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Review by: Karen, Gauteng
(Wedding: November 2009)

A Love Letter
My first contact with Lisa, simply an email enquiry was on the 6th May 2008.

17 months, 1 week, 1 day and 4 hours of daily contact later we, our friends and our family had the best, most magical, perfect day and night of our lives - our wedding , 14th November 2009.

This was all truly thanks to the amazing Lisa.

Not only were we in Johannesburg, wedding in Cape Town but to work with me takes a very special kind of person.
I want it done and right and right now to my pedantic to-do-list perfectionist style.
To be honest no-one has ever met my exacting standards.
My girls immediately commiserated with Lisa as they put it mildly, this wasn’t going to be easy for her.
Lisa was however always a step ahead of me and with every step she was spot on, she somehow knew exactly what and how I wanted it, like a sister would and on top of that made it the best version thereof.

Not only was she amazing in her talent but also in her own person - so was the talent she surrounded us with, Jade Tara Leggat the hair and make-up artist, Jan Hendrik the photographer, Okasie the florist…
The comfort their personalities and talents provided allowed this usually anxiety filled panic stricken over thinker to be a bride that was able to have a nap on the morning of her wedding, who casually sauntered down the aisle smiling all the way with the only thing to do was enjoy.

Lisa’s original job description was simply co-ordinate in Cape Town what I couldn’t from Johannesburg and make the budget work.
Lisa’s current description, you can’t make it job related as it was all love and passion, our wonder women, maker of magic, contact of contacts, and a dear friend.

Lisa says her wedding co-ordination is a luxury service, not a necessity.
Crap. Every bride needs a Lisa.
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Picture of Talk Functions
Picture of Talk Functions
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