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Review by: Harold Black, London
(Rental: December 2010)

Bas Bus is a good option.

I was there in December 2010 and traveled from Cape Town to Johannesburg via Swaziland.

I had an awesome time. It was very easy to use and to book onward journeys and especially safe and convenient.I found the information on the buses very useful and that even helped me plan my journey better.

Thanks Baz Bus. I'll be back someday!
Review by: Michael Cowley, Glasgow
(Rental: November 2010)

Yea, loved South Africa!

I'm glad that I used Baz Bus. It runs pretty well and the drivers are well informed. It seemed a bit pricey to me before i went, but it was worth it in terms of the service and experience that I got out of it.

Would do it again.
Review by: Beryl Arnolde, Australia
(Rental: February 2010)

I had a really good time using Baz Bus. I got to see a lot of the country and all the spots I wanted to see in South Africa.

The drivers were very friendly and helpful and very knowledgeable about the different towns, where to stay and what to do. Their advice actually helped get a lot of the things done that I would never had done. And I was quite impressed with the quality of the hostels too. But I think that the hostels are a little over priced actually.

The Bas Bus national reservations number was useful and friendly too. On the whole I was very impressed with Baz Bus and I'm grateful for the fantastic time I had. Just wish i'd had more time to see and do a lot more. But then there's always next time!
Review by: Rosemary , South Africa
(Rental: November 2009)

It was awesome travelling by BaZ Bus. Being a professional photographer and writer it was great just being able to relax and enjoy the drive instead of always doing the driving. I so enjoyed my trip that I am heading for a six month Backpackers photographic holiday with the help of Baz Bus being my transport to as many towns, venues, areas as possible. Keep going Baz Bus
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