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Wedding Tips and Advice has collected a series of basic guidelines for planning the perfect wedding from past Brides and Grooms who share their experiences and practical advice. Browse through their practical wedding planning ideas and advice for the ideal wedding ... Happy Wedding Planning!

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South Africa Wedding Guide

Articles: Tips & Advice for Brides

Finding Your Perfect Wedding Dress

You have obviously made this the number one major focus while preparing for your wedding. There are so many things you need to find from bridal stores, and this does not even include looking at the gown. There are a few things you have to think about, and this includes ... cont. Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress

About Veils and Choosing One

A veil is not compulsory for the bride to wear in all weddings; they may choose what goes best with the dress they are wearing. However, if you decide that you would like to wear a veil, there are mainly five different kinds you can choose from: Cathedral, blusher, chapel, elbow ... cont. Choosing Your Wedding Veil

Choosing a Wedding Dress That Best Suits Your Figure

The brides dress is often the biggest commotion of the wedding, besides all the planning and everything else that goes into the wedding, the dress is just as important! It is her big day and of course she wants to look absolutely fabulous. She wants something that is going ... cont. Wedding Dresses That Suit Your Figure

Getting your Dream Dress at a Price that Fits your Budget

Wedding dresses can be sold at some rather ridiculous prices, but of course many people won’t mind paying for it because it is a very special day and they have to look stunning, but as much as we would like to, some of us just cannot afford such expensive dresses. This may not ... cont. The Affordable Wedding Dress

Beach Weddings - Advantages and Disadvantages

Getting married to your lover on a warm beach listening to the waves crashing on the shore is a dream many people have and it is a stunning one too. Although, it does not have to be a dream and can be reality, especially in South Africa with it fabulous Cape Town beaches, there are a ... cont. Beach Weddings

Garden Wedding Tips and Ideas

Garden wedding planning can prove to be lots of fun. If this setting is what you are looking for, then know that it offers the most sensual and also the most romantic location to enjoy this special day. You have to keep one thing in mind, though and that is that you must keep it elegant and ... cont. Advice for Garden Weddings

A Wedding At Home Just Sounds Great

If your guest list is small, why do you still have to spend all that money on a hall? Why don’t you just have the wedding at home? You won’t need to sit for endless hours thinking of a venue for this big day, because your solution could just be right outside your backdoor. Weddings held at ... cont. A Wedding at Home

Creating the Perfect Winter Wedding

Winter is the least common season for a couple to say "I Do", while summer is the most common season for a wedding to take place, but why be like everyone else? You want your wedding to be unique don’t you? Then why not have a winter wedding? Rain is just as beautiful as sunshine ... cont. The Perfect Winter Wedding

Choosing Your Photographer

When choosing a photographer, ask to see an album that is from a single wedding. Many times, a photographer will make up an album of several weddings which includes their best pictures. Just about any photographer can take a few great shots during an eight hour day! ... go to: South Africa Wedding Photographers

When you Book the Entertainment

You have to have good entertainment, what’s a wedding with no good music? You have to keep your guests entertained and make sure they are happy at all times. It is good entertainment of the wedding that your guests are going to remember weeks after it has ended. The entertainment ... cont. Booking the Entertainment

Music for the Wedding Reception

Many couples like to have a mixture of music though, like when the guests are arriving, getting seated and also before dinner they might play soft music like a bit of pop, swing or classical and then when all the main activities are over and done with, dinner is finished and its party ... cont. Music for the Wedding Reception

Having a DJ Perform at Your Wedding

Besides all the things such as, flowers, rings, caterers, the venue, wedding photographer, the wedding gown, cakes, and much more, you must know who is going to be performing at your wedding. Is it going to be a band or a DJ? Let’s settle with a DJ, if you consider a Disk Jockey, know that ... cont. Advice about Wedding DJs

What to Consider when Hiring a DJ for your Wedding

When you are planning a wedding, or any other event for that matter, you have to ensure that the DJ is going to perform accordingly and keep your guests merrily entertained. There are a few points that need to be taken into consideration when you are looking for the company to ... cont. Choosing a Wedding DJ

Wording on your Wedding Invitations

The range of options when it comes to the wording of invitations has changed and is no longer restricted to purely formal. Get a professional Wedding Invitation specialist to assist you with your wedding invitations - they have the experience to assist in making your invitations personal and special ... go to: Wedding Invitations

Being Creative with Wedding Ceremonies

Wedding days are considered personal and it is a day that will be cherished forever. This means that your wedding ceremony should be special. This includes every part of it: the symbolism, the music and the readings. These should reflect who you - as a couple - are. This way ... cont. Creative Ceremonies

Something Old with Something New

Whatever the heritage: Irish, Eastern European, Japanese, African, Dutch, or even a combination of a few. If you are considering incorporating tradition into the look of your wedding, there are many opinions that you can follow. There are a few religions that are strict when talking about bridal ... cont. Something Old, Something New

The Seating Arrangements

If you are only having a small wedding, you may not need a whole seating arrangement. But if you are having a rather large amount of guests you may find that your planning will become a little easier if you have it all worked out. You have to ensure that there are enough seats for ... cont. The Seating Arrangements

Tips for Beautiful Wedding Centerpieces

Planning a wedding is a lot of work and you should start a few months before the actual wedding date. There is so much to consider, but what many people fail to include in the big plans are the centerpieces. These are important as it is what everyone is going to notice, so in order for ... cont. Wedding Centerpieces

Your First Dance as Newlyweds

We all know how the ritual goes: the newly married takes to the floor, and this is described as nothing else, but sweet. This reminds people of the promise that was made of having a partner for the rest of your life. It also recalls thoughts of permanence and romance. The newly wed dancing ... cont. Your First Dance as Newlyweds

Break with Tradition and Select a Theme for Your Wedding

Many couples follow the old tradition of marrying in a church, but why not cut away from that tradition and use your imagination? Start by thinking of the things you like. What do you like? Many couples come up with the greatest themes, and these are based on places they met or enjoy ... cont. Selecting a Wedding Theme

Have a Happy Ending with Your Wedding Cake

When we talk about wedding receptions, what do they have in common? A wedding cake! This dessert has roots stretching all the way back to-the Roman Empire. However, back then, beautifully decorated cakes were unheard of. A loaf of Barley bread was the "wedding cake", and this was ... cont. The Wedding Cake

Things to Consider when Hosting a Bridal Shower

If you are asked to host one or several expensive bridal showers there are many things that should be considered first. Many people take on the burden of organizing a bridal shower before they fully understand what is expected of them. Usually about two weeks before ... cont. Things to Consider when Hosting a Bridal Shower

Planning and tips for Bridal Showers

Traditionally the bride’s maid will plan the bridal shower; however family members or friends might choose to do the honors in today’s busy life. First, a guest list needs to be prepared with the help of the bride and groom and the couple’s mothers. The couple ... cont. Planning and tips for Bridal Showers

What Should a Bride Expect from Her Bridal Shower

Although there have been many recently adopted alternatives, a traditional bridal party is still widely practiced by many families. The practice dates back to the eighteenth century in Holland as has been used to celebrate a bride’s future wedding. There are many aspects to ... cont. What Should a Bride Expect from Her Bridal Shower?

Getting the Most out of your Bridal Registry

There are many things that should be considered prior to a bridal couple preparing their registry. If the proper work is done before the creation of the list, the couple will end up getting the things they will enjoy for many years to come. The whole purpose of a wedding ... cont. Getting the Most out of your Bridal Registry

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