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Verified reviewgood

If you are an outdoor junkie or love hiking and walking, Doornhoek is a great place to visit.

John (Cape Town)

Verified reviewvery good

We took a scenic Sunday drive to Magalies, but going through from the Hekpoort side and came upon the Askari Game Lodge signs, which said its a game reserve with Big 5. So keen to seen some game we headed that way for a Sunday lunch. Great value for money at R120 a person for an extensive buffte/carvery Sunday lunch. Also saw the two elephant playing in the dam in front of the old lodge. The Plumari Hertitage Museum and all the oxwagons were very interesting and it was free of charge. We had a look at the spa - really lovely, and small with only two treatment rooms - I will definitely pre-book a spa treatment next time. They also have Big 5 game drives in the early morning and late afternoon... its only R250 a person and if we didnt have family obligations I would have loved to stay.

Christa (Sundowner)

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