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Tips for Beautiful Wedding Centerpieces

Wedding Centrepieces
Wedding Centrepieces

Planning a wedding is a lot of work and you should start a few months before the actual wedding date. There is so much to consider, but what many people fail to include in the big plans are the centerpieces. These are important as it is what everyone is going to notice, so in order for you to determine what you will use, you will first have to think of the type of wedding you are having, but here are a few tips that might help you;

Flowers are Popular:
Many people have these centerpieces but that doesn’t mean you can’t too. You can be more creative about it and instead of having your flowers in vases you can put them into a fishbowl filled with stones or pebbles. Use colors that will compliment the theme and it will look great! You can even just have them in vases, but try and get unique vases of different shapes and in an unusual colour or the theme colour of the wedding - this will make for perfect wedding flower arrangements.

Be More Creative:
If your wedding has a colour theme, you can try and match those colours with the flowers and vases, or the colour of the stones in the fishbowls. There are many different things that you can do but it all depends on the theme of your wedding. For example, take the city you are getting married in and get an idea from there. What is the city most commonly known for? Creativity has no ending, you can do what you want, let your imagination and your creative flair loose!

Seek professional Advice:
If your wedding day is getting closer and closer and you still have not yet come up with an idea for centerpieces, you may want to pop into your nearest bridal or wedding store for more information. Speak to one of the consultants there, explain the whole theme of your wedding and they should be able to give you a good idea, if not ten good ideas. Just make sure they know the color scheme and everything so that they can make up their minds from there. It’s best to ask them because they work with these objects everyday so something might just pop into their heads as soon as you say a color.

Consider the Season:
When you will be getting married, is it going to be spring, autumn, summer or winter? If you can determine that, you should have a few ideas coming to mind. Seasons can play a big role in a wedding theme, for example, if you are getting married in spring or autumn you can have carved out pumpkins with candles in them for the centerpieces, or in summer you can have beach accessories like big shells, even some sand in a bowl, and in winter you can have lots of candles and pine cones.

There are many ideas to choose from, but whatever you decide to stick with will look good! Guaranteed!

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