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Bridal Shower - Planning and tips for Bridal Showers

Bridal Shower Tips
Bridal Shower-Planning and tips for Bridal Showers

Traditionally the bride’s maid will plan the bridal shower; however family members or friends might choose to do the honors in today’s busy life.

Here are a few tips to help have a successful bridal shower:
First, a guest list needs to be prepared with the help of the bride and groom and the couple’s mothers. The couple’s mothers will help with addresses, phone numbers and in some cases email addresses.

Invitations for the bridal shower can be from a simple phone call, to a theme setting invitations. The theme of the bridal shower will determine the type of invitations to use for the shower.

One way to determine a theme for a bridal shower is to find out what the bride and groom would like to have or need the most. Kitchen theme, bathroom, bedroom, living room, or electronics themes are great suggestions.

Depending if the couple lives together, a couple bridal showers could be a suggestion. A great theme would be lingerie, money or if the couple has a hobby, a nice hobby theme would be great.

The theme will also determine the decoration. Balloons tied in a large bouquet with the colors of the wedding. Simple flower arrangements set around with wedding bows and ribbon is simple and inexpensive. Prepare a place for the guest to set gifts on. A table decorated with ribbons and bows with a nice white covering would be a great idea. Decorate large boxes to put the gifts in. Boxes will serve a purpose for the bride to take the gifts home.

Choosing the time of day and what day is important to you, the bride, and guest as people are busy working, taking care of families. Talk with the bride for a convenient time and date. Remember she is still busy with getting the wedding plans finished.

The location is important to have enough room for all the guest, decorations, and eating arrangements.

Depending on the theme and time of the bridal shower, a menu needs to be set up. Lunches can be simple, or even a nice dinner bridal shower is fun. With a dinner bridal shower a person will want to have the guest return a simple card stating if they are planning on coming. With a simple return card, a person can plan a meal according the amount of people. For the dinner bridal shower, a person might want to hire a caterer to set the dinner up so everyone can enjoy. Potluck dinner or lunches are great. Each guest will bring their favorite recipe to share with the bride and others.

Games, Entertainment are other things to consider depending on the type of bridal shower, the theme and guest. To keep the party going a person will want to have some type of entertainment. A good suggestion keeps the games and entertainment simple and relaxing.

The bridal shower is a day of relaxing before the wedding, having fun, and sharing past and present memories with the bride to be - Have fun!

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