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Wedding Music - Music Details for the Reception

Music Details for the Reception
Music Details for the Reception

Many couples like to have a mixture of music though, like when the guests are arriving, getting seated and also before dinner they might play soft music like a bit of pop, swing or classical and then when all the main activities are over and done with, dinner is finished and its party time, they might play music that is more danceable like country, hip-hop, R&B, ethnic and whatever else they enjoy.

It is always better to mix the music a bit, as that way you know that you are catering for everyone, young and old.

What music you play at the reception of your wedding will depend on a few things, for example:
• If it is taking place in a small area with no dancing, a harpist or pianist will be a good idea.
• If it is going to be a big thing with a lot of guests, you might want to have a full on band with a good singer or two.
• If you are having a theme wedding you might want to compliment that with the appropriate type of music. There is a type of music that can be played for every theme; you just have to figure out what you like best.

When you know the date you will marry and where you are going to get married, you should start thinking about the entertainment. Whether you are having a Wedding DJ or a live band, it is important that you inform them and hire Wedding Musicians at least one year before your wedding day. Especially if it is a popular band or DJ that is going to perform, they will be very busy so you have to hire them early to make sure they’ll be available.

When you have made your final decision about who you are going to have perform at your wedding, you have to be clear with them and tell them exactly what it is you want. If you are having a DJ, you can even make a list of the singers and bands you would like them to play. You should have a second meeting with them after you have chosen them; at this meeting you will discuss all the important details, dates and times.

To add personality to your ceremony, you can have the DJ or bandleader do the “thanks” to all the guests before or after you do and you can also make up a list of all the members in the bridal party and have them personally thanked and also add a little message to their names. The DJ can read their name, have them stand and read them the message. This will be very nice and surely greatly appreciated.

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