Mzoli's Place, Gugulethu, Cape Town

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Mzoli's Place, Cape Town

Popular local hang-out, Mzoli's Place, Cape Town
Popular local hang-out, Mzoli's Place, Cape Town

Just off Klipfontein Road in Guguletu, Cape Town, is Mzoli's restaurant - a gem of a place known either as Mzoli's Place, Mzoli's Meat, Mzoli's Butchery or even Kwa-Mzoli.

Despite the confusion over its name, Mzoli's is principally a popular day and night spot that happens to be a butchery, but it is also a place to hang-out in the township on the outskirts of Cape Town, with a bit of a 'reputation' amongst locals for general drunkenness and disorderly behaviour.

Despite the merry making and general hubbub that is Mzoli's Place, it is extremely popular. Celebs hang out here as do out-of-towners and international visitors, who wouldn't miss a chance to visit the place when in Cape Town.

People dress up to attend the bustling butchery, which is also a music venue and something of a fashion extravaganza – the girls all look beautiful and sport a variety of hair styles, and men sport fancy shoes and tight jeans - where you can bring your own alcohol, and people do, or buy it in a nearby liquor store.

Mzoli's Place, Cape Town
Mzoli's Place, Cape Town
Mzoli's is about meat. The famous meat house sells meat, which you can then braai on no fewer than eight fires. Alongside the meat house is an open-air restaurant where there is usually a live band.

By late afternoon around 250 people swarm in here and the restaurant is a good place to sit and watch the happenings.

Mzoli's was opened in 2003 by Mzoli Ngcawuzele, who got a start-up fund from the Development Bank of South Africa as part of their support of black-owned businesses. From selling meat informally from a garage, Mzoli's, by 2006, had become one of the most popular hangouts in Cape Town. For directions and additional info see "Feast & Party at Mzoli's Place".

Mzoli's Place

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Mzoli's is a popular day and night spot that happens to be a butchery, but it is also a place to hang-out in the township
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