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Creating the Perfect Winter Wedding

Creating the Perfect Winter Wedding
Creating the Perfect Winter Wedding

Winter is the least common season for a couple to say “I Do”, while summer is the most common season for a wedding to take place, but why be like everyone else? You want your wedding to be unique don’t you? Then why not have a winter wedding? Rain is just as beautiful as sunshine, the only difference is the temperature of the outdoors and that it would have to be inside of course.

The decorations that should be used is one of the most important aspects of a winter wedding. Among the colors that should be used are, purple, navy, and green, but these are more like Christmas colors, so you might want to go for something more along the lines of white, ice blue, powder blue, sapphire blue and silver. It is most likely going to be a bit chilly, so for some warmth and added relaxation, candles will do a great job. It also helps to the “romantic” side of the wedding; candles are the most romantic to use for a wedding!

When it comes to the decoration of the tables, a few great ideas are; you can put ribbons and snowflake ornaments on the food tables, or if you can even have them hanging from the ceiling if it’s not too high. The snowballs will look great hanging down from the ceiling and would greatly compliment your theme. You can decide on the colors of all these as you know what the recommended colors are. You can even have the decorations somewhat resemble the clothing of the people participating in the ceremony.

You will not have an option to choose from every flower as it is winter, but there will be many available. Recommended blooms for your winter wedding flowers are roses of any color, lilies, amaryllis and poinsettias. You can decide on where and how to arrange the flowers as it really isn’t a big issue, as long as it is relevant to the occasion it should be fine. For a winter wedding, you should have a short list of guests; just your closest friends and family will be fine. This will add to the theme and you can have it at a smallish location to provide that close, cozy and warm feeling.

If you want to be more creative with your winter wedding, you can customize the dinner menu to compliment your theme. Serve the food how you want to, but the starters can be a traditional delicious soup, while the main coarse meal can be anything “meaty” (remember that it will be winter and hot foods should be consumed during this time), and then for dessert, Vanilla pudding or custard, pumpkin pie or cinnamon apple are all great ideas.

South Africa Wedding Guide

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