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Wedding Veils - About Veils and Choosing One

The Wedding Veil
The Wedding Veil

A veil is not compulsory for the bride to wear in all weddings; they may choose what goes best with the wedding dress they are wearing. However, if you decide that you would like to wear a veil, there are mainly five different kinds you can choose from: Cathedral, blusher, chapel, elbow length and finger tip length.

• Cathedral - it is mostly used at a formal wedding, normally goes from the head right down till it drags on the floor or can be a little shorter so it hangs just above the ground.
• Blusher - this is more traditional and usually about shoulder length. The bride will have the veil over her face until her and her partner are pronounced husband and wife, only then can the veil be removed.
• Chapel - also for formal weddings, this veil goes right down till the floor or slightly shorter.
• Elbow Length - slightly less formal and normally worn in combination with a wedding gown.
• Finger Tip Length - this type of veil is used for formal weddings as well as semi formal weddings.

The way weddings are today, is not like they used to be, which is great in a way as you can choose your own style. Before, it was more about tradition and how the rest of the family got married, carrying the same style throughout generations. Now, you can either follow tradition or you can just wear what looks good on you and what you are most comfortable and happy with. A few tips when it comes to choosing the perfect veil are;

• Make sure it is what YOU want, not what someone else tells you looks good, feel confident with a veil and know that it is the veil for you.
• If you have a plain dress you can go for a long veil if you wish to do so, but if you have a fancy dress with nice designs and patterns on the back don’t hide it with a long veil.
• If your dress is rather elaborate, you should go for a simple veil to even out the look.
• And visa versa, if your dress is plain, you may want to go for a veil that is more elaborate, which will balance out the look.
• Or, if the dress is plain and simple, you can have a simple veil too, if you don’t wish to balance the two but rather keep them the same. Plain veils can be just as elegant as ornate ones.

Your veil should match the color of your dress but it might be too much if it’s all the same, so try taking a color from the dress and only having it feature in certain parts of the veil. That will make it less boring and will look good too.

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