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PetalMania produces the highest quality, bio-degradable wedding confetti, in a wide variety of colours to suit your colour scheme, available in South Africa today. You can buy directly or through your florist or wedding organiser.

Freeze Dried Flowers and Petals

PetalMania is South Africa’s only floral freeze drying specialist, freeze drying flowers and petals to deliver the most beautiful, the most vibrant and the most versatile preserved floral products in South Africa, which until recently were only available if imported from Europe or the USA.

Our objective is, and has always been, to produce the highest quality product, using only South African grown flowers, at South African prices. In general, our prices are around 50% less than our international competition, and we deliver to any destination in the world, including any Southern African country and any location in South Africa.

Creating high quality, freeze dried petals and flowers is far more complex than you might imagine but the results are stunning. They are nothing like crinkly, air dried products and in fact, the petals look better, fresher and more “real” than fresh petals. Technically, it is the only preservation process that does not damage the cell structure of the flowers or petals, so that the original colours, size and form are preserved in as near perfect a condition as possible.

Freeze Dried Petal Confetti

Our freeze dried petal confetti comes from large, premium quality heads, which have been allowed to open on the stem naturally, so that the individual petals are larger, look magnificent and are pleasant to touch. Each head is “de-petaled” by hand, sorting “the best” from “the rest” so that we can offer you table petals which are nigh on perfect, or a “treadable” quality product, at considerably lower prices, such as aisle petals.

Freeze dried petals and flowers are special because

• You can order your Confetti Petals well in advance of your special occasion, and we often process specific colours for advance orders so that you get the colour(s) you require without depending on the whims of the weather or the season;
• They won’t deteriorate during your perfect day, no matter what the weather;
• Freeze dried petals and wedding flowers are completely natural, keeping 99% of the vibrancy, shape, colour and size of the fresh flower;
• Freeze dried petals are completely bio-degradable and do not stain clothing, carpets or furnishings so you can be sure that your church or other venue will be happy to accept their use;
• Freeze dried flowers weigh very little so a pomander consisting of 30+ rose heads is easy for a small wrist to carry all day. (A similar pomander of fresh flowers would very hard for a flower girl to cart about at all!) They can be kept for months afterwards too, making a lovely keepsake of the occasion.
• Freeze dried table center pieces, wedding favours, bridesmaids’ pomanders etc can be made weeks in advance of the event so that planning and arranging is far easier, practical and less stressful!

PetalMania offers

• Freeze Dried Petals – for Confetti, table decoration, aisle decoration and more.
• Rose Heads – varying sizes and colours, wired or unwired.
• Other Flowers and Petals - Hydrangeas, Proteas, and Peonies.
• Rose Buds – mini and large.
• Gifts – Wedding favours, rose and chili hearts, pot pourri.
• Rose Bud Pomanders – varying colours and sizes made to order.
• Wedding Dog Collars – varying sizes to suit the dog, made to order.
• Bridal / bridesmaid bouquet preservation.
• Delivery - throughout Southern Africa

Let us preserve your emotions of that special day!


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