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Review by: Colette, Castlebar
Cape Town Township Tour (December 2015)

I brought my two teenagers to Capetown recently and they both agree that the highlight of the trip was the township tour we booked with Andrew. The tour included a visit to the District 6 museum, the district 6 area, Langa township and Gugulethu. Andrew is such a lovely person and he explains the history,geography and politics of the areas as you go.
I highly recommend this tour.
Review by: Gabriella, New York
Gugulethu Walking Tour (March 2014)

I had an absolutely amazing time with Liziwe's tours- it left a lasting impression on me.

I would say that the tour could honestly not have been any better. My tourguide, Andrew, is a passionate, kindhearted person and he made my experience really wonderful. He is very personable and will tailor the tour to your interests if possible- just contact him via email (the one on this website). I very much enjoyed walking around Guguletu with him, as he knows it like the back of his hand and you are made to feel completely welcome and safe the entire time. The people who live there are amazing... so kind, so friendly; you really will feel at home. I wish I could visit them again!

You really have to go to Mzoli's if you want a relaxed/fun/very interactive experience, and you are guaranteed to spend time with locals there. The people are so sweet and you will have made so many friends by the time you leave. Also, the music is good and the meat is tasty :)
I would recommend anyone to stay at the guesthouse too. It is beautiful, clean, in a good location, and will really give you a unique experience in South Africa. You might also have the chance to meet Donald, the builder of the guesthouse, and hear his amazing story. He is absolutely inspiring and very funny- he had me crying from laughing so hard!

All in all, my tour was without a doubt the #1 most rewarding and intriguing experience I had in Cape Town (and that really is saying something, considering how amazing CT is)! I would say that the price you pay is nothing compared to the amazing experience you leave with. Don't have any reservations, just go right for it! You will have the experience of a lifetime, guaranteed.
Review by: Donna, Atlanta
General Review (June 2013)

I truly enjoyed my stay at Liziwe's guest house! My mom lives in Durban and we flew over to Capetown. Donald and Andrew met us at the airport. They were extremely friendly and very inviting! Likiwe prepared breakfast daily, Andrew and Donald took us into town and we were able to visit Table Mountain and tour the city. Donald gave me a personal tour and history facts on Guguletu and Capetown. Everyone was always readily available! I enjoyed the company, conversations, and hospitality! Every time my mom visits, she stays at Liziwe's and now I understand why! I highly recommend Liziwe's to everyone who wants a memorable and enjoying experience in Guguletu,Capetown.
I'll definitely be back!
Thank you, Liziwe, Donald & Andrew!
Donna from Atlanta
Review by: Sarah, Halifax
Cape Town Township Tour (December 2012)

I cannot praise this tour enough! Andrew is an absolutely phenomal tour guide (and person!), who presents the real, honest image of South Africa. He extremely knowledgeable, and provides a personal, unique perspective on the townships that you can't get anywhere else. It was interesting, enjoyable- and for those who may be nervous, it's completely safe- I actually felt more at home, and in the township than I did in the rest of Cape Town!)
It was eye openning; definately one of the highlights of my trip. This is something that just can't be expirienced from the other side of commerical tourbus. It's a MUST for anyone going to Cape Town
Review by: Celeste Vlok, Stellenbosch
Tailor Made Tour (June 2012)

If you ever want to do a township tour, Liziwe's is the place to go! I was part of a tour group from the University Stellenbosch's Journalism Department. We were 25 South Africans from different backgrounds and never expected to have so much fun in Gugulethu. On arrival, everyone was surprised by the beautiful interior of the fully equipped guesthouse. We watched rugby at a nearby shebeen and had a traditional tasty supper at the Guesthouse itself. Liziwe's cooking is divine and I hope she'll bring out a recipe book in the near future. We did the township tour the next day and ended off at Mzoli's for lunch. Thanks to Andrew for his great organisational skills who tailor made the visit to the group's needs. Whether in on your own or in a big group, Liziwe's will surprise you.
Review by: Nicholas Denegre, Stellenbosch
Gugulethu Walking Tour (April 2012)

My Mother and Father are visiting me for holiday from the U.S and bringing them to the Guguletu township to have Andrew and Donald guide us around was a wonderful experience. We saw how flexible they can be given any circumstance and my family and I felt quite moved after the tour today and experience at Mzoli's Place. Never did we feel unsafe because of the hospitality and warmness of the Liziwe's family and business.

All the best to the Andrew and the LIziwe family!
Nicholas, Mark and Ann
Review by: Tom, Moscow, Idaho, USA
Cape Town Township Tour (November 2011)

Andrew is a fantastic tour guide. Whitey accompanied us on the tour and expertly drove us to the various township destinations that Andrew had planned for us. We visited a traditional healer, which was a very powerful experience---strong vibes. We shared traditional beer (umqomboti) with the woman who brewed it and visited a shebeen. We also visited a primary school, had lunch at a busy braai place, Mzoti's, and took a walking tour of the informal shacks accompanied by Donald, who explained what it's like to live without running water, without indoor plumbing and without garbage pick up. Everyone we met in the township was very friendly. It seems like everyone knows Andrew and Whitey, and all have big smiles and a hearty hello for them. It truly was an enriching and awakening experience to see a small glimpse of life in the township and a small introduction into Xhosa culture. We highly recommend that everyone who is interested in life and culture of South Africa visit a Township. Liziwe's Tours directed by Andrew are fantastic. One is able to get on the street and meet the neighbors and share a moment in life. It's a moving experience.
Review by: Romy, St.Gallen
Gugulethu Walking Tour (October 2011)

We had a great walking tour trough de township of gugulethu. It was an unforgettable experience to walk with you in the township, to see how the people life and how the village is organized...
Thanks andrew and "donald"!
Review by: Julia G, London, UK
Cape Town Township Tour (August 2011)

One of the biggest highlights of our family holiday to Cape Town was our Township Tour arranged with Andrew. We would like to thank Andrew and Duke for a really inspirational tour of amongst other things a trip to the Sangoma, an amazing visit to the primary school in Gugulethu where we visited every class, a walk through the community meeting everyone on the way. We even saw where a scene in our favourite film, Invictus, was filmed! Lunch was at a brilliant location and will never be forgotten!

Andrew gave us a real insight into life in the community for which we really cannot thank him enough. For ourselves and our teenage children it was an experience that will stay with us forever and we keep looking at the photos of the happy, smiley faces that greeted us at every turn. We loved the fact that we walked, and were not just driven around to view other peoples' lives from the comfort of a minivan.
Andrew and Duke, thank you so much again for the wonderful tour!
Review by: Zhu, Stockholm
Tailor Made Tour (May 2010)

It was amazing experience to hang out with the tourist guides around the township and taste the wine from Spier wine yard....

Thanks Andrew and our driver (sorry, i am not able to spell your name)
Review by: Wilna Rust, Cape Town
Cape Town Township Tour (April 2010)

I was recently part of a small group of architecture students from UCT doing a research project on the urban upgrade of Guguletu. We realised that we needed assistance with interviewing local people on their perspective of new developments in the area.

I saw Liziwe's ad on the internet and contacted Andrew to ask whether they will be willing to give us a special, "more academic" tour of Gugs. And thanks to Andrew and Bulelani driving us around and translating for us, we managed to get all the info needed and had a wonderful time doing so.

Thanks to Liziwe, Andrew and Bulelani!

Review by: Sean Russell, Toronto, Canada
Cape Town Township Tour (February 2010)

Thanks to Andrew, we had an unbelievable tour.
Instead of taking us on a tour, Andrew led us in a way that we experienced the area. It was a very moving, powerful and eye opening experience.
Thanks so much Andrew and Zanta.
Review by: Claire C, Toronto
Cape Town Township Tour (February 2010)

I have Andrew to thank for an amazing day in the townships. The tour was not only interesting and educational but very eye opening. I loved Andrew's approach to the tour as well. While he helped us understand the reality of township life his focus was on showing the strengths and positive aspects of the townships. I would recommend this tour to anyone going to Cape Town.
Review by: Sharon Mohr, Toronto, Canada
Cape Town Township Tour (February 2010)

A township tour was something I vowed not to do - it felt too intrusive, too voyeruristic. I was, however, convinced by others to seek out Andrew of Liziwe's Tours. Andrew believes in stopping the van, getting out and meeting the people. We interacted and learned. We ate at a sidewalk braii, bought a sheep's head which we shared with locals, and even bought a communal pot of fermenting beer in a township bar (I use that term loosely). So we did our (very) small bit to contribute to the local economy. We didn't feel unsafe and even had a gentleman come up to us and thank us for our interest in the townships. Township tour are becoming popular which may change the way the tours are received by those living there - which is even more reason to use someone like Andrew who actually lives in a Township and has an excellent feel for what is appropriate and what's respectful. This is an important part of South Africa and I wish South Africans themselves would take the tour.
Review by: Julie, Hogan, Nanette & Robbie + Kids, Mbabane Swaziland
General Review (November 2009)

We had a wonderful time. Andrew and Co. gave us a real Cape experience. They were willing to be flexible, fun to be with and gave us their full attention for two solid days. If you are looking for a great tour of the cape, with no frills, but great way to experience all the Cape has to offer, with people who are knowledgable about all areas, Liziwe is for you. Thanks guys!!!
Review by: Rashni & Rohan Dharmadasa, Cape Town
Tailor Made Tour (June 2009)

We had a wonderful experience touring cape town with Liziwe's Tours. We immediately felt at home and fell in love with Cape Town. Thanks Andrew and Liziwe for a super stay!!
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