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Finding Your most perfect Wedding Dress

Finding Your most perfect Wedding Dress
Finding Your most perfect Wedding Dress

You have obviously made this the number one major focus while preparing for your wedding. There are so many things you need to find from bridal stores, and this does not even include looking at the gown. There are a few things you have to think about, and this includes: are there wedding dresses at affordable prices in the store? Do you need an appointment before visiting? Is the whole selection of dresses open to you for browsing? Do you only have to select from what is shown? If the dress you are looking for is not in the shop, can the store order it? If you were able to answer any of these questions and you come across the perfect wedding dress, you will have a few more questions to ask, such as the following:

• When ordering a specific dress, can I have the neckline or sleeves changed?
• What are the costs of additional alterations, if any can be done?
• Will the store be able to provide me with an estimate concerning the alterations?
• When deciding to order the bridesmaids dresses, do they come with alterations and a discount?
• Are there headpieces and/or veils available for the dresses?
• What is the deposit and how long do I have before the balance is due?
• Is there a Rush we can have on dresses if it comes down to that?
• Are there cancellation and also refund policies, and what are they?

The above are questions that are extremely important, in addition, you will probably have a few questions of your own. Beware of shops that cannot answer you straightforwardly. As soon as you come across the perfect wedding dress, ask them to hold it for a couple of days, go home and wait a day and then return and browse around. If the dress you have chosen still attracts you, waste no more time and purchase it.

If you are browsing with your mother, sales clerk or even the maid-of-honour and one of them says that another dress is just perfect for you, because you are not sure, use the above strategy. Wait 24 hours, go back and browse again. If it doesn’t attract you, whatever you do, refrain from yielding to pressure from those browsing with you. You pick the dress, because it is your day. You decide and no one else!

The sales person should help you decide on a matching veil or headpiece. These are available in many lengths and also styles. The staff with be able to assist. The headpiece or veil obviously depends on your dress. If you are wearing a somewhat casual-style wedding dress, you cannot pick a chapel or cathedral veil. So be patient, because there is something just perfect. Keep in mind, lingerie is important - as are jewellery and the shoes. These go perfectly with that perfect wedding dress that has become the best choice because you have chosen it.

South Africa Wedding Guide

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