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Winner of the Photographer of the Year Competition
(launched by Fair Lady Bride, Sarie Bruid and True Love Bride in 2005)

"We loved Joe's work because of its apparent simplicity. It's apparently unstyled and it's certainly gimmick-free this isn't a frustrated Vogue fashion photographer at work here. But it is extremely sensitive and perceptive in the way it captures small intimacies: there's love in every look and that, surely, is what wedding photography is all about."


Joe's work has been published in all the major South African bridal publications and in other magazines such as Food & Home and Top Billing. In the UK his weddings have appeared in You and Your wedding and In Style has carried his photographs in the USA.

'Joe' Photography has been featured in the following publications:
Top Billing
Fair Lady Bride
Sarie Bruid
You and Your Wedding
Conde Nast House & Garden
Wedding Album
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