanite stones will match African violets beautifully.

• Browse through magazines dating back to your grandparents’ time. Here you are bound to come across accessory detail and beading. Adding beadings to the tiara or even to the front of your dress will look just great.

• You will hear great wedding stories from your grandparents. Invite them to tea and start a conversation. You will hear about great flowers, traditions and also colours.

The point of all this is to have fun mixing the old with the new. This way you are creating a new tradition thanks to the old one. Think of it this way: you are bonding the past and the present. Some day, the next bride will be so excited to see pictures and try to keep her grandmother’s tradition going.

South Africa Wedding Guide

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