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Wedding Cakes - Happy Endings with Your Wedding Cake

The Wedding Cake
The Wedding Cake

When we talk about wedding receptions, what do they all have in common? A wedding cake! This dessert has roots stretching all the way back to the Roman Empire. However, back then, beautifully decorated cakes were unheard of. A loaf of Barley bread was the “wedding cake”. This this was crumbled over the head of the bride to symbolise her fertility. Imagine if that still happened today - You’d be spending your honeymoon picking crumbs out of your hair! Luckily, this tradition is no more.

The wedding cake and the cutting of it symbolises a commitment to the sweet life the two of you are going to be sharing together. It is important that the wedding cake tastes absolutely divine. It is not just a dessert, but also plays an integral part in the wedding décor. So, it is important that it is placed in a location where it is visible to all. Have you considered the centre of the room and have all the tables around it?

After the Wedding Cake cutting ceremony, the cake and table can be moved and the floor can be used for dancing. It will also be a great cue to announce the first dance of the newly married couple. Have your best man clean the floor and get rid of all the icing that might have dropped to the floor, because it can become very slippery and also dangerous. You might also decide to place the cake in the corner with fairy lights highlighting the cake’s glory.

Just as the queen sits on her throne, the wedding cake needs the same to hold its creation. Think of a beautiful frame around a painting, you should decorate the wedding cake table to complement its wonderful confection. You don’t have to spend endless hours decorating the table for the wedding cake and it also doesn’t have to be expensive. Something in the back of your cupboard might be appropriate enough. Take a lace cloth, for example; drape it across the table and there you have it. When you billow tulle on the table and place the cake on top of it, what do you end up with? You get the impression that your wedding cake is floating on clouds.

You may want to think about having a little dessert bar with trays and various delicacies - brownies, iced biscuits and bite-sized cheesecakes, and, as the centrepiece, the wedding cake. If large cakes are not your thing how about a small enough cake for the two of you to feed each other? Remove the candle centrepieces and some of the traditional flowers, and instead replace it with a single cake that serves 10 guests. That should help you; in addition, everybody gets a piece of cake.

South Africa Wedding Guide

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South Africa Wedding Cakes

The wedding cake and the cutting of the cake symbolises a commitment to the sweet life the bridal couple are going to be sharing together. It is important that the wedding cake tastes absolutely divine and you will want the cake to reflect your style and ...

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