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Review by: Serena Julia Armour, Cape Town
(Wedding: March 2010)

Charnell is truly one of the most incredible people i have met. True to her passion and her talent, she really brought out the magic and wonder of our wedding day. I could not have chosen a more perfect person to shoot our day. Her energy, and her love of her craft really shines through in every moment you spend in her presence!
Review by: Michaela Zagaretos, London
(Wedding: February 2010)

There are no words to express our gratitude and appreciation towards the most amazing work that Charnell has delivered to us. Charnell is not only a brilliant photographer but a true artist. It is quite nerve racking planning a wedding and booking suppliers when you are in one country and you are getting married in another but we had absolutely no fear with Charnell - her professionalism and delivery was honestly outstanding. Charnell your vibrance and positive nature made us feel relaxed and greatly contributed in the amazing photographs which we have received.. It is truly an honour and pleasure having met you and worked with you.
Review by: Louise, Cape Town
(Wedding: August 2009)

Charnell did an amazing job, and went above & beyond of what was expected she is brilliant in what she does! Everyone commented on her sparkling personality, professionalism & efficiency.. She has a calming nature, with loads of patience & great sense of humour! Her work is natural & artistic, capturing every emotion..Nothing went unnoticed, what a truly gifted & talented gem!
Review by: Sarah Phitides, Cape Town
(Wedding: March 2009)

A wedding day is just that, ONE day!

But Charnell Timms has the immense talent to preserve treasured memories for a lifetime from just that one day.

Her photographs are truly the gift that keeps on giving. When all the dust has settled after one of the best days of your life, her photographs are one of the few things that will instantly transport you back to that precious time in your life, no matter how much time has passed since her beautiful and unique photographs were first taken!

Her passion and enthusiasm is about as easy to ignore as a bride in her wedding gown and her upbeat personality is so infectious that she is able to coax even the most camera-shy person into doing a song and dance in front of her lens.

Charnell is so calm and laid-back and is at the same time a consummate professional whose work is of an outstanding quality. She also has some very interesting techniques to ensure that no special moment goes uncaptured. At one point during our ceremony, out the corner of my eye, I glimpsed Charnell diving head first out of a window at the front of our chapel. As it turned out, she wanted to get to the back of the chapel to capture our first kiss and not wanting to disrupt the ceremony to get past the bride and groom, she decided to take the next best route out of the chapel!

This is an example of the great lengths that Charnell will go to in order to get THAT shot, while at the same time maintaining such a low profile so as not to distract anyone from the real show.

Our friends and family had nothing but great things to say about Charnell and they were all very impressed with (and entertained by) the way she worked. She was so much fun to have around that when her time was up, we really wanted her to come join in with the celebrations.

Since our wedding in March, I have strongly recommended Charnell Timms to my friends and colleagues, two of which have booked her for their weddings and they too have nothing but praise for Charnell.

It was a real blessing to find Charnell for our wedding!! We look at our photos ALL the time!!
Review by: Christine Brown, Minneapolis, USA
(Wedding: January 2009)

'The most common comment we received post wedding was, "Your photographer was amazing!" Wait, weren't they suppose to comment on the bride's dress?

Charnell is lively, vibrant and creative, with an eye for design. She has a unique ability to capture any moment, from the most precious and intimate to silly and playful.

Her photos were taken with ease, bringing warmth to our chilly (sub-zero) Minnesota wedding. A contract nor words can describe her full offerings. We can personally attest that you will receive not only one of the best international photographers, you will benefit from her charm, whit, and ability to connect with people.
Christine and Pat Brown, MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA, USA
Review by: Leigh-Ann, Cape Town
(Wedding: December 2008)

Charnell was fantastic. She immediately put us at ease and they day went from crazy and stressful to fun and laughter like it should be. I had been a bridesmaid at a wedding at which she was photographer a year before and didnt hesitate in phoning her up when our time came. The photographs are stunning and its awesome to be given the CD rom with all the photos as part of the package. Thanks Charnell - you helped make the day perfect.
Review by: Hilary Main, London, England
(Wedding: July 2008)

Charnell's services came highly recommended to us. We were certainly not disappointed. Charnell was given her brief to minimise the 'formality' of taking photographs and to maximise the feel of being a 'roving photographer' to capture the actual events throughout the day rather than stage-managing events which did not happen. She achieved this with ease and flair and the results are a joy to behold. Every time we look through those images it brings memories flooding back and provides us with an insight into what others were doing on the day. The latter is very important as, even with the best will in the world, it is impossible to be two places at once. Charnell's enthusiasm and boundless energy enabled her to fulfil her assignment with consumate professionalism and that special 'eye' which only a first class photographer can possess--the ability to see beyond what most of us see.
HIlary and Tony Main--ENGLAND
Review by: Alison Main, France
(Wedding: June 2008)

First of all I just want to let you know that I have received lots of compliments from our guests to your passion and energy you displayed during our wedding in France. I don't think they've ever seem a photographer quite like you before and thought you were great. For those we/ve shown some pictures to, they are really impressed by your style which is very elegant but at the same time informal and original.
Review by: Christian Gottlieb, Dusseldorf, Germany
(Wedding: June 2007)

With a great sense of humour and intuition, she makes people comfortable to express themselves in front of the camera. Because of this excellence she is able to make people look beautiful, interesting and happy. Speaking of her work as an artist, I truly believe that she is looking at a successful future. Her series 'African Game', 'Townships' and 'Lights and Architecture' already have the potential to become part of the contemporary photographic art.
Christian and Maike DUSSELDORF, GERMANY
Review by: Allan Douglas, Cape Town,
(Wedding: February 2007)

I (and all the family) were quite overwhelmed by the beauty of Geordie + Jean's wedding photos. You have marvellous flair and feel for the right moment, the best setting, the optimal angle, etc. And you were such a happy presence throughout it all, which of course contributed greatly to the relaxed and receptive mood of your subjects. We were so lucky in finding you. I wish you could hear all the "oohs and ahs" of those admiring your work.
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Picture of Charnell Timms Photography
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