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A Wedding at Home Sounds Just Great

A Wedding at Home
A Wedding at Home

If your guest list is small, why do you still have to spend all that money on a hall? Why don’t you just have the wedding at home? You won’t need to sit for endless hours thinking of a venue for this big day, because your solution could just be right outside your backdoor.

Weddings held at home are becoming so popular, especially those that are a little budget-orientated. Apart from that, this gives the couple the perfect opportunity to add a little of their own personal touches here and there. About 60% of the all couples live together, and many of them already have their own homes and would not think twice when deciding to tie the knot in their backyard. Others, because they are deprived of space, decide to get married at a friend or relative’s house.

Weddings held at home simply means that the guest-list is going to be shorter. There are a few people that have an average of 25 people attend their wedding, and they are still able to have all the fun and make the day memorable. To make your day even more enjoyable, you could always consider bringing in an artist and asking him to paint a few murals in the dining room and in the living room. This will go great with whatever backdrop you are trying to achieve. Add a few flowers here and there and you have just created a portrait and all it will take is for Romeo and Juliet to fill it in.

What makes at-home weddings great in your own home is the fact that when you have your grandchildren on your lap, you can point out exactly where it was “grandfather” put that lovely ring on your finger, and then look down at that same ring on your finger as if it was put on there yesterday. What makes the thought worth it is the fact that you and your partner live together and you are creating memories day in and day out. Having your wedding at home, along with all the existing memories, adds to the intimacy. You, your partner and your few guests - everything will just feel right.

Apart from charming and intimate, having your wedding at home does not suit everyone. It can be reasonably cheap, but it also depends on the elaboration of this event, because then it can prove costly and also very stressful than having it anywhere else. Deciding to have it at home outside, you are most likely going to hire a wedding marquee, chairs, tables and linens. This does add to the cost a bit. If you decide inside your home, there will be a chance that you will not have enough to accommodate your guests. If you are not preparing the dinner yourself or your family is not, then you will be looking for a wedding caterer.

Also make sure that your bathroom can put up with all the guests because of the frequent use. Otherwise, you might want to think about hiring a couple of portable restrooms. You wouldn’t want to hear that your toilet has just overflowed.

South Africa Wedding Guide

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