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Beach Weddings - The Pros and Cons

Beach Weddings
Beach Weddings

Getting married to your lover on a warm beach listening to the waves crashing on the shore is a dream many people have and it is a stunning one too.

Although, it does not have to be a dream and can be reality, especially in South Africa with it fabulous Cape Town beaches, there are a few things you should know before you go ahead with the plans. Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages that are involved in a beach wedding;

Advantages of Beach Weddings:
• A beach wedding is usually a less expensive wedding venue, weddings these days can cost a fortune, when all that really matters is you and the love of your life are finally going to be husband and wife. Sure, you want the day to be splendid, beautiful and memorable, but this can be done without spending huge amounts of money.
• A Beach Wedding is absolutely beautiful! Obviously it should take place on a warm day, but any beach wedding is stunning and offers the opportunity for fabulous photographs.
• Your guests will feel free and be able to be themselves, meaning that they don’t have to sit quietly in their seats and be still all the time; they can enjoy themselves and take part in the celebration of the newly wed couple.
• The ceremony and the reception can take place on the beach so that no one will have to travel to another location for the reception. The fun can start on the beach and it can end there! The kids will even have a great time with so much space to play in.
• You can be as creative as you like; create your own isle to walk down using flowers or rocks; this is the time to reveal your creative side!

Disadvantages of Beach Weddings:
• Most beaches are breezy, no matter the weather for the day so you should try and find a spot on the beach that provides a bit of shelter from the wind.
• Weather forecasts aren’t always that accurate, it may say sunshine for that day, come your wedding day and the rain is pouring. So you should always have a back up planned location that you can quickly revert to.
• You’ll have to first find out about any rules there might be for the beach wedding, regarding noise, curfew, lights, candles and things like that.
• If you are having your guests sit on chairs, think of the sand it will sink into, if your guests will be seated on cushions or beach blankets, think of the elderly people that will be attending. You have to provide comfort for them all.
• Every beach has seagulls that love to invade wherever food is involved. Be sure to keep your food covered at all times if you would like it to remain for the guests!

Don’t let the disadvantages of a beach wedding put you off if you are not that worried about them, beach weddings are wonderful and everyone is sure to have fun!

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