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Having a DJ Perform at Your Wedding

Having a DJ Perform at Your Wedding
Having a DJ Perform at Your Wedding

Congratulations if you are getting married in a few days, weeks or months! Now all you have to do is plan that big day. Besides all the things such as, flowers, rings, caterers, the wedding venue, wedding photographer, the wedding gown, cakes, and much more, you must know who is going to be performing at your wedding.

Is it going to be a band or a Wedding DJ? Let’s settle with a DJ, if you consider a Disk Jockey, know that you have to book well in advance for any one of these professionals. To be on the safe side, 6 months or 18 months in advance will work out perfectly. Now is the time to do your searching if you are planning on getting married next year. Ok, so you know when to start calling. All you have to do now is find them. You can find them all over. Ask friends, search the internet, ask family or print ads. People make huge mistakes when thinking that all Disk Jockeys are the same – playing the same kind of music and the same way. The truth is that all DJs have a level of professionalism and their own unique style. Look for a DJ that mainly does weddings. Other events included are fine, but make sure that they have at 100-wedding-performance experience. The DJ has to have a huge variety of music he can bring to the table. This is extremely important, because as human beings we all have our own tastes.

You have sorted out that bit, now what you have to do is contact a few DJs and make appointments with them for interviewing. Make it clear that you are looking for a professional and not just a hobbyist. This is going to be your day, and a DJ only has one chance to do this right. As you sit on the phone calling around, picking the professionals out from the weekend warriors are simple. If the phone is not answered when you call or your phone call is not returned within 24 hours, move to the next DJ on the list. You are probably wondering why. Well, if your call is not returned or you have not received a reply to your email, this shows that the DJ lacks reliability and also professionalism.

Next is your budget. How much percentage should go towards this entertainer? Most brides spend 5 percent on a Disk Jockey, and women that could relive their wedding day admit that they would have easily given a DJ 15 percent of their budget for someone better.

Make sure the DJ supplies references and wants to meet you, visit the venue and make sure his equipment is great quality, and also make sure he has a written contract. There is an estimated amount of 5 calls a year from brides complaining to companies that DJs have not pitched. Either this, or DJs call on the last minute and cancel. This is where the DJ’s contract comes in. Keep in mind that before signing anything, you discuss working overtime.

The bottom line: stay in regular contact with your professional DJ; keep him or her up to date with what is happening. This way, when the day comes, both of you will see eye to eye.

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