Bushbuck {Tragelaphus Scriptus}

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The Bushbuck {Tragelaphus Scriptus}

The Buchbuck
The Bushbuck

The bushbuck is a rather large antelope which relies on vegetation for cover. Bushbuck can be found in most of sub-Saharan Africa, especially in areas where it can easily be concealed.

Bushbuck will live anywhere from sea level to mountain-tops in all types of habitats from rainforest to subdesert terrain.

Quick Facts

Coloration: The colour varies depending on geographic location. Eastern and southern bushbuck are yellow in colour with relatively few markings. Northern and western bushbuck are reddish coloured with stripes and spots. Both sexes darken with age.

Weight and Height: Males weigh 40-80 kg and stand 70-100 cm tall. Females weigh 25-60 kg and stand 65-85 cm tall.

Horns: Horns are nearly straight with one twist close to the bottom, 26-57 cm long.

Activity: The bushbuck is primarily nocturnal, but it is also fairly active during the day. Most of the day is spent standing, grazing and feeding and a small amount of time is spent moving about. At dusk bushbuck move toward their night range. Before dawn all bushbuck move back to their day range.

Socialisation: The bushbuck is the only non-territorial and solitary African antelope. Neither males nor the females defend any part of their home range so many home ranges overlap.

Reproduction: The gestation period for bushbuck is 6 to 7 months. This means that females are able to reproduce twice a year in some areas. Both sexes reach puberty at 11 months.

Predators: Hyena, lion and all larger carnivores.

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