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Review by: Jenny (Mother of the Bride) , Hillcrest, Durban
(Wedding: May 2014)

Dear Marius

Thank you for the invaluable role you played in the success of Kate and Simon’s wedding. What a memorable, happy and wonderful celebration it was.

Although wedding planning is your job, it very clearly became evident that not only do you take your job and its associated responsibilities seriously but that you are also passionate in the execution of your duties. Your impeccable organizational skills, your keen eye for detail and the uncompromising demand on suppliers not only ensured a superb event but also allowed the wedding party to enjoy a stress free celebration knowing that each component was taken care of under your watchful eye.

Throughout our year long journey you made every effort to understand Kate and Simon’s vision, guiding when necessary, but still allowing for individual expression. Your seemingly unflustered approach to everything was very reassuring and gave us the confidence that the attention to detail that we sought would be achieved, that the day’s events would progress smoothly and that we could all enjoy ourselves without any concerns.

Marius, very often you went beyond the call of duty and this was sincerely appreciated. You were always mindful of the emotions that are inevitably part of an occasion such as this and you went out of your way to ensure the wellbeing of everyone.

You laughed with us, you shared with us and guided us and for all this we are extremely grateful. We began our journey with you as a wedding planner and I would like to believe that now that the wedding is over the journey will continue in friendship.

It seems fitting that I write a letter to you on this paper, handmade on the Amalfi Coast of Italy where Simon and Kate became engaged to thank you for translating their dream wedding into a reality and for all your wonderful support along the way.

We looking forward staying in touch.

With great thanks

Jenny (Mother of the Bride)
Review by: Mico , Johannesburg
(Wedding: April 2014)

Dear M, a.k.a Our Family Wedding Planner

I don’t think the words “thank you” are enough to say how appreciative I am of all that you did for us. We never ever ever would have been able to do this without you. I know that you did such an incredible job with both my sisters weddings, but I really feel like you went above and beyond for ours.

All I said to you was that I want sunflowers no matter what and that our LMP monogram be everywhere and you made sure that our wedding was the most incredible day of our lives. No task was too big or too small to ask of you and that is what makes you so special. You were more than just our wedding planner because you are such a dear friend. You helped us to create the most amazing memories.

Thank you again

Lloyd and Mico Price

Review by: Sanchia Bekker , Cape Town
(Wedding: November 2012)

Dear Marius

From start to finish everything worked out perfectly and all service providers involved were fantastic. Our special day would not have been possible without you – from day one you had your finger on the pulse, and made all the arrangements and planning an absolute pleasure and lots of fun. The attention to detail and professionalism was something we could not have done without.

Marius, you started out as our wedding planner but today we call you our friend. Thank you SO SO much.

Sanchia and Konrad
Review by: Alex & Rory , Spain
(Wedding: July 2012)

Hi Marius

From beginning to end, you were an absolute joy to work with. Totally understood what we wanted - and didn’t want - and made our dream wedding a reality. Every suggestion was well thought out and planned and the execution was top-notch. On the day before the wedding when we had a minor mishap when the flight Alex’s sister - the hair and make-up stylist - was on from Germany was cancelled, you were fantastic - just one call to Marius and it was done: five minutes after hanging up, a call back to say, “Don’t worry, we have some someone on standby.” Wow!

On the wedding day you were always there - with a raised eyebrow to signal you needed to talk, and ever keeping an eye on the timings and staff. Totally under control and organised. You created an atmosphere of calm and allowed us to relax and enjoy the day. And the day after, all we needed to hear from you was, “Don’t worry, the bills are all ok”. And that was good enough for us; we couldn’t have asked - or got - more from you.

Thanks, Marius. And sorry about the disco balls…


Alex and Rory
Review by: Kate and Steven , Hong Kong
(Wedding: April 2012)

To the best wedding planner I know!

Marius - Stevie and I have just arrived in Mexico from Cuba & we finally have proper Wi-Fi which I am so thrilled about because we have been dying to email you to say THANK YOU for the incredible wedding you planned and carried out for us.

We are completely blown away by how incredibly & beautifully everything (and I mean literally everything) was done. From the gorgeous wedding bedouin tent, perfect white aisle, brilliant musicians, stunning pre-drinks area (what a gorgeous plan B it turned out to be!!), brilliant Oyster Kings (which our guests raved about!!), to the EX-QUISITE tent.. Where to start with that! The tent literally took our breaths away.. The draping, bar, flowers and chandeliers were beyond beautiful and the tables looked sensational.. Wow!

So many guests came up to me and said it was the closest thing to a fairyland wedding they could imagine and that the tent looked out of this world.. I couldn't agree more. Steve and I have not stopped reliving every moment & every detail with such love & happiness.

You are so incredibly talented & put the whole thing together better & more beautifully than we could have ever wished for. From the bottom of our hearts - thank you. It was the wedding of our dreams and undoubtably the happiest and most special day of our lives.

It was such a pleasure working with you - it was joyful & easy from day one! Thank you for putting up with my random hour Skype calls from Honkers & my millions of emails. How worth it each one of them was!

We will raise our margaritas and toast to you tonight!

With lots of love and many many thanks from Cabo

Katie & Steve aka The New Mr & Mrs Hawinkels!

Review by: Juanita and Chris , Johannesburg
(Wedding: February 2012)


Where do I even start, what do I say. Maybe the word PERFECT or even PERFECTION. Everything we imagined, all we wished for, our dreams came true. Thank you for co coordinating a master piece. From our first meeting in April 2011, you instilled a calm in Juanita, she was confident in you from the beginning. Knowing what she wanted but not being able to paint a picture for you, you listened without missing a thing and set out to work in the most efficient professional manner allowing your creative spirit to kick in. Most would call you an artist. I would rather like to call you an artistic engineer. Rather a strange way to describe a person I know but I find artists have flare which you no doubt have however it is your attention to detail which is more that of an engineer. The detail is what makes the whole event that much more amazing. People are still talking almost two months down the line.

I found you to be honourable, upfront and straight, qualities that are of most importance to me. Everything you committed to you delivered on. This is something one does not come across in business these days. Your work ethic is outstanding, the service providers that you recommend and utilised for our wedding were as superb as you had promised and the quality of the end product was sight to behold. I could spend days going over all the details and the attention you paid to achieving an ultimate finished product.

Marius, thank you for helping Juanita and I to create the most memorable day of our lives, we are very grateful to you for all your help guidance and effort. We would do it again in a heartbeat and we would not change a thing. We have all the confidence in you as a person, your ability as a coordinator and your efficient professional conduct. We would refer you to friends, family colleagues and even strangers in the blink of an eye, you are truly amazing at what you do. Thank you for adding the personal touch and for being there for us from the 1st day right up until the end. They way you oversaw everything personally still amazes me.

We wish you all the best and know that you will make many many many people very happy with your natural ability and exceptional skill especially all the lucky brides who have you at their side on their special day. Think we will have to meet for a coffee at Il de pain on our next visit to Knysna for a catch up and to show you some photos.

Yours sincerely
Chris and Juanita Ehinger
Review by: Janine and Toby , Sydney, Australia
(Wedding: November 2011)

Hi Marius,

So nice to hear from you! I’m sorry, you must think us terribly tardy but please forgive us – our wedding was simply the most spectacular day and we owe a lot of that to you.

Sadly we’ve experienced the loss of my mum since our wedding but I do know that she was absolutely over the moon with every little detail – she wouldn’t have wished for anything more. Well, perhaps no wind so I could have worn the veil!

Our photos are simply stunning but of course they did throw up lots of new emotions but I think I’m ready to share, mum would have wanted us to. They are so beautiful!

I will try to send through some nice clips and a slightly fuller picture wedding day story for you to share in your blog over the weekend.

Thanks for keeping in touch and chat soon

J xx
Review by: Lynne St Quintin , Knysna
(Wedding: May 2011)

Dear Marius,

We can’t thank you enough for the most wonderful wedding you organised for us. Your absolute precise attention to detail was very much appreciated by us and did not go unnoticed by our guests.

We couldn’t have wished for a more successful day. I know the elements were against us but in the end I think it made the day even more magical and enjoyable.

Please thank all the suppliers who worked with you and Forest Hall for going the extra mile and making Claire and Jono’s day the best day of their lives – I truly mean that from the bottom of my heart. We have had so many compliments and guests saying that this was the best wedding they have ever been to.

I wish I had a few more daughters that we could do it all again and again. What fun. I wouldn’t want to change anything, not even the weather!!

Thank you again for all your hard work in making it a very happy and memorable day for us all.

Fondest love

Lynne (Mum)
Review by: Lisa and Alewyn, Johannesburg
(Wedding: January 2011)

Hi Marius,

We cannot possibly thank you enough for the most amazing day that we experienced. Truly there is not a single thing that we would have changed – each and every detail exceeded our expectations! Cannot possibly imagine having tried to organise all of that without you. The whole day was an absolute success thanks to you.

Kind regards

Lisa and Alewyn Burger
Review by: Nonhlanhla Mtwisha , Johannesburg
(Wedding: November 2010)

Dear Marius and your entire team,

Words cannot express our gratitude. Thank you so much for coordinating such a spectacular event. My husband and I are so appreciative to you and your entire team for managing such an immense event for us and for making sure that our special day was indeed extraordinary and unique.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt our wedding was the best, many of our guests posted on Facebook that this was the “Wedding of the Century”. From the beautiful decorations to the delicious menu it was obvious to all who attended that you put great time and effort into making our wedding experience a big success.

We want to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful experience, as well as for all of the time and effort that you routinely put into organizing our special day. We appreciate all of the work you do and for making our event a spectacular one.

Both our families were overwhelmed with joy and happiness when they met you and seen the hard work that was put on in making our special day a success. My mom still talks about you and your gentle mannerism all the time!!

Thank you for the small and long chats that we used to have, Thank you for the thousand emails, Thank you for putting us at ease , Thank you for being calm as always, Thank you for your hard work, Thank you for the long hours you’ve put on in making sure that this was a success, Thank you for the advise you’ve given us at all times, Thank you for the long meetings we had, Thank you for being patient, Thank you for caring, Thank you for understanding.

Thank you for being there always when we needed you the most, we appreciate you; continue with the good work that you do.

Here’s to a long relationship, unfortunately you’re now part of our family and we’re all very happy and excited to have you onboard.

We love you M and dankie vir alles.
Lolly & Simphiwe or shall I say “Mr & Mrs Mtwisha”
Review by: Sthembile and Thabiso, Johannesburg
(Wedding: October 2010)

Dear Marius

Everything was so very well organised and you made sure that we were happy throughout the day. You were always there ensuring everything was running smoothly so we didn’t have to worry about a single thing. We are really glad to have chosen you as our wedding co-ordinator. We would recommend you to anyone for your professionalism, care and creativity. You are one of the best in the industry, if not the best!!!!

Lots of love,

Sthembile and Thabiso
Review by: Lorraine van Jaarsveldt , Plettenberg Bay
(Wedding: May 2010)

The man behind the scenes, Marius of Weddings by Marius. The man with the huge smile and extraordinary personality. From the first day we met you, you were so much more than a wedding planner and coordinator, you also became our good friend.

No-one has ever dared to say that getting married is a piece of cake but, with you as coordinator, our fairytale wedding transformed effortlessly into reality. Marius, thank you so much for everything you did for us. Thank you for all the innovative ideas and recommendations, your support and approachability, and for the most beautiful wedding we could ever have dreamed possible.

You are a people person and your respect and professionalism puts you head and shoulders above the rest, a person who can turn any bridal couple’s dream into reality. Your and your team’s service is exceptional Marius, and we honestly felt like royalty before, during and after the wedding.

Thank you once again for EVERYTHING!! Our wedding day was more than WOW!

Lorraine and De Wet
Review by: Marti-Nette Bloxham , Johannesburg
(Wedding: April 2010)

Dear Marius

We finally get to say Thank You for everything that you did for us on our wedding day and also the build-up to our spectacular fairytale. All our guests were simply blown away by absolutely everything, saying that it was the most amazing event - not wedding - that they had ever been to and that you were utterly fantastic.

I knew from the very first mail between you and I that our wedding day would be perfect, but more so I knew that we would have a great time getting to know each other through the planning process. I was right - you managed to do the unthinkable… You took my vision of our dream wedding, and created my very own fairytale. But most of all, you created a wedding where subtle touches of uniqueness undeniably reflected both our personalities, an ambience that was soft and gentle, warm, intimate and very, very romantic with luxury and style also in the mix. You have become my closest friend and I could not imagine having planned a wedding with anyone but you. Thank you for being as excited as I was about our big day and for saying “No” when I wanted absolutely EVERYTHING.

You managed to make me feel as though I was your only bride, that you had no other weddings to co-ordinate or any other brides to think about, but most importantly, you made Wes and I feel as though our wedding was one of the most exciting, unique and important weddings you have ever done. Nothing was too much effort for you, no matter how many times I changed ‘small letters’ to ‘capital letters’ and back again, or the amount of times I changed the photos on our invite…

You really have an incredible gift and I wish that all brides could have the opportunity to experience the joys of planning a wedding with someone so extraordinary. Thank you for absolutely everything - it was an incredible day and I will never forget your words of wisdom when you told me to enjoy every moment of the planning process – you were right, that’s the fun part, the wedding is over in day, but the planning stays with you forever. You truly ARE the wedding guru!

I can’t wait to plan ‘Trash the Dress’ with you…

All our Love
Marti & Wes
Review by: Aurelie Malberbe , Johannesburg
(Wedding: March 2010)

Hi Marius

Thank you for making a French girl’s dream come true! You managed to read into our minds and reproduce at 100% our perfect celebration. Each detail was thought ahead remarkably, the event was so accurately planned and each possible scenario was carefully considered.

You were always in the background, discreet but always available for us. You were also at all times working one step ahead of everybody else and knew how to read each situation. You made us feel so special, as if our wedding was ‘the only wedding ever’ and that there was not going to be another one so perfect.

Mostly, you made this whole experience feel easy! I was never anxious once during those three days because I knew that you had all under control. It was a real pleasure working with you and we will be missing you very much!

Lilly and Mark
Review by: Elizabeth de Villiers , Knysna
(Wedding: February 2010)

Dear Marius
I knew from our first meeting that you would be able to make our day memorable and unique in every way, from that very first day your service was remarkable. You made us feel that we were the only bridal couple to ever plan a wedding and your attention not only to detail but also the finer aspects which make a wedding day so special, is inspired. And I was right - our wedding was exceptional beyond anything either of us could have imagined!

Throughout the preparation and the big day and the days following you were there to guide us, help us, encourage us, someone to chat to and a shoulder to cry on, and for this I thank you.

Elizabeth and Pierre
Review by: Megan Craft , Johannesburg
(Wedding: September 2009)

Dear Marius

I just want to advise any bride-to-be that she needs to get married somewhere not too far from the Garden Route just so that you can be there; Marius, you are amazing! A perfectionist who will make sure that every wedding day is indeed that enchanted day of a bride’s dreams. Any issue you may have, no matter how big, is simply not a problem for M!

I loved having you right there whenever I got a little stressed or had a few problems because all I would do is drop you an email and within the day you would have a solution - end of anxiety. Planning my wedding with you was almost as much fun as the day itself with the regular emails and exchanging of pictures and ideas. And the wonderful wine tasting at the Noetzie Castle with my parents was an absolute treat.

A big thank you also to Joe, Norbet and the Pezula team including the chefs; everything from the venue, to the food, the drinks, the service, was impeccable. Then thanks to DP, Clare, Liza, Dieter, Elsje, Alicia and Kelly and everyone else involved - you made our day that much more perfect.

But mostly thanks to you Marius for sourcing all the wonderful service providers and for organising every minute detail, our wedding would not have been as wonderful, or organised, without you.

Lots of love
Megan and Jason
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Picture of Weddings by Marius
Picture of Weddings by Marius
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