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Welcome to Serene Bride Weddings and yes our company name really is indicative of what we are all about which is to provide a wedding planning service that pays attention to even the smallest of detail leaving our clients, especially the bride, relaxed and “serene”.

Our Grooms often comment on the fact that they entered the wedding planning arena nervous because of all the negative stories they have heard about very stressed, tearful and frustrated brides during the planning of their weddings. We love it when these grooms introduce our consultants to friends and family as “the ones that kept us sane and happy”.


You may ask why Wedding Consultants can make your life easier
We have planned many weddings over the years but for most couples their wedding is a new event and the planning process can be quite overwhelming for them. Being in the wedding industry, we have built up professional relationships with many of the leading role players who provide services such as Ministers, venues, photographers, florists, makeup artists, hairdressers, videographers, décor and wedding cake specialists, musicians, DJ’s, caterers - in fact everything that you need to celebrate your wedding ceremony and reception. Knowing the individuals in the various companies makes it easier to link bridal couples’ personalities with like-minded suppliers to develop an awesome team to cover every aspect of your wedding.

As wedding specialists, we can, and often do act as an objective third party and as an intermediary - negotiating rates with vendors, smoothing issues over between quarreling family members, and handling sticky situations where etiquette is involved. We can even be the “bad guy” when necessary which is a role that most couples are happy to rid themselves of. Our consultants can also act as your voice of reason helping you to stay on track and to keep your priorities in order.

For help with headache-inducing small details such as designing a seating chart, making seating and floor layout decisions, confirming every detail with your vendors, mapping out schedules and programmes for your wedding day itself and being there on the day as your wedding day director to iron out all the problems that may present themselves and for speaking on your behalf - a wedding consultant is invaluable. The earlier in your planning process that you book your consultant, the sooner we can start saving you time, money and stress.

Why would you want a Serene Bride Wedding?

The answer to this question is best coming from our clients.
Planning and organizing weddings is simply not a hobby but is a business that is carried out with absolute passion - and it shows. Many of our couples and their friends and family have commented “you really love what you do” and this is usually said with some surprise knowing the accompanying workload and level of commitment that is required with each wedding!

We have been thanked for accepting every curve ball thrown at us (even on the day of the wedding) with “calm professionalism” and the reason for this is that we have a vested interest in your wedding from the moment that you decide to bring us onto your team. We are not going to become upset and jump up and down when you change your mind about your colour scheme, theme and other choices at the very last minute.

Clients thank us for working tirelessly to ensure that they are happy and realise that Lesley Munday, the founder of Serene Bride Weddings, is a people’s person and is as warm in her approach with her clients as she is capable and passionate about her work. Lesley is not only very experienced, but has also qualified as a Professional Wedding Consultant and is a long-time member of the South African Association for the Conference Industry (SAACI).

Serene Bride Weddings – their specialty?

We are often asked what we specialize in. Well apart from the obvious answer - weddings - we usually respond that we are an international wedding company that loves helping couples who have decided to be married in South Africa, particularly KwaZulu Natal where we are based, and who choose to hand over their wedding and honeymoon arrangements to specialists.

We are invited to attend many of the Wedding exhibitions world wide owing to our client base. Although the majority of our clients are from South Africa, United Kingdom and United States of America, we are also working with couples from France, Australia, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates and Mozambique. Our experience has taught us to recognize the expectations of clients who reside in other parts of the world and what the differences and trends are in the industry, globally. It is this knowledge that leads to client satisfaction and trust in our basic work ethics. Over the years, we have also gained additional knowledge of diverse cultures and have experience of working with Christian, Jewish, Hindu, and Buddhist wedding ceremonies.

We have arranged intimate, elopement style weddings as well as huge marquee weddings. We have worked with encore couples and those who choose to celebrate a wedding anniversary by renewing their wedding vows and are looking for something entirely different to that 20-something style of wedding. We encourage them to celebrate in an entirely different way as often these couples tend to focus on the traditions that they have built personally throughout their lives either as individuals or together as a couple, rather than following popular wedding traditions.

Whatever your reason for celebration, we at Serene Bride Wedding Consultants want you to relax and have stress-free fun knowing that you have a support system that you can rely on.
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