Bobo Campers Leisure Enterprises SA

- Standard Equipment
All campers are eqipped with cutlery, stainless steel cutlery and crockery, bedding, towels, kitchen utensils, camping table, camping chairs and road maps.

Standard Equipment / Inventory List

This equipment list is based on 4 persons sharing a camper - will be adjusted according to the number of persons in your booking.

2 x duvet and duvet cover; 2 x blanket; 1 x double sheet; 4 x pillow and pillow cases; 8 x hand towels;
4 x bath towels

4 x breakfast and dinner plates (real crockery); 4 x cereal bowls (real crockery);
7 x plastic food containers different sizes

4 x cups and saucers; 4 x wine, beer and whisky glasses

4 x spoons, forks and knives; 4 x steak knives; 1 x soup ladle; 1 x peeling knife; 1 x bread knife;
1 x serving spoon set; 1 x egg lifter; 1 x cheese knife

1 x strainer, 1 x cutting board; 1 x mixer; 1 x grater; 1 x tin opener; 1 x cork screw; 1 x kettle; 1 x pan;
3 x pots; 1 x bread container

1 x thermos flask; 1 x tea pot; 1 x water bottle; 1 x fruit juicer; 1 x water container

1 x bucket and dishes basin; 2 x dish cloth and floor cloth; 1 x dish brush; 1 x dustpan and broom;
2 x kitchen towels; 2 x tea towels

1 x BBQ tongs; 4 x camping chair; 1 x camping table

2 x gas bottles; 1 x tools; 1 x fire extinguisher; 1 x pair of scissors; 1 x ash tray; 1 x adapter

1 x washing line and pegs; 8 x clothes hangers
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