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Guest House at 105 Jocelyn Street, Kosmos, Hartbeespoort Dam, North West Province, South Africa. Show on Map

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May 2016


Review by Koena (Rustenburg )

A disappointing experience! Don't be fooled by the pictures online.. The food is horrible, service isn't any better! For the amount of money one pays you would definitely expect a whole lot better. There are plenty more guest houses in the area- choose wisely! This place is a big fat mess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

July 2015


Review by Nicholas Cloete (East Rand)

Booked the honeymoon suite for one evening and was told we get the sweet life package. On arrival there was no sweet life package ( sparkling wine and aroma therapy basket). The room also did not have hot water, and they could not get the hot water to work at all. Water was Ice cold, which says its been off for days already. So whats the purpose of a Jacuzzi if you cant have hot water? I was then informed by Keith, staff at La dolce, that my refund is approved and would be done by Monday, then I was called by the owner, Dion Mostert, who threatened to have us removed by force if we don't leave the property immediately, after also stating I would get my refund back on Monday,after numerous emails, messages, phone calls I am still no refund richer.... I actually received a harassing phone call from the Dion Mostert mistaking me and my wife for another couple who wrote a review on trip advisor about poor service and no refund story as well.... Def not a 4 star place and a person treating guest like that after his place is not properly maintained thus cant supply guest with working facilities should not be in the hospitality industry. Definitely not worth considering, please people, think twice before going to this place, I can only imagine how he treats his staff working there......

June 2015


Review by Madri De Beer (Pretoria)

It really looks like a nice place to stay over, and concerned about their bad reviews I phoned and they assured me that the clients leaving the comments were very difficult and were used to Sandton 4 Star Hotel treatments. We as a ordinary couple from Pretoria just expecting to get value for the money we paid, where terribly disappointed. We left with some bite marks that we didn't arrive with.... (winter, so no mosquito's) The dinner was delicious but COLD, and after sending it back and waiting so long that we thought they were re-making everything, it still arrived cold. The Italian coffee and Belgium chocolates promised, doesn't exist!! And when we checked out, all that we had to do was settle the drinks bill and staff complaint that they are understaffed (say that to your boss not your guests)?? And they charge you more if you pay via c/card?? Please be sure not to forget ANYTHING there, as you will NOT get it back!!!

May 2015


Review by MacKenna Haselton (Pretoria)

Worst anniversary ever. After insisting that we settle the bill even before we had been to our room, we were extremely disappointed. None of our confirmed arrangements had been done, and the room ....Well, all the online photos are very carefully taken. It is small and the view can only be seen at a specific angle! We decided it was not for us and cancelled our booking. The manager assured us our deposit would be returned.

After a week we contacted the owner who assured us the deposit would be returned the following Monday. 2 weeks later the owner proceeded to swear at us, threaten us and confirm that he had no intention of returning our deposit. I will never recommend this place to anybody.

May 2015


Review by MACKENNA HASELTON (Pretoria)

I would just like to point out that after our terrible anniversary last year, still no return of our money. That is over R7000 that this guy pocketed. Please don't be fooled by the cleverly taken photos or misleading online descriptions.

April 2015


Review by Cathy Stark (Pretoria)

Although the venue is not really all it advertises to be the rooms are very well decorated and tidy. But, the beds have seen better days and the linen don’t quite fit properly. We booked for the Sunday @ the Dam Package for our anniversary. We both like Italian food and thought it would be a treat seeing as they advertise “La Dolce Vita is dedicated to bringing the unique tastes and smells of Italy to you”. Well, the only thing Italian about the food was one lasagne on the boat. The rest of the decidedly cold food was made up of salads, veggies and stew. Not bad at all, but not quite the Italian feast one was hoping for. So we pinned our hopes on the promised pasta dinner – this was an utter disappointment. The evening meal looked like something that was left over from a kiddie’s lunch, screwy pasta with mince and chicken and of course whatever salads were left over from the cruise. Also, dinner was running about 30 minutes late. The waitress kept disappearing every time you asked her something and would stay away until you send somebody to remind her that you were actually still waiting. The following morning's breakfast experience wasn’t much better. Once again later and we had to listen to club music at 8 am while trying to get breakfast. Then the continuous power interruptions which for once had nothing to do with Eskom. This resulted in cold eggs and toast which is not really a great way to start a Monday morning. What also made things a little difficult is that they do not have any credit card facilities, which in fairness we were told about. As we had full cell phone signal the whole time we were there, one can only assume it’s because of the cost involved to run a card facility.
Although not utterly atrocious, this was definitely not a 4 star experience and totally overpriced. Will not be staying their again as there are much better venues at more palatable prices just down the road from them.

October 2014


Review by Natalie (Jhb)

Disgusted by the false advertising and empty promises! I took my hubby away for our two year wedding anniversary and was so let down. I chose one of the units that had no spa bath but instead it had a Jacuzzi on the balcony... Kerry assured me that upon viewing it was only empty because it was being cleaned and that it would be ready and hot on our arrival... surprise surprise we arrived to an EMPTY jacuzzi and were then told but another staff member that it had not worked in months and the owner had no intention of fixing it!

So no spa bath and no romantic!!

On night two the guest house was full to capacity which meant the dining room for dinner was too.. It took 2.5 hours to be served all 3 courses because there was ONE waitress doing everything.. of which both the main and dessert were served incorrectly AND the dessert of tirimisu was Sour so we got up and left

La dolce vita lacked the finer details and is evident that they are understaffed and not willing to spend money to ensure the guests get what is promised to them!

September 2014


Review by Leon Marinus (Roodepoort)

Read the whole review as this is shocking

I have been planning my Engagement weekend for some time now and after numerous searches and trying to find something a bit different I came across this place La Dolce Vita Guest house. I read the reviews, looked at the website and the packages on offer, after reading some bad reviews I contacted the venue and spoke to some people there and they assured me that this is all sorted. and so after numerous calls and numerous emails and revisiting the website I came to the conclusion that this could be a nice weekend away with hopefully my soon to be Fiance.

Well let's just say that I have never been more disappointed in my life, to the point of being embarrassed that I even took my GF to this place and more upset that I actually spent over R5000 to be there. On arrival the staff are unprofessional and disorganized, "can we help with your bags?" we get asked, "yes please" only for someone to pitch up an half and hour later so we just had it done ourselves. We ask for a cappuccino and a drink after an hour and half and me walking out 3 times to ask where it is we still have not got anything and get told the machine was next door so I said just bring coffee, PATHETIC Communication skills to say the least.

Prior to this trip i had outlined exactly what i wanted to happen for my engagement only to get there and no one knows and i have to explain it all again. The waitress was rude, unprofessional and completely incompetent and should not ever be allowed to work with people, she never once made you feel welcome or happy and she clearly hated serving people.

I must Clearly state though that the only thing that was up to standard was their food , this was truly good food and we enjoyed that.

Common sense says that when your client orders a coffee you make sure to bring sugar and milk and so forth i had to on numerous occasions stand up and go and ask for this to be brought. On numerous occasions had to ask for things 2 or 3 times before it happened.

On the Friday night when we were having dinner they were suppose to set up our room and this was nice except they never put the champagne in the room on Saturday I asked for this and got told this would be done come Sunday still no sign of this.

The truly troubling thing of this so called 4 Star place is their lack of service and well their bar facility us pathetic they have nothing you ask for and the waiters don't know how to pour drinks on saturday eve after having a few drinks she argued with me saying that it is a double tot after i said it is not go and fetch the tot glass and lets see she still argues when she poured it in the tot glass she realized she was wrong, no apology or anything.

Now for the highight of my weekend, on sunday morning I ask for my bill this arrives and is over R2900-00 for one night I immediately question this? The Owner comes out and starts shouting and swearing at me telling me that I must not accuse him or his staff of loading the bill and that I must just pay the bill and bugger off etc. We were sitting with another couple who we have befriended the lady intervened and this guy could just not allow us to talk screaming and shouting at us. He also accused me of swearing his staff the previous night and so forth. I called his staff and asked who did i swear which it then turns out i didnt but we were swearing a bit in our conversations telling jokes and she didnt like this and proceeded to tell me i should not speak or swear as it offends her and she hated it. Since when does a little waitress tell clients what they can talk about and not. anyway after an hour of this it turns out they have indeed firstly loaded my bill and secondly they never deducted my payment from saturday so my bill went from R2900 to Rjust over R600.

The manager Johan apologized but the owner never came back and apologized once, even when we saw him at the boat and he clearly saw us and so forth didn't come and apologize.

I have never been treated this way in my life and i will be sending this complaint to the South African Tourism authority to have their 4 Star rating revoked immediately and I will be posting this review on ever platform i can think of.

I am mostly upset with the lack of service and the owners way of dealing with clients and not having the common sense to come and apologize.

The only person in that place that should be anywhere near a client is Johan, he is a kind, fun gentle man who treated us with respect and sorted things out in a professional manner.

I will never recommend this place to anyone. It was the worst decision i made this year and i need to thank you all for ruining what was suppose to be one of the most important weekends of my and my now fiance's life.

This is just some of what had happened this weekend if you wish more info please feel free to contact me as i would not want anyone else to spend and waste their money the way I did.

August 2014


Review by Mapula Phefo (Soweti)

Me and my husband are still here actually.we booked on Wednesday 20/08/14...we went out around 2pm and we told 1 of the staff members that we leaving so that the ladies can come and clean our room, to our surprise when we return our room was the way we left it..although we made our own bed, now we are being told that the policy of La Dolce Vita is.... we use the same sheets and the same towels REALLY! !! No one does cleaning? We are not impressed at all .

August 2014


Review by Ronel & Chantelle (Gauteng)

Van ons daar aangekom het die Vrydag aand was dit romanse tot ons weg is die Sondag, julle het regtig n indruk gemaak. Dit was n bederf van die beste maaltye tot die vriendlikse personeel, n uitsig wat jy nie sommer in Gauteng kry nie, vonkel wyn en n bietjie Italiaans by het dit net afgerond. Dit was behoorlik n "honeymoon" voor die "honeymoon".

Dankie aan al jul personeel wat die verlowing moontlik gemaak het. Julle was puik.

Ronel & Chantelle

December 2013


Review by Juliana Labuschagne (Pretoria)

I have a very bad experience with this guesthouse. Made a booking over the phone. Booking was confirmed. I phoned 3 times on the 4th of December to ask them for their banking details to pay deposit and they said I have to wait for the email with all the info. The next morning I phoned and all of a sudden I do not have a booking anymore and all they can do was pulling shoulders and blame it on the emails that did not went through. What about my phone calls??????? Very bad and unprofessional service.

June 2013


Review by Lesego (Pretoria)

Was there for the romantic weekend package and my stay there was amazing. I got back today and I cannot wait to head back. The staff was pleasant, the food was okay, the views? AMAZING!!! Definitely recommend it for a lovely getaway with a loved one.

May 2013


Review by Chris Marais (Kempton Park)

Rooms were in a poor state. We had 3 rooms from friday night to saturday night. Saturday night no hot water. Wow bad bad bad keeping in mind what you have to pay for this

March 2013


Review by CHERRYL THOMAS (Johannesburg)

This was the most disappointing lunch - the menu was basic to say the least and was extremely over priced. The steak was over cooked and tough and "cheesecake" was frozen yoghurt. We were not informed that cards were not accepted so payment had to be done by EFT at the restuarant. This is definitely not a 4 star restaurant - we will not be back!!

December 2012


Review by Carolyn Proudfoot (SA)

Very disappointing not worth a four star grading.. Our room was definitely not a luxury room and a bath with jets can hardly be called a jacuzzi. Won't be visiting again

September 2012


Review by Travelah (Johannesburg )

Worst accomodation ever, but to us it kinda seemed a bit discriminatory. The manager or
Receptionist appear hostile. We book two weeks in advance for a luxury weekend package for a room with a view to the dam and a jacuzzi, and that is what is said on the website. But to our sad surprise we got the opposite, we got a room which was facing the gate, now water view and no jacuzzi, rose pedals. We complained but she said they were supposed to send us an email to tell us that the room has charged but she didn't do so or at least reduce the price. She was not even willing to give us our deposit of R2114 for the room since we were not getting what we paid for, not even close. She said she was going to fix it the next day early in the morning. But while we were having breakfast people were checking out but when we went to the reception which was just behind us (where we could even hear the people checking out) she told to us with a straight face that there was no room for us. We had to leave and find alternative accommodation somewhere else of which we did at Magaliesburg at The Valley Lodge which is truly a 4 star hotel/ accomodation. At La Dolce Vita we asked to talk to the owner. It was told he/she was away n business in Mauritius so we were just being told indirectly that it's either we take it or leave it and that we were not going to get our deposit. Ack. The room was small with no in-suite bathroom even. The TV on had one channel which was the dish tv. And the room was not at the main guesthouse, we had to be housed I. A next door room which they are renting. What was really sad is that it was our 2nd year anniversary and that woman didn't seem to care. At the end we were just angry and just left without saying goodbye because we could see that being there was just going to make us even sad. We had to go to sun city for an evening show just to cheer ourselves up.

April 2012


Review by Kevin Eales (Johannesburg)

Upon entrance our 1st impression was of a lower star grade guest house. Badly in need of a facelift and good refreshing overhaul. Our lunch was mediocre.Very limited wine menu. Service was inferior , inadequate quantity of cutlery (for each course we had to request cutlery), no serviettes, or salt & pepper cellars) Management control is absent (sure they're present but inept) Our room was absolutely unacceptable. a so-called honeymoon suite located on the main stair case above a double volume reception/lounge. The room was noisy (sound levels from reception and kithchen - not to mention the operational discussions emanating from the staff/manangement) and standard of the room inferior. The door could not close fully so noice easily entered. We stayed in our room for 20 minutes and checked out. We asked have asked for a refund less the cost of our lunch and drinks but this has not been forthcoming. In my view the representation and marketing write up on the website is grossly misrepresentative of the the actual experience. To add insult I was informed by the manager that people accustomed to 5 star are now having to adjust to 4 star standards - well this establishment is definitely not 4 star!. Staff are courteous and friendly. I think it necessary to lodge this experience on "hello Peter" if no refund is forthcoming i shall pursue my rights.

April 2012


Review by Michelle (Johannesburg)

We had such a wonderful stay at La Dolce Vita, from the moment we checked in till we left! The service, the views, the food and the room was fantastic! You made our anniversary very special. Thank you, will be back!

February 2012


Review by Jane (Jhb)

It really was a lovely weekend. Everyone was so helpful and friendly. Yhank you ! :)

December 2011


Review by Samishka (Gauteng)

This place was absolutely terrible from the time we got there...
Firstly they didn’t get our bookings right, we were promised so much but none was delivered, supper and breakfast was disguisting!!!
The food was cold the service from the waiters were bad!
And every guest was complaining.
I honestly think the owner needs to be reported as everything that is on the website is lie which is false advertising and goes against the consumer protection act!

sure my review wont get posted since its a negative one!!!

May 2010


Review by Mercia Smith (Hartbeespoort)

Baie dankie vir 'n wonderlike aand. Beste diens asook vriendelikheid wat ek in 'n lang tyd beleef het. Julle kan trots wees op elke liewe een van julle werkers hulle is FANTASTIES!! Ons sal beslis weer kom kuier.

September 2009


Review by Chantelle (Johannesburg)

It was the most amazing break-away ever! The views are fantastic, the rooms beautifully decorated, the staff immaculate and not too mention the food!!! and the jacuzzi - WOW will definately go back.

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