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Garden Weddings - Tips & Ideas

Garden Weddings
Garden Weddings

Garden wedding planning can prove to be lots of fun. If this setting is what you are looking for, then know that it offers the most sensual and also the most romantic location to enjoy this special day.

You have to keep one thing in mind, though and that is that you must keep it elegant and simple. Keep reading, because you will find great suggestions if you want to experience the greatest garden wedding.

• Consider various shades of only one colour accented with crème or white. This makes a very striking and visual combination.
• Try using delicate fabrics and lots of it. You can find solid linens with added vintage overlays at flea markets that can help present a very unforgettable statement.
• Hand-painted terracotta flowerpots containing seedlings make great-looking favours.
• What also adds whimsy is setting the tables with large-clear jugs filled with sweet tea, punch or lemonade.
• Make sure you keep the menu as simple as you can. A grilling favourite is the easiest and most affordable route to take.
• If you have any tall trees around the garden, try decorating them with lights. The colour of the lights can match the colour of your dress. Place cards can be hand-written and tied neatly with a ribbon to the tree. Your guests can now pick these.
• Decorate the trellis with ivy, fresh flowers and Spanish moss. This will create a perfect focal point. If it could be possible, you can use the trellis in the reception area and place the wedding cake underneath the table.
• Instead of using the traditional wedding cake topper, consider using a floral wedding cake topper.
• What also adds elegance are monogrammed linens.
• A birdbath or water feature could be great. Guest can use this and make special wishes for you as a couple by throwing petals or pennies into it.
• Join trees by stringing white lights across them.
• Whatever theme you are going with, name the table for example, Ladybird, Butterfly, Lightning Bug, Dragonfly or Firefly.
• If you are using chair covers, tie them with white sashes, and before you tie each knot, place a flower bud and then tighten. Roses are strong flowers and they would work for this setting quite perfectly.
• Consider a wedding musician instead of a DJ.
• If you can find a dance group, a May Day performance will be perfect.
• If you are serving coffee, use vintage teacups and matching saucers. You will be able to pick them up from flea markets. Don’t neglect the cups and saucers with chips. These are perfect!
• Keep the wedding invitations very simple. Pressed flowers or petals tied on hand-made paper will do the trick.

South Africa Wedding Guide

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